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  1. Disastrous month of August for businesses of Damrai Street (174) The month of August was awful for several bars on street 174; this week four bars were victim of the Phnom Penh small businesses over saturated market. 1) The Thirsty Elephant Bar 2) Generations Sports Bar 3) Q Bar 4) Unicorn Bar Surely the business failure isn't something you want to think about when you start a business. Here in Phnom Penh new small trades open at the breaking neck speed in recent years they also closes at even faster speeds. But based on my own seven months survey I can st
  2. Sexy and bright, somewhere I read that when she was detained at the Holloway prison she went for an IQ test and score over 140, I think it was in the Lord Denning report. cheers
  3. I just got the information that Miss. Christine Keeler pass away on Dec 04, 2017, from a chronic pulmonary disease and was aged 75. Now all the main players involved in that scandal are death. Christine, Mandy and Stephen must have a blast up there, God bless them. England was so exciting in the 60s, I'm missing those years.
  4. Add-on information for the Airport Shuttle: Effective on Oct 31st the price for the Airport Shuttle will be 2.50 USD for single ticket and 6.00 USD for family ticket, until then this service remains free of charge. I also attached the complete trains table ( pic 2, 3) Cheers
  5. No the new name is ‘’The Pub’’ and it looks pretty good (see pics) the inside set up is almost the same but a bit more cleaner and orderly. Valentino’s the chains and padlocks on doors, the rise and fall of the sissy empire in less than nine months. I got the confirmation from someone working in the new building (ref Old Flamingo’s Hotel) this apartment building is not open to the general public, this edifice belong to a Chinese group and it will be used for their personnel.
  6. There is no major change with the Airport Shuttle, you should be able to get your ride on the old equipment. The city is very quiet cause of the election people will be back on the job tomorrow, most of the business were closed for 3 days including most of the bars, the girls will be graving for cash good timing for you. cheers
  7. As off yesterday the Valentino's complex is now closed, the poster mentioned that it closed for renovations, why renovating a new building?
  8. Like the old sawing “ill gotten gains never prosper” these smooth-operators might look good for a while until the international jurisdiction catch them, and then the party is over cheers.
  9. Here a few updates for Driver License renewal As last April 2018, there is no need to go to the General Dept of Public & Transport for new or renewal of driver license, it can be done at the new Aeon Mall 2 in Sen Sok City on Street 1003, inside the mall on floor 2 there is a nice and modern office of the General Dept of Public & Transport. There is no modification of the procedure described by Peter Storm last Nov 2017, this new office have the equipment to takes photo on site if you don’t have any. The office is located just beside the Acleda Bank. Cheers
  10. First in 2016 the St 174 also identified Sabay Sabay with a large overhead gaudy banderol by the owner a prominent German businessman (sic) of the Valentino’s Hotel & Cabaret he paid $$$$ for that, now every expats living in PP knows what happened to him, the St 174 now renamed Damrai Street (meaning Elephant in Khmer) Since the owner was arrested and deported in Feb, 2018, this business is slowly fading off, look like the Swam song. (Pics 3a/3b) The unfilled land on the corner of Preah Monivong and St 174 will be the site of the new Tower of Sathapana Bank, a Japanese investment th
  11. Here the latest gossip, it looks like the new train carriages will be in by Sep 2018, meanwhile the old equipment will have to hold till the arrival of the new rolling stocks. Pic (a) is the last info published this morning Jul 18,2018 in the Khmer Times. cheers
  12. I pass by the train station two to three times a week so if anything serious happen I will let you know. cheers
  13. Well I do not know your arrival time but I hope it will be in the day time because there is no train shuttle after 19.00, because there is no 24 hrs service like it was advertised in the newspapers. cheers
  14. On June 29th I did a dry run on the Airport Train Shuttle linking the PNH Train Station to the Airport Terminal what follow is my version of the ride and the rail service. I took a hike to the old Train Station on Blvd Monivong that was inaugurated in 1932 with train service to Battambang most of the time the station was only used for goods transport mainly oil-tanks train. The station was closed to the public for several years until it was restored and formally reopened in Oct 2010. According to the media grist the now active rail line to the airport is position to run every 20 to 3
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