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  1. Mate in Oz said it was $20 or $30 a casual visit to their gym. Sadly outside my budget.
  2. Cool will have a look. Appreciated. Boys tell me they have a nice roof lounge as well so be keen to check that out as well.
  3. Any reasonable gyms close to str 130 that a casual visitor can pay to go to in the mornings?
  4. Welcome be very interested on your thoughts on what to do in Manila for a night. I am thinking of an AC trip later in the year and was going to do judt a night in Manila prior to flying out rather than gst a taxi in the early hours from AC. Did a night there about 18 months ago but had no idea and girls were asking huge money from the bars.
  5. Would like to go see those pics! Won't be back in time unfortunately.
  6. Lot of talk Cambodia is cheaper and better value all around including girls than Thailand. If that is the case why don't more tourists do a side trip to Cambodia from Thailand? Airfare is relatively cheap and flight from Bkk is only an hour.
  7. Great diversion. Huge fan of day trips although my preference is a nightly stay over.
  8. Thanks, don't know why but thought a few streets may do more.
  9. What happens in PP over song kran. Is there a bit of fun playing water and having a laugh?
  10. They can set the box up as an american box as well but mine seems to have everything anyway. I email them at worldwideexpattv@gmail.com
  11. Yeah has all those. Literally a thousand stations. I got a lot of aussie stations as well but has all the UK and American ones on it. Hardest thing for me is trying to work out what station international sports like tennis are on. One app I just looked has over a 100 English entertainment stations. They may not all work but they seem to in other apps if they don't. Found adult content last night as well
  12. Just bought an expat tv bix from footymadstreams (on Patt Addicts). I have their email if anyone is interested in contacting them. Box I got was the Hi Media Lite 8 Aussie Box with movies etc. It is just fantastic. Works great over my internet. Literally has so many stations on it I will be happily busy over the next month exploring them. I am currently watching aussie news and footy shows and movies. It is simply an incredible product and I recommend it 100%. It has made a huge positive difference to my expat lifestyle. Ordering process was simple and efficient as we
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