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  1. Common sense dictates that one should always be polite to anyone who has the power to Totally Fuck Up Your Entire Week . I can appreciate Peters story about the guy who ducked under the tape, but I can also see where the officer could take offence to it. Last trip into Bkk I filled out my immigration card and there is a place where they ask for the address of the place you will be staying while in country. In all my trips I have always just put in the name of the hotel and had never had any trouble in entering the country. So I put down Secrets Hotel. Well I got up to the window and there was this short, fat and might as well throw in ugly old lady customs officer. I hand over my papers and passport, she asked about address and I kind of shrug and say " don't know " thinking it was no big deal. So she comes storming out of her little cubical, grabs my hand and drags me over to the back of the line of the next customs officer and storms back to her little thrown and slams the little door. Well everyone is looking at me like did he do? To be honest, I was pretty taken back by this and a little embarrassed. Now did I yell " fuck you you little piece of shit fat ugly cow mother fucking bitch your grand daughters are all whores in Pattaya" and spit a big fat luggy on her window ? Nooo, I thought that a bit unwise! So I humbly stood in line until I finally got up to the next officer. He looked at the paperwork, my passport, at me, at Secrets hotel in the address space, smiled, and stamped my stuff. But you can bet there will always be an address in that little fucker from now on.
  2. Hahaha, for a week! Then you'd start to think She's just too damn cute!
  3. I'm still surprised that Peter hasn't gotten info on just where this new place is going. Not easy to hide the construction and renovation of a new hotel, bar. restaurant. Makes me wonder if the street location given out by Ben wasn't mis- information.
  4. I've always been a visual kind of guy, I love watching people. Especially women.
  5. There are times when I'm simply amazed at just how beautiful some of these gals can be.
  6. Great cars, I wonder if these are some of the crowd that Ben is trying to lure into Secrets.
  7. it's a sad day for all involved, especially the dead guy.
  8. Is that dodgy or doggy, as I have seen him on all fours before and it is not a pretty sight.
  9. Good to see you here Forest. Glade that you have ventured over to this neck of the woods
  10. Yes you did met up with them at the Rockhouse. And everyone did head to the Blues Factory. That was another looooong night.
  11. Once again, I apologize to Steve for Thread F##king his wonderful thread, And Pump, I must say that yabba or no yabba, you are a true gentleman and it was a pleasure finally meeting up with you and the wife. Mr. Mike, we have had years of talking back and forth on the forum and as fate would finally have it, we got to meet. It's not often I get to meet a true Legend. I can never say enough about Sa-teef, through his amazing photography, he opened my eyes to a city that I have grown to love. The shear number of photos he has posted in the ten years I have known of him is mind boggling. Because of Steve, I have become a better photographer. It's always a delight bumping into him on his streets. as I said before, because of these forums and the opportunities that they offer, I have had the great fortune to meet up with some of the greatest personalities that I have had the Misfortune to ever met. UKguy and Rocktaff are a real life Abbott and Costello. They have had me in stitches ever since I first met them and had become fast friends. Peter Storm was one of those Legends that I knew of waaaay before I met him. And as life would have it, one of the worlds nicest guys, Thank you Peter. I also had the great pleasure of meeting up with Bigstu and running amuck through the streets of Pattaya till the wee hours every single night, what fun. It's because of the people I have met that I keep coming back to Thailand and Cambodia. I read somewhere that " we take photos as a return ticket to moments that would otherwise be lost in time " These photos that are posted by all of you bring me great joy..... thank you all.
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