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  1. I had to take some time off from photography due to work but now back at it so I will be posting photos from the shoots as I do them
  2. i will post more as i do more shoots, if anyone has a specific shoot they want to see let me know
  3. yes a great way to drink and exercise at the same time
  4. These are a few of my photos i have done. i have a few other sets but have nudity in them.
  5. what happend to your regular website? i was a member on it awhile ago but when i tried going back to it it said it was closing.
  6. yea it not like Spartacus which is another great show but i liked the 1st 2 seasons of game of thrones.
  7. i have to say you put the relationship ahead of the job. For the last few years i have to put a job 1st as i am in the military and am busy alot or deploy alot. This has caused many problems with relationship but now that i am out i give 100% to any relationship 1st
  8. its a great show! i just finished all of them, i still cant believe how the 2nd season started!
  9. so far the weirest place i have had sex was in an ambulance. I was dating a girl who was a paramedic and during one of her shifts she stopped by for a quick one and right as i finished she got a emergency call and had to leave barely cleaning up
  10. i usually just bring a bunch when i go, i have friends there who also ask me to bring extra for them
  11. yes, ive traveled to almost 20 different countries now and have slept with atleast 1 from each place. I still need to make it down to South America though
  12. I have started a new photography company that will show beauty from around the world. I figured i would post here and see if anyone have some input for types of shoots.
  13. Hello, i have been apart of the site for awhile an never posted here. Dont really know why i never did..I enjoy this site and love seeing the new pics of Cherry. She was my reason for getting into photography and i have been doing it now for about 2 years.
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