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  1. 9 points
    The 1st pic is of two BGs in Aussie bar M.H.del Pilar Ermita, the girl in white at the back is upset cause the mamas an just announced to the girls getting ready for the night,that the lady in blue[cherry] was going to be prepared for barwork by Ray,i had been with the back lady for the past week. very nice it was and all. some pics of aussie ladies 84 regards grayray
  2. 7 points
    Ok so never having been to one of the Secrets Anniversary parties, had to check this one out. Saw that a lot of BM’S were committed to being there and always wanted to meet some of these guys. Thanks to the following for taking the time to sit/chat with me. 1. Thumper 63 ( thanks for the great belt from Colorado) 2. Moonfly 3. Bangers69 4. Pumpuynarak 5. UKGUY 45 6. Materialsman 7. Peter Storm 8. Foxy 9. Mo 10. John Luke 11. Barsie 12. Alafazulu111 13. Jambo 14. Ivan The Terrible 15. Mr. Egg All great guys and special thanks to Ben, who spoke with me and I congratulated him on his 11th year there and nothing but good times there over the years. Got there at 7:15pm, waiting for the rest of the guys to show up, my server Nid was very nice. Once again Secrets food was delicious and I went with the “Spaghetti Bolagnese” and in the spirit already bought Nid an LD to start off the night. Things really picked up around 8:00pm and the party is in full swing now. Lot’s of girls, all having fun, good music in the background, Barry Upton was good too. Kudos to Ben and his staff who went around during the evening offering trays of food for free to all the guests. I ended up drinking “Coronas” all night, amazing normally get that full feeling after 2, but was in the spirit I guess, didn’t feel full at all LOL! Walked around taking a lot of different pics, everyone camera friendly and had a great night. Help me out here, perhaps about 1:30am, Ben was now pouring glasses of “Cognac”? Right? Just what I needed……LOL! Bought a few LD’s for some of the girls and just had a lot of fun that night. Walked back to the hotel at about 2:15am, the humidity alone was a wake-up call, walking kind of “sideways” down WS, felt kind of good really. Ok so the next morning woke up at 5:45 am or so, walked out on the balcony, saw the tide was way out, grabbed the camera and took a few pics and caught the sun coming up over Beach Rd. Back to sleep for 3 more hours. Feeling “the oats” a bit from the night before, well I can fix that….head back to Secrets for breakfast for the Pancakes and a Large Milk. Works every time LOL! Had to take the “stroll” down Beach Rd early morning and hear the touts trying to get me on a boat with the Chinese over to Ko Larn…been there and done that right? Walked quite a while, felt a bit better. The big “gig” in town was the Pattaya Marathon……some of the runners had to start at 3:30am!! Are you fucking kidding me? I was hoping one of the BM’s from the night before would “man up” and push me in a wheelchair the whole way LOL! Well, I did take a picture in front of the sign. Saw a few interesting things in my travels that afternoon. Never fails, the University Students always seem to get me to answer their questions. They were cool. I liked “So what is the best thing you like about Thailand”? Well…… Ran into Samuel L. Jackson sitting on Beach Rd there too LOL! Seriously, this guy was a dead ringer for him. I walked over to him, said “I know you have probably been told this a million times but” He stopped me at that point and said “Samuel L. Jackson”?? He told me the Chinese hit him up every day about that. I told him you should charge 500 baht for an autograph and a picture, you would make a fortune here, he is from Atlanta and is on holiday here for 2 weeks he told me. Of course, they had a few Hooters girls in Bikinis out in the afternoon, wooping it up to some music. I looked like death warmed over, so I passed on stopping in for a drink, but of course later that night, got all cleaned up and went there Sat evening at 6:30pm for dinner. My server was “Moona” quite the nice gal. She told me she is from Bangkok, used to work as a receptionist for some Doctor, he retired and sold it to some other guy and he was a complete jerk, so came here to live with her sister for a while. Before I jumped on the baht bus to get over there, took some sunset pics right outside the hotel. Finished up at Hooters, then hit WS, 7:30 pm now and the band was already playing at the “Stones House” so had a beer there for 30 minutes, good band, great female lead singer. 8:00pm hit “Frog Bar” for 30 minutes, the best looking one there was one of the bartenders, bought her an LD. Ended up at 9:00pm pre- arranged time at “Le Pub” with Thumper 63 and Pumpuynarak and his wife. BM Mo shows up and stayed there macking it up with the girls and talked with Phil. The bartender (in the blue) was very likeable and bought her a few LD’s. Whiskey/Cokes were the order of the night for me. Once again, 2:00am and we are all feeling pretty good and had to bid all a farewell. But…I just could not resist a walk down Beach Rd to see the talent this late at night. Jesus, now I could go on and on for days but…….not alot out there, but there was one 24 year old who was quite fine IMO. Only wanted 1k for ST, quite the personality too. So after asking her how long she had been out there, she said she got there at 11:00pm, no one had taken her yet and then in perfect English says to me “You can have me for 2 hours, can you do me twice in 2 hours?” All this with a shitty smile. I asked her “Do I look that old”? She said “No, but I can tell you have been drinking” Yeah Ok, so I have. Thai girl theory at its finest? If you have been drinking, you can’t shoot your wad twice in 2 hours? I was not aware of that. I gave her 100 baht tip for having a good personality/talking with me and told her to be safe out here, UKGUY45 is in town LOL! Sun morning met Thumper63 at Secrets for breakfast, Beach Rd. was shut down I think in one direction as the Marathon was taking place. Had fun over a few nights. Pattaya………………still good after all these years.
  3. 6 points
    Made it out today for some fresh ones and it felt really good.
  4. 6 points
    It's been a while now since my earlier visits to Phnom Penh. My travels took me onto Battambang and Siem Reap (where I met up with another friend), onto Vietnam, Australia (for the cricket - the less said about that the better!), Philippines and then home. I have had some time now to sort out my pictures. Here are some pictures I took during a Sunday evening by the riverside and this is my description used on a couple of other websites: "Sunday at dusk really is an assault on the senses. The whole city seems to be down by the riverside from the lowliest beggars to the well-heeled families arriving in fancy new 4x4s. There are numerous vendors selling unidentifiable types of seafood and fruits, cheap plastic toys and soft drinks. There are families having a full picnic on spread out blankets, young lads surreptitiously swigging from cans of beer, groups of young saffron robed monks, drunks lying on benches, impromptu games of football and badminton, dog walkers, cyclists, skateboarders and joggers (both local and expats/tourists) and officious policemen. The road alongside the riverside is clogged with cars, buses, motorbikes, tuk tuks and pedestrians taking their life in their hands trying to cross. As well as the sights and sounds there are malodorous wafts coming up from the Mekong, cooking food and diesel fumes. There are low-flying swiftlets and bats swooping overhead. Marvellous
  5. 6 points
    Few weeks later, we do our one stop shopping at Fashion Island/Promenade mall here. I like “Tops” Market with the Norwegian Salmon is really good….a bit pricey, but well worth it for me. They had a Motorcycle show there for 2 weeks right? Rachanee tells me Playboy Bunnies will be there one Sat, FHM girls there the next Sat. We go here for dinner and the movies a lot, so that’s what we did. She shops while I “oogle” the girls LOL! The Bunnies came out and did a routine to “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf. You wonder do they have any idea who Steppenwolf is? Probably not. After that, they had a Q&A session where each girl told us their name, age and what they are doing outside of this. They spoke in Thai and English. From L to R, Bunnie #1 got my attention, she is going to Singapore to go to Medical School to study. So I am not shy, so I asked her “What type of Dr. do you want to be”? She said “Endocrinologist” and has always wanted to do this. Good on her. One guy asked Bunny #5 if she would go to dinner with him? She said “Sure, you have to take all 10 of us, we eat a lot, did you bring your credit card”? Brought quite the laughter from all the girls. They finished up here, stood around for a bit and let us all take some more pics. Cool gals. Following Sat, back again for dinner, movie and the FHM girls were there. Not quite as extravagant as The Bunnies, only 4 girls, same routine, did a song, they all introduced themselves to everyone in Thai and English. After, they all posed with some of the Motorcycles, they were all cool. One gal looks at me and says “ Ok you can take your pic with me too, you know you want to” I like this girl, cool personality, asks me where I am from, tells me she is an Accountant at PWC downtown and does the FHM girl thing on week-ends only to make some extra money. Quite the nice rack also and had this nice perfume on. I told her I liked her perfume, she said “It’s expensive” I am sure it is and your boyfriend will be more than happy to keep buying it for you. Happy Thanksgiving.
  6. 5 points
    On June 29th I did a dry run on the Airport Train Shuttle linking the PNH Train Station to the Airport Terminal what follow is my version of the ride and the rail service. I took a hike to the old Train Station on Blvd Monivong that was inaugurated in 1932 with train service to Battambang most of the time the station was only used for goods transport mainly oil-tanks train. The station was closed to the public for several years until it was restored and formally reopened in Oct 2010. According to the media grist the now active rail line to the airport is position to run every 20 to 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, and will be free until the end of July 2018. Royal Railways says it plans to receive three new trains from Mexico in June, 2018 (there is no evidence of that yet) trains that will have 2,400 horsepower engines and cruising speeds of 80 km per hour. The new trains will be outfitted with Wi-Fi, TVs and video intercom system. There are no barriers or security so anyone may enter the station hallway and walk freely to the platforms. As I enter the station I noticed a large information desk, where I inquired about the departure time of the next airport shuttle I was told the next one will be at 12.00 it was 11.10 am so I have to wait fifty minutes, I walk around and gathering information’s the waiting room was almost empty that morning only a group of students and a few destitute Khmer women with their baseborn probably living in the airport vicinity and taking advantage of the free ride. A self checking counter was installed for the outbound air passengers can check-in their luggage at the station. Also there is neither cart nor porter available to bring bags to the platform; one has to climb up in to the train so if you’re loaded like a donkey you will have to lift your bags up from the ground currently there is no all-purpose baggage car available. It was already 12.10 at the station Tissot clock and no train in sight; it was time to go back to the info desk in order to get the latest, the clerk apologized for the delay and said that the train will be there in fifteen minutes. It was 12.33 when I finally heard the distinct sounds of the flanges squealing of the train coming into the station. In a flash the waiting room was clear everybody rushing to the platform, something peculiar two locomotives were pulling one single railcar, hastily train personnel wearing orange safety vest got busy decoupling the first engine that quickly move out of the way. Then a team of three mechanics carrying a tools box climbs on the bridge of the second engine (Bde-410) old and very small, meanwhile I chat with the supervisor he told me that the engine stalled two miles from the station that is the reason why the train was pulled by two locomotives, so now the repair team is trying to fix the problem while travelers remains on the platform, it was 13.20 when the old engine Bde-410 comes to life again, all aboard we are leaving the station the time is now 13.40.The carriage is an aged slender gauge train that was renovated, very clean with good A/C units and no toilet, I noticed that two of the engineers who repaired the engine were aboard with their tools box. The train speed was low no more than 10 to 12 km/h; the panorama is just like going through shabby town, children playing in front of their homes only a meter away from the train. It was 14.20 when the train reached the airport train station, the train stop only for 10 minutes before going back to PNH station. I get off and go inside the waiting lounge to get the schedule of the next train the young lad told me that next one will be departing at 15.30. I walked around the building to get familiar with the installation and it was time for my late lunch, I went inside the airport terminal departure lounge to eat something at the Blue Pumpkin stall I was sat there for forty minutes and then move to the arrivals section where the Airport Train Shuttle ticket counter is located just next to the KK Star Bus Shuttle. It was about time for me to go back the Train Shuttle Lounge which is very close like 50 meters away. Now the time is 15.20 and the lounge was a bit busy I went back to the info desk to verify the timetable this time the same lad was all alone and not so sure about the departure time he told me to wait for a few minutes he will get back to me, I went to the toilet and I saw him running in the parking lot in the direction of the airport offices. Now the time is 15.35 and there is no train at the platform or employee in the waiting lounge, then on a motorcycle coming from the air terminal I recognized the two youngsters that I talked to earlier they walk in the lounge like nothing happen, the time now is 15.50, went back to the desk to ask him what happen, the older boy told me that the train had a malfunction and there is no information available at this time. I returned to the air terminal to KK Star bus shuttle to check the schedule and fare; it was well posted in from off the office, one way ticket $5.00 with a frequent schedule to PNH. Back to the train lounge again the situation didn’t not change, passengers are still waiting for the train. I made a swift decision I exited the airport and went to local bus stop for line number 3 located across the airport fence at the same level that the train station, the waiting time was short a few minutes only before I boarded the bus, it cost 1600. Riels, it took 20 minutes I get off the bus at the Central Market stop, my jaunt to the airport was over. Conclusion: The current Airport Train Shuttle is a genuine crapshoot a fanfare embellished by the newspapers and politicians, it will take at least half a year before that train shuttle service will be fully efficient. The arrival date of the new trains from Mexico promised for the month of June it’s not available yet and it will take time and skill to fine-tune these new gears and makes them compatible with the outdated rails network. It was mentioned that these new powerful engines cruising speed of 80 km per hour; I don’t believe that such velocity can be attained using the present outdated rails system. The transport minister also called on travelers to be vigilant on part of Russian Boulevard where the train crosses that is the 1.6 km added segment to access the airport, on the day of my trip I observed that despite that the crossing gate was activated numerous vehicle such as tuc tuc, motorcycles and other illicit means of transportation simply ignored that warning and drove through till the last moment when the train is coming, here in Cambodia stopping is just like a cardinal sin, the motorists have no discipline nor respect for laws and rules anything goes. Anyway for me the excursion was informative and fun, I will do it again in a month or two. This service should not be considered seriously to go to the airport till the end of the year.
  7. 5 points
    Found a pic of them on English Russia so did a little reading. In the Nazi-occupied Soviet Union, German soldiers had a very real fear of witches. Namely, the “Night Witches,” an all-female squadron of bomber pilots who ran thousands of daring bombing raids with little more than wooden planes and the cover of night—and should be as celebrated as their male counterparts. This month marks the 73rd anniversary of the start of their pioneering service. In June of 1941, the Axis powers pushed into the Soviet Union using the largest invading force in the history of warfare. The infamous Operation Barbarossa saw about four million troops wade into Russia from the west, establishing a line that threatened to overtake Moscow itself. The offensive was one of the most violent and terrible military actions in World War II, with countless atrocities committed against the Russian people. The battle-hardened male soldiers of the Soviet Union held the front lines against the Axis forces, keeping the invasion from overtaking the capital. From the start of the war, Colonel Marina Raskova, a Soviet pilot who was known as the “Russian Amelia Earhart,” began receiving letters from women across Russia wanting to join the war effort in any way they could. Many women served support roles at the time, but it was difficult to make it to the front. Raskova lobbied to finds ways for women to take a more active role in the war, and was highly successful in her efforts, leading to women being eligible for the draft and even convincing the military to establish all-female units. In October of 1941 the order came down from Joseph Stalin that Raskova was to establish a trio of all-female air squads. The only one reported to have remained exclusively female was the team of night bombers, the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, where everyone from the pilots, to the commanders, to the mechanics were women. The regiment began filling out in 1942, with young women ranging in age from 17 to 26 transferring to the small town of Engels to begin flight training. The future pilots were greeted by Raskova herself with a no-nonsense, military manner. The women were issued size 42 boots, outfitted with ill-fitting military uniforms made for bulkier male soldiers. Their hair was cut short. As one of the pilots would recall in a later interview, “We didn’t recognize ourselves in the mirror—we saw boys there.” The women faced significant obstacles even before they began engaging in combat—namely, with the equipment. They had to fly Polikarpov Po-2 aircraft—two-seated, open-cockpit biplanes that were obsolete even by the standards of the day. Made of plywood frames with canvas stretched over them, the craft were light, slow, and provided absolutely no armor. The benefit of the planes was that they had a slower stall speed than the standard German fighters, making them hard to target, and they could take off and land just about anywhere. However, this came as literal cold comfort to the aviators who had to fly the ships through walls of enemy fire in the dead of night, with the freezing wind whipping around and through the exposed cockpits, often giving the pilots frostbite. But this did little to discourage the women of the 588th. Starting with an initial bombing run on June 8, 1942, the all-female squadron would harry Nazi forces with overnight bombing runs all the way until the end of the war. At the peak of the regiment’s strength, it had as many as 40 two-person crews, flying multiple bombing runs as soon as the sky darkened, taking part in as many as 18 in a single night. The light planes could only carry six bombs at a time, so as soon as one run was complete the pilots would be re-armed and sent back out for another run. Of course this tightly controlled weight limit also meant the women could not bring parachutes and also had to fly at lower, more easily spotted, altitudes. Using such vulnerable craft to make their bombing runs, the cover of night was crucial to their success and survival. Three planes would leave simultaneously, with two of the airplanes drawing searchlights and gunfire, and the third sticking to the darkness, to drop the bombs. In order to remain hidden, the pilots would also kill their engines when they got near their target, and simply glide over it, deploying their payload. As the silenced bombers sailed over the Nazi forces, making a light “whooshing” sound, German soldiers began referring to them as “Nachthexen,” or “Night Witches,” a name the pilots of the 588th quickly took on with pride. Rumors began to spread among the Germans that the Soviets were giving the women pills and treatments that gave them the night vision of a cat. One of the most famous of the Night Witches, Nadezhda Popova, who herself flew 852 missions, earning her multiple medals and the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, described the situation a bit more accurately in Albert Axell’s book Greatest Russian War Stories: 1941–1945, saying, “This was nonsense, of course. What we did have were clever, educated, very talented girls.” ....more.... https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2015/06/night-witches-wwii-female-pilots
  8. 5 points
    Same subject of defamation, I have just read another one on facebook about the Group called The Breakfast Club. Apparently a member gave a restaurant a bad review and now the restaurant is threatening to sue or have them put in jail. This is outrageous, it is like tipping, staff expect a tip even if their service is bad. If you can only give good reviews what is there to keep the standards up? The idea of a bad review should be seen as feedback to make you up your game!!! This can only be bad for service.
  9. 5 points
    Common sense dictates that one should always be polite to anyone who has the power to Totally Fuck Up Your Entire Week . I can appreciate Peters story about the guy who ducked under the tape, but I can also see where the officer could take offence to it. Last trip into Bkk I filled out my immigration card and there is a place where they ask for the address of the place you will be staying while in country. In all my trips I have always just put in the name of the hotel and had never had any trouble in entering the country. So I put down Secrets Hotel. Well I got up to the window and there was this short, fat and might as well throw in ugly old lady customs officer. I hand over my papers and passport, she asked about address and I kind of shrug and say " don't know " thinking it was no big deal. So she comes storming out of her little cubical, grabs my hand and drags me over to the back of the line of the next customs officer and storms back to her little thrown and slams the little door. Well everyone is looking at me like did he do? To be honest, I was pretty taken back by this and a little embarrassed. Now did I yell " fuck you you little piece of shit fat ugly cow mother fucking bitch your grand daughters are all whores in Pattaya" and spit a big fat luggy on her window ? Nooo, I thought that a bit unwise! So I humbly stood in line until I finally got up to the next officer. He looked at the paperwork, my passport, at me, at Secrets hotel in the address space, smiled, and stamped my stuff. But you can bet there will always be an address in that little fucker from now on.
  10. 5 points
    Alright Peter and Ivan The Terrible, Boydeste etc etc......here you go. Alright the quick story on Phuong. Got to make this quick the wife is at her brothers house LOL! The first pic there of Phuong was taken 7 years ago, she actually had brown hair ( I should be talking LOL!) she was a mere 24 year old, she is 31 now. She got her degree, went to work in the Coporate World, hated it, her parents were about to dis-own her after all the money they spent on her education right? She tells them she is opening a Vietnamese Coffee shop. got a small business loan and no one believed she would make it. Like all the Go Go's here in Thailand etc, over satureated market back in San Jose, Calif right? She told them " watch me" she was one of the first to "push the envelope" as to the way the girls dressed. Alot of the other Viet coffee shops, the girls were wearing traditional "Ao Dai" She hires girls that fully understand customer service and they mack it up with you and sit with you and no problem to take pic of the girls. I always gave them $10 tips when I went. I went in there one morning on the way to work, this pic was taken a week after she opened, she asked me if I could help her in some way " market" her shop right? What she really meant was "How can I get more white guys to come here" That's where the money is at, as the Viet guys are Cheap Charlies and we all spend more and tip alot better. I told her that I would help her to a certain extent, I would not put pics on FB, but let me take a few pics of you and the girls here over the next few weeks and I have a ton of e-mails to send out to alot of guys. That helped alot as guys were now coming in before work and on the week-ends alot. They make a ton on the week-ends. Here we are 7 years later and she is still friends with me and sends me pics of her adventures to Vegas, Hawaii, girls night out etc. She is really cool to everyone and she told me she will come here one day to visit as she goes to Vietnam twice a year. You guys would all like her.
  11. 5 points
    Nguyen Quoc Dung, a Hanoian painter and photographer, has released a photo book called “Fading Season”. The photos mostly capture young Vietnamese women in the traditional ao dai or yếm (camisole). Painter and photographer Nguyen Quoc Dung (Dzung Art) has held more than 10 solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. He first took photos as reference for painting. Since his graduation from University of Industrial Fine Arts, Nguyen Quoc Dung has spent 20 years working in art. Dzung Art's photos are characterised by images of Vietnamese women in traditional long dress. http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/art-entertainment/185346/photos-depict-grace-of-vietnamese-women.html
  12. 5 points
    Sa-teef has sent me some new emoticons and I have uploaded them to the forum for members to use. You can find the new ones buy pressing the emoticon button and catorgies New. Here are a few, hope you like them. Thanks again Sa-teef.
  13. 5 points
    some more of the aussie bar starlets from the 80slady in orange when done up for work looked a lot like Mick Jagguers {spelling} sth American wife,the 1st pic is Rhona check the length of her hair, regards grayray
  14. 4 points
    Some random but hopefully interesting pics I nicked off the web this past week. Cheerleaders dance during Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on February 4, 2018. Graffiti in the Athenes neighbourhood of Psiri. A model presents a creation by Ukrainian designer Iva Nerolli during Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev, Ukraine, February 5, 2018. Tourists sledding on the frozen Kunming lake outside of Beijing. Woman holding up an umbrella during heavy snowfall in front of the Red Square in Moscow. Murat Gassiev (Russia) and Yunier Dorticos (Cuba) during the second World Boxing Superseries cruiserweight semifinal in Sochi on February 3, 2018. Roscosmos astronauts Anton Shkaplerov and Alexander Mishulin in outer space. A man removes stalks from red chilli peppers at a farm in Shertha village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad February 5, 2018. Colombian bullfighter Guillermo Valencia is on the ground after being hit by a bull during a bullfight at La Macarena bullring in Medellin, Colombia, on February 3, 2018. Runners take part in an Underpants Run on the banks of Danube river in Belgrade on February 4, 2018, while outside temperature approaches zero degree Celsius. Bajau children row pirogue, a long narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk, over crystal-clear water. Fashion queen Angelababy releases a series of fashion photos. Terraced fields in Longji township of Longsheng county, South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. Two teams of athletes battle it out in a pool to score goals with a weighted ball during an underwater rugby game in Australia. Players use their endurance, strength and agility to beat the opposition and place the ball in a metal bucket at the bottom of the pool. Models Hillary Choo and Laury Prudent are captured boxing underwater by diver and film director Mick Gleissner. A prospective father paints his pregnant wife's belly during a body painting contest at Chongqing Institute for Women’s and Children’s Health on Nov 2. Models gather at the stage and bow to the audience at the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show held in Shanghai Nov 20, 2017.
  15. 4 points
    A few I snapped in July and just got around to re-sizing yesterday.
  16. 4 points
    One of the wifes ex co-workers got married in the first week of Nov. The wedding was held at Assumption Cathedral Catholic Church downtown in the Silom area. Very nice architecture inside here, according to Wikpedia, built in 1878, refurbished several times over the years and still stands today. Must be doing something right, Pope John Paul II visited here in 1984 and held services. I cannot remember how many times I was literally right around the corner from this place, having stayed in the Patpong area for many years LOL! Following week, we headed out to see The Temple where King Bhumibol had his ceremony. Needless to say, after seeing a good portion of this on TV over the weeks, it was very impressive in person. The Thais did a very good job on the construction of this. You might think looking at one of the pics of all of the people waiting in line, that you would be there for hours waiting your turn to be let in. We got there at 1:00pm on a Monday and it was only a 40 minute wait. Very well organized and upon clearing Security, you were given a box lunch which had 2 pieces of Chicken, Sticky Rice and Bottled Water. Very comfortable day with overcast and just peaks of sun at times. They let 5,000 in at a time, gave you 45 minutes ( which was really an hour) They went up and down the aisles with a megaphone asking people not to do “selfies” inside while we waited. They had people speaking Thai, English and Mandarin and the request was very clear. Well as you can see, some did not listen and as usual people have their own agenda I guess. This did not sit well with Rachanee and she told these 2 people basically they should be ashamed of themselves and quite frankly, she gave it to both of them pretty good. After she took my pic there, she said “Hold your camera, I will be right back” They quickly put their phones back in their purse, she is pretty hard to piss off as a general rule, but this to her was way out of line. I could see the veins in her neck, I knew she was mad LOL! They had too, a few buildings constructed there where they had some of The Kings Memorabilia. He had an Apple Macintosh Computer, his Walkie Talkie and his Canon Camera along with a few other things for everyone to see. Following week, we went to the Sports World Expo at Impact where they have a ton of Sports things and always good prices without Vat etc. Picked up a pair of new Adidas Running Shoes. Was milling around and there was a stage in the back. Couple of Thai guys talking, did not understand what they were saying. I saw this area that was roped off and seem to be girls back there that were quite nice looking. I walked over there and wow, bronze beauties and appears to be a Fitness show of sorts. This gal walks over close to me and says “Oh Hi” I asked her what was going on and she tells me there will be a Fitness show at 6:00pm and she will be the first girl up. I asked her name and she said “Koy” she tells me this is her 2nd competition and is ready. I told her “Chok Dee Mak” and she says “Ka, thank you” Well…10 girls, 7 Thai, 1 Korean, 1 from Laos and 1 from Malaysia. Great show, each girl was given 5 minutes to do her routine to the music she chose. Walks, poses and lots of smiles and all is well. Sadly Koy took 10th, I do not know how, she was incredible. I realize these are subjective but…..the Thai girl #12 took first and got 10k baht and the remaining 4 got 8k, 6k, 4k and 2k.
  17. 4 points
    Gop Kow!! you may have heard them riding or walking about with their offerings? Ten baht; entree to eat with rice. Don't you just love the shy ones?
  18. 4 points
    Beach Gal ... about 11 days ago she gave birth to Ziggy ( Isabelle ) .. she is back to normal .. no stretch marks .. nothing ... and Ziggy was a load .. 10 Lbs and 4 Ozs You should go this place ^^^ fucking incredible .. it is Burma
  19. 4 points
    Thanks for the pics! Happy to see another side of Thailand. A few I snapped back in February and just re-sized in the past hour. When you just gotta have that ciggy, 555. And a few flowers I snapped two days ago. Feeling a bit better and likely get out for some fresh moto girls in the next few days.
  20. 4 points
    A few shots of the new Wat going up on the Wat Samakkhi Pracharam grounds located on the NE end of Huai Chak Nok lake. Shots of the existing buildings on the Wat grounds. And Huai Chak Nok has more water in it than I've seen in the last four or five years.
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    Tuesday evening hit Nana for an evening, was supposed to meet one of the BM’s there, but he fell sick in Pattaya. So a buddy of mine at the gym was kind enough to take a day off work the next day and we stayed at Boss Suites. Hit Hooters for dinner, sat at the bar, no menu for me, Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger, well done and no onions. Stayed an hour, girls were cool. I will take the Manager in my next lifetime LOL! My buddy begged me not to let him BF any Go Go girls from Nana, well we got to the second stop of the night, Billboard, he could not resist the charms of one of the girls in the Jacuzzi. Good choice, fine looking gal, 4k LT she stayed with him until 2:00pm the next day. The gig was she would help him shop at MBK, she got a nice new pair of Levis for her efforts on top of her agreed price. I am now the “lone wolf” over to London Calling and a nice set of looking girls, topless on one side, bikinis on the other. I LD for a cutie, 4k LT she said. Oh well…….too bad for me huh? She was quite nice too. Across the street to the Nana car park to have a look. A cutie caught my attention, kind of a Burgundy outfit, small, cute smile. Tells me she is a hairdresser at a local shop and has 2 days off, name is “Gin” Ask her where she is originally from? She tells me “Issan” I play the guess game, Korat? Udon Thani? Buriram? Surin? Roi Et? Bang…. Big smile and Roi Et is the winner. Thanks again to BM Bobobb for sending me another one of the locals from there LOL! Tell her my situation, want to take some pics, have a drink locally, go to my loom and let “Ansel Adams” work on his photography skills? Sure she tells me, we can do this. Walk down to the new set of bars on Soi 4 and all is well. Absolut Vodka for her and Whiskey/Coke for me. She is cool, quite the personality. Finish up there, she starts taking off her dress! I told her no boom-boom….she says “Weally, I thought you just joke me, you no wan me”? She was fine, nice little round bottom and a nice set of man mades. So it is still early, walk up Soi 4, on the left side, a bar, this little minion is standing on the 4th step up right? She is waving at me, says “Look we same same”? WTF? I ask her what she is talking about? “We same size”…..yeah right, she walks down to the street level and she reminds me of “Kerri Strug” LOL! She tells me “We hab da Beeeetles music tonite, you want to hab drink here”? Yeah Ok, she tells me the band will be right back after break. So I am am l buzzed, I ask her “So what country are da Beeetles from” She says “ Oh dey from Australia country”!!!!!! Yeah that’s right, McCartney was from Sydney, he met John in Melbourne, who knew George when he went to school in Brisbane and Ringo was from Perth LOL! Let’s not forget the “5th Beatle” it was actually BM Grayray and he was from Darwin LOL! I had to politely inform “Kung” that no da Beetles were from England. “Oh so solly, maybe udder band we hab here sometime” I love it. Dam these guys were good, came on in the Beige Jackets just like the Shea Stadium show in NYC back in 1965. They open with “Twist and Shout” and dam they were spot on with all of their harmonies. Of course I was going have 1 drink, but she tells me it is my B-day today too. Ok order up and Happy B-day. Well you know how this goes, 4 drinks later for me and 4 for the b-day gal and all is well. I see the band has a tip box, I give them 200 baht and they are quite cool. They said “ Thanks mate, what song can we play for you”? Well how appropriate “I feel fine” These guys were outstanding. Out of there head to see “Thermae” thanks to VPI 78 for turning me back on to this place last Oct. Dam….I thought it was good then on a Sun night, this night there must have been 300 girls in there…..I kid you not. I mean they have everything you want, small, talk, beige, light skin, long hair, short hair, shoool girl outfits, pigtails, the UN of FL’s LOL! Stayed an hour, once again the myth of all Japanese, Koreans is not happening. Talked to a few Caucasian guys and they were taking girls out of there, left and right. I talked to 2 girls that were quite nice, 2k ST, 4k LT. One girl told me she was only 20, I knew she was young. It’s one thing to talk to them, another if they will go with you. Saw a few wave off a few guys. The 20 year old told me “She was not very good at this scene and if she go with me, can I go easy on her back in the room”? Is that perhaps a red flag and a polite way of telling me she really does not want to go? Perhaps. Of course she could be playing that game and she is a complete beast back in the loom. The lights come on at 2:00am and it is time to vacate the place right? Oh but “deals” were being made outside all over there for sure. The price goes down a bit? Back to the hotel now, get up at 9:00am, can’t sleep for shit, eye are flickering, time to get up. Take a walk down the 4 to see about Breakfast. Was going to hit “Heidelberg” for German Pancakes. Instead I see this girl waving at me standing outside the new Hiliary 1 bar, where I had drinks last night with “Gin” So it looks good where I am coming from She says “You need coffee and something to eat right”? Chai Krap……she tells me that she can get me any breakfast I want and takes care of it for me. She is cool, I order up Pancakes and buy her and LD of Orange Juice and she sits with me. All is well right? Ask her if it is OK to take a pic of her, she says the Mgr is here right now and they do not like for customers to take pics inside. OK no problem……then she says “If you want, I can go with you back to your room and you can take some pics there, 400 baht BF before noon” I tell her my situation, she says Ok, pay up and off we go. A few pics inside, real exciting morning, check out is noon. We watched “ The Price is Right Thailand” Gave her a tip for being cool What’s not to like? LOL! Nana still good after all of these years.
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    I enjoy a Russian photography web site which has some great work, most of it recent but occasionally covering the old Soviet Union of decades past. These are recently colorized photos of lady snipers of World War Two. They'd look innocent enough if it weren't for the rifles in their hands, 555. Copied as I found them. http://englishrussia.com/2017/08/16/ladies-of-death-portraits-of-russian-women-snipers-from-world-war-ii-killed-hundreds-nazis-colorized/ Thousands of strings with original and historic photos. Great nature shots if you like wilderness! http://englishrussia.com/
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    Just a few taken last week-end at the mall again. Used the 18-55 MM for these. Went to the movies again and dinner, was looking around as the wife was shopping. I had enough of looking at womens clothes right? I walked over to the movie section, they have done re-modeling in this secion and now have sets/displays advertising upcoming movies. I see this girl all dressed in black/goth type outfit, I walk over there and say " Sa Wa Dee Ka" She looks at me and in English says " Don't talk to me"??? WTF! I walk around a bit and tell Rachanee what happened right? She walks over to her and in Thai asks her "What is your problem"? She told her "I don't have a problem, just tell your friend not to talk to me" ?? Jesus....it's nice to be liked huh? LOL! This guy comes over and tells her she is in "character" right now and is helping promote this movie called "Winchester" Oh Ok...I get it. Rachanee asks her can we take a picture of her? She nods Yes, she asks her if I can get a picture with her too? She nods Yes. I get over there, kneel next to her, take the picture and then I tell her " You have a nice night" She glares at me again and says " I told you not to talk to me, get out of here" Nice....she would fit in very well in the Pattaya Bar Scene these days.....LOL! This movie starts the 22nd here......should be good...........I hope.
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    sure the dogs in the street know who did it i remember when news of the murder came out we were in the rockhouse and someone in the bar said you can be sure some burmese or cambodian worker will be arrested for that how right he was
  25. 4 points
    A few I snapped today. If you can't carry it, wear it.
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    I do the same as Peter, post the same info across several boards. There may be an overlap in the membership between boards, but there's enough new eyes on each that they probably appreciate the posts. Of course there's always the risk a certain BM on Secrets is here too and will label the posts as "spam".
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    Bush Trimming stencils Kit: There is a new piece of equipment for women a Chinese company release a trimming stencil for vagina it’s called the Sazzi Shaper; a five pieces kit, pubic hair trimmer. I.e. diamond, hart, landing strip, tash, and bunny patch. According to the media we are currently at the end of the shaved pubic hair age. In a few years it will no longer be the leading grooming choice. Men were becoming tired of the shaved clam look, pubes are back even in porn (Thank God for that) which has been long been blamed for women having to go hairless in the first place. I personally think that removing all hairs is a bit odd because women vagina looks like a death trout. Cheers
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    have to agree, there are no dick measuring contests on this site so far, maybe because we have all seen mr storms cock already and don't bother 5555555555
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    Alright my buddy Tuan came into BKK for a few days after a business trip to Taipei. Met him downtown at Soi 4 Pachara Suites. A surprise appearance by VPI 78 and we all get grub and oogle the girls at Hooters. Tom tells us we should hit Thermae? WTF? Tells us he has been in town for a few days already and it is worth a look. Ok so we finish up at Hooters 8:00pm, he tells us he needs to meet a friend and meet him at 10:00pm Thermae. Ok so Tuan and I hit Spankys and Twister across over at Nana. Both great looking girls at both places. One girl at Twister was topless, after her gig, she comes over to me, starts rubbing her gorgeous ass on me. I was not complaining, 26 year old “ Pim” well, she got 2 LD’s for her fine efforts. She told me, 2k ST, 4k LT. I told her I just got in town this morning and am a little tired? It worked LOL! So, I asked her if for 500 baht tip, would she come outside and let me take a few pics for the boys right? She said no problem. We get out there and the bouncer tells me and her, no pics outside, she takes over in Thai and asks him why not. Apparently those are the rules, she asked him again and I knew this was coming, he told her if I give him 200 baht tip, he will look the other way this time. I told her to tell him no thanks. Too bad, she was fine looking, I told her I will be back sometime and will come here again and I will come to visit her. So we get take a taxi to Thermae, wow, have not been here since 2011 and the talent was quite good, not very many girls who were only interested in Japanese and Koreans. There were at least 50% Caucasian guys there and want to put that “myth” to bed. I would have had a field day with the camera, if the girls were camera friendly, but the rules are very clear there. I talked to a few girls there, one was absolutely gorgeous, name was “Kip” told me she works for the Dept of Transportation and does this once in a while. 2.5k ST, 4k Lt…… After an hour there, Tuan picks up a 22 year old and is taking her LT for 3k, she wanted 3.5k. Cute as a button and he did well, he told me the next day she was great and we all took a taxi back to Nana. I ended up at one of the newer beer bars there down the way a bit and stayed there 2 hours macking it up with “Boa” She was cool, really enjoyed her and bought her 3 LD’s and she gave me 500 baht BF, 2k ST, 3k LT pricing. Had a good time there and all is well in Nana. A few Halloween pics since it is Oct 31st, back in 2012, me and a friend took the day off work. Went on a Viet coffee bar crawl and met up with Connie the Korean, Rebecca and Hazel ( The Mouse girls) and Janet the Devil. I was a “Hippie” I still hate The Grateful Dead LOL! Got these 2 pics this morning of Phuong, told me she will take care of me next time I come back home. Unfortunately for me, that means I get a free cup of Viet Coffee cause she owns the place. She told me she was a Japanese whore this year, not a Vietnamese whore. This girl is good....I miss these girls.
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    Went to the Sports World Expo at Impact Arena yesterday, love this event. If you like Sporting Equipment, this is the place to be. Picked up a new pair of running shoes by Adidas. So we got there at 5:00pm, about 5:30pm, making the rounds with Rachanee just looking at all the things right? Get to the back of the place, there is a stage and these Thai guys are talking and I have no idea what they are saying. Get a bit farther back by the Golf Equipment and notice there is an area roped off and could see what I thought were girls that looked quite fit. I tell her I will be right back and want to check this out. Walk over there and there are about 8 girls, all tanned and bronzed up, some appear to be lifting some dumb bells looking in mirrors. This one girl comes over close to where I am standing and says “Oh hi” I said “Hello, what is going on here”? She says there will be a Fitness Competition at 6:00pm and I will be the first girl up tonite. I said “Oh Ok, you look great and Chok Dee Mak” and she says “Ka Thank you” I asked her if this was her first time and she said this is her 2nd competition. I asked her name and she said “Koy” At this point, I did not want to bother her anymore and again told her good luck. She seemed cool. Complete idiot I am, why I did not take some pictures of her right there as she was 2 feet away? I just blew it big time. So at 6:00pm the music starts, the MC guy tells everyone (In Thai) Rachanee tells me they get to choose their own music, have 5 minutes max to do their routine and poses/walks/ flexes etc. and the judges will decide the winner. 10k baht for the winner and then 8k, 6k 4k and 2k for the other 4. 10 girls total, 7 are Thai, one is from Laos, 1 from S. Korea and 1 from Malaysia. The sad thing is for Koy, she finished 10th, dead last. How in god’s name this girl could finish last is beyond me! Rachanee asked me how long does it take to get to this type of condition? A long time I told her, they eat brown rice, baked potato with no butter, toast with no butter, oatmeal, chicken breast, a ton of water and no Coke, Pepsi or EST and no Leo either. The easy part is doing the work at the gym 5-6 days per week, 3 hours a day. The hard part is the diet by far. I just wished Koy worked out at my gym! LOL! More pics of a lot of the other girls later in the month as I have a few more gigs to go to and will do a TR for all of them.
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    Thanks Cliff, forgot to mention, we were oogling the girls at Thermae right? Saw this one Caucasian guy earlier, said hello to him. Doing the rounds, he comes back around to us and I asked him if he was already done with his ST and is now looking for a round 2? He told me he wishes he could cum that fast and if he could, he would definelty have another doll for the night. He is from Australia and guess where he lives now? Yep Korat and is in Bangkok for a week Golfing with his buddies who came in from Brisbane. Tom and I ask him if he knows you? He said if you play Golf in Korat he would know you. Cool guy.... Just got this from Phuong this morning..
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    Got a few more re-sized from the 18th of October. Tom just about put Dee on the pavement with a quick start.
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    IBTimes has posted some terrific photography of the funeral if you are interested. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/pictures-lavish-funeral-ceremony-thailands-king-bhumibol-adulyadej-also-known-rama-ix-1644635
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    Thanks for the welcome guys! Here in Cambodia now for a bit of a visit. Good times with Jay and Ian last night.
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    Yeah gentlemen, like yourself, had fun developing B&W pics too back in the day. At the mall over in San Jose, you could rent a room and develop your own pics. Was fun and seeing the image come to life was surreal. My first camera in 1975 was a Minolta SRT 101, man that thing like your Pentax server me well for many years......it took some great concert pics back in the 70's with Kodak Ektachrome film. I also has a 135mm Zoom lens that I took to these shows. Used to get geeked up with buddies after a show, would wait for 2 days, get the slides back, then everyone would come to my parents house and we would set up the slide show. My parents?? They were not so happy LOL! About 10 years ago, took some of my old concert pics still on slides, took them over to this photography store and amazingly, they transferred them to a disc, here are some of the classic bands I got to see and take pics.......recognize anyone?
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    Found one that hasn't been taken down, yet. Excellent magic act.
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    Alright, so what do we have here? Impact Arena every week the entire year, has something going on. The wife and I go to these to browse and buy, there are some good prices on things for sure. No middle man, right up the wife’s alley bargaining pricing with the locals. I could care or less really, I go to practice my photography skills and no matter what event is there, there are always some cute girls. Thailand 4.0…..was in August the first week after we got back from USA. They are trying to move forward with new ways to be more creative and self sufficient I guess. They had high tech cars ( electric) talking robots, high tech dental chairs, Electric Tuk Tuk’s, robotic mfg machines, the Bridgestone girls were there Marketing new Tires, the Deestone girls were selling new and better Tractor tires ( their tires were bigger than the wife) the Singha girls were Marketing new drinks along with the largest beverage company in Asia pushing new drinks, there was farm equipment, Security equipment, Drones being sold flying all over the place, High Tech Sugar Cane drinks ( the girls were cute) Solar panels…..etc.etc.etc. Thailand World Fair 3rd week in August…….or as some might call it, Marketing all the same Electronic products we always see at these events. Some real nice TV’s these days for sure (with a hefty price) People and their dogs dressed up rather nicely LOL! Of course, women’s clothes and Thai food everywhere, same shit you always see LOL! Of course there is some nice furniture and some beautiful chandeliers to be had. Had fun taking some pics of the chandeliers without the flash. OTOP….last week in August….gov’t sponsored event where for locals who qualify, they do not pay any rent for their space for this. Once again, women’s clothes that are made locally from up north, jewelry, women selling their line of beauty products, more food and things for the house. Hey at OTOP you could get your face painted gold and they were telling the wife, if I decided I wanted to do this, I would look 5 years younger! K Beauty Expo….3rd week of Sept. Beauty products from Korea was the theme here, unbelievable the amount of stuff they have for women. Not real cheap though, wife picked up a few things. Hope these are not too boring for most of you..LOL!
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    I know it is damn near impossible but I am hoping that trying to keep this board small we will not attract trolls and warriors. I have had my fair share of critism over the years of posting about general life but never take much too seriously. There needs to be banter and piss taking to make a lively place but I always try to not give more that a person can take. So far here has been great and long may it continue.
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    ......I doubt that Secrets will ever catch up; they seem to be forever in catch up mode on that forum. I've pretty much left for good as the site always seems to be either slow or down(since they tried to implement the "latest" upgrade). Peter and the crew here as SEASELECT have done a stellar job on this forum. Just goes to show what a properly managed site can look (and feel) like.
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    Trouble free. The board works really well IMO. Kudos for your fine work. Rather than just re-posting the same pics on multiple boards I'm going to try to keep the pics on seaselect exclusive to this board. I take enough along the way to do that I think?
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    grayrays harem 1984 aussie bar BF the lot over few days,the 2 at the front a loverly daily double right into some dirty sex regards grayray
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    " Hun Sen is the Prime Minister of Cambodia, President of the Cambodian People's Party, and Member of Parliament for Kandal. He has served as Prime Minister since 1985, making him the world's longest-serving prime minister, the longest serving head of government of Cambodia, and one of the longest serving leaders in the world ...." "...... Hun Sen was 32 years old when he became prime minister, making him at that time the world's youngest head of government. One of the world's longest-serving leaders, he has been described as a 'wily operator who destroys his political opponents', and as a dictator who has assumed authoritarian power in Cambodia using violence, intimidation and corruption to maintain his power base. Under his dictatorial regime, thousands of opposition activists, politicians, environmentalists, and human rights workers have been murdered, where majority of the cases were never investigated due to the political ties with the incumbent administration......." "....... The former Khmer Rouge commander has consolidated his grip on power through a web of patronage and military force........" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hun_Sen Sometimes being a big fish in a little pond will go to their heads I think?
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    Feeling lazy and having some dental work done in the past few days so staying close to home. Some from back in Sept 2012 to keep you entertained.
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    Not really a photo but I thought it was funny!!!
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    As you know I lived in Pattaya on the Darkside for about 8 years and now living in Phnom Penh for about 4. If we are talking specifically about the rubbish on the streets then I suppose you could say same same but different. I find the beach particularly bad as it is supposed to be the best, cleanest area of a place, the sort of bench mark if you like. As we have seen the streets there do get dirty and it all washes down to the beach. I think generally the streets in Pattaya have less rubbish and you dont see refuse trucks working much whereas in PP everyone puts their rubbish out at on the street about 8pm and the trucks clear it usually by 9pm. Riverside in PP is the equivalent to the Beach and is more clean in my opinion, people tend to respect that area here. General countryside is similar again with people throwing shit out of car windows. I think what Sa-teef said is quite right really, we all want cheap beer and girls and that sort of goes hand in hand with the things that we do not like so much. I don't much care about it now, I, myself never throw things down in the street and try to keep my surrounding as nice as possible but going to bed with a sexy little asian in her 20's every night and feeding her for $2 means I will put up with a lot.
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    A few fresh ones from yesterday and today.
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