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  1. That's some very creative stuff... thanks for posting it!
  2. One of my all-time favorites is Edward Scissorhands. I like anything by Tim Burton, but this movie combines Johnny Depp's performance with biting satire & dark nods to oldies like Frankenstein, Pinocchio, & even Peter Pan! Johnny Depp, who played Edward S, has come a long way. I'm also fond of the whole 4-movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean.
  3. Wow! Yes, there could be no other possible explanation... unless, of course, she was using a Dictograph Acousticon hearing aid, or perhaps a Siemens 1924 hearing aid.
  4. I wish I had more of the dramatic views showing the local buildings with the jets roaring by just overhead, but catching these guys in your photographic field & getting off a shot or two is not as easy as you might think. Those planes are fast! They do their stunts over the Golden Gate, North of me (see loop-the-loop pic above), then fly in all different directions to turn around & regroup for the next formation stunt. Stunts vary from pairs of planes to the whole group, so at any time you can have one or a few of them suddenly go roaring by over your head. It helps that I've seen enough of these air shows over the years to give me a good idea of where to point myself, but even still, I often don't know they're coming until they've already zoomed by. I'll have 2 more days to take some more pics, so we'll see if I have anything good to add here. Two memories that stand out from past Fleet Weeks: years ago I had a job in an athletic club, taking care of the jacuzzi water's chemical balance, & general repairs to the facility itself. It was a 2-story building up near Telegraph Hill, which put it right next to the area where the Angels would be doing their practice flying. At one point, I happened to be looking straight up above me as one of them flew by directly overhead, so low that I actually saw the pilot inside the canopy, looking down at me (probably looking at the ground whizzing by, maybe saw me for .00025 seconds). You could feel the roar of the jet engine in your gut, & it set off most of the car alarms in the parking garage next to the club! My favorite memory goes back to a time when the Angels would occasionally have a bit of fun by flying extra low over the city. I was coming back from the main public library, & suddenly, approaching from in front of me, roaring down the street over my head, came 2 of the jets. They were flying wing-to-wing, between the buildings on either side of the street, & below the street lamps overhead! Unfortunately, they also passed City Hall, & our Mayor at the time got their squadron commander on the phone, demanding that they maintain a decent altitude over "her" city, as she felt the low flying was unnecessarily risky (party poop, spoilsport, nyaaaaah). My only regret is that I didn't have a camera with me, though it wouldn't have done much good unless I just happened to be taking an overhead picture when they flew into it. As I said, those planes are fast!
  5. It's Fleet Week here in San Francisco, California again. Along with US naval ships, Sailors, Marines, etc coming to town, we are lucky enough to host the Navy's Blue Angels aerobatic flying team. The air show will be on this coming Saturday & Sunday, but weather permitting, the guys spend 3 days practicing over the city. Today was their 2nd day of practice, & I took my camera up to the roof of my building to see what I could get. They currently fly the F/A-18 Hornet, which looks like this: You would not believe the incredibly loud noise when they fly low, right over your head! Practicing a loop-the-loop over the water in the Golden Gate, North of my area Caught 'em going by overhead A closer look wwwWWWWWWHOOOOOOooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I got major lucky with this one Again, a closer look One last one
  6. I don't know about you, but there's always room in my life for more ribaldry... Must be the work of Satan
  7. Boris Vallejo's work is guaranteed to catch your eye on any magazine cover. Here's some more:
  8. Older than dirt here, I remember all that & more: Soda "machines" in the gas stations were really huge ice chests (usually a bright red one, with the Coca-Cola logo on it). For 10¢, which you put into the coin slot & turned a handle, you could open the lid on the chest, & there was all the soda, glass bottles floating in ice & water, from which you chose. Talk about the honor system, huh? And us kids never even thought of taking more than one bottle. Reading the "we didn't have green in my day" post reminded me of one of the stupidest of modern "conveniences", the electric can opener. I suppose it's a blessing for those with arthritis, for whom a manual, key-turn type opener could be agonizing, but anyone else with one should look no further when looking for ways to cut down on the electric bill. Haha, yes, using a manual lawn mower, & seeing how high you could get the grass to shoot with a hard push! Thanks for that one, sentinels, I'd forgotten it. The deposit on glass soda bottles was a great way for us kids to make some serious candy-buying change. We would roam the neighborhoods with a red coaster wagon (another memory in itself, huh?), looking for discarded soda bottles to take to the local supermarket, where we could turn them in for cash. Speaking of the local supermarket, ours had a comic book rack, an old rotary wire-frame one with many compartments, stuffed full of all the latest kids' comics: Woody Woodpecker, Uncle Scrooge, etc. The manager of the store left a couple of wooden soda crates next to the rack, for us to sit on when we visited to spend an hour or two reading the comics, something that never once got us chased out of the place. Imagine that happening today? BTW, the regular comics were only 10¢, with the larger "giant" special editions going for a hefty 25¢ Anybody remember the little wax soda bottles, full of brightly colored sugar water? They came in a little pack of 4 (I think), resembling the soda six pack of the time. You would bite off the top of the "bottle" & suck out the yummy food-dyed sugar water inside. One that just came back to me: paper sheets of "tattoos", various designs that you would wear after wetting your skin, & slapping on the tattoo of your choice for a minute or so, carefully peeling off the paper to reveal your new tat. Another candy store staple, the long sheets of paper with little dots of candy stuck on them, which you would suck off the paper, spitting out the piece of that paper that almost always came off with the candy dot. Again, the main ingredients were sugar & food dye.
  9. Thank you for starting it! I hadn't thought about Bettie in a while, not that I could ever forget her completely. A couple of good photo collections of Bettie online, one here, and on this site, the first 2 gallery sections feature pics of Bettie, ranging from disappointingly tiny to pretty good quality & size. Including one more of the Jungle series: Oh heck, a few more before I go to bed: Okay, for me, time to grab some Zzzzz's
  10. Bettie practically invented this glamour/pinup expression, & I've never seen another model who could make it work for her so well:
  11. Almost forgot this Jungle pic: And another... Don't mess with Bettie! Unless she's in the mood...
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