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  1. Fuck that bitch !! I'd be making arrangements and GONE to newer and better grounds.
  2. a viewing certainly brightened up my spirits at work at 0240 and i'm not even a boob man !!
  3. another way for business to strip away at the livelyhoods of nomal average citizens. they fluff casinos up as part of some big internationsal development etc, doing it in AUS in prime laocations, only the best will do for these bastards, and all it is is a skimming joint for bookies. I'm dead set against the way that gambling is being targetted at the younger kids even in AUS. My 20 year old son tells me of his mates that are doing their arses to the tune of thousands of $$ many weeks. It's sad to hear.
  4. it's just something that we don't see in western countries that much anymore. Young sexy girl enjoying life
  5. rent rent rent is always the safest way as you can move when it all turns to shit as it has in that instance
  6. aaaaaaaahhh well ain't love grand !! i think we all have our share of relationship Fails but some arses manage to take things to on OTT level. Take him out and whack him around with the cleaver. Then send him home to Pakistan to enjoy his aging years alone
  7. damn mate you are making me sound just sadly pedestrian with my AUS/ asian visit lifestyle !! There are so many things that i want to do ........but work n saving $$ jsut happens to get in the way sadly. Keep up the good work and make sure to take care of yourself. Lets see great results in those tests of yours ok
  8. thx for all the info guys. It will be considered in the upcoming planning i can assure you
  9. Hell i will be close to those dates PS as that is about my regular time in Patts. Will let you know in coming months as i would enjoy to also get up to Tarl Territory for a look around at his rural digs.
  10. cruel cruel cos UK is such a mild mannered character !!
  11. busy in what way ? preparing for festive times there? So you will be skyping with the family over xmas ?
  12. Give you a few more things to do Tarl !! Being here beats twiddling your thiumbs in Nth Thai i think ? I'm sitting at the damn office but thankfully i can access into here for some lighthearted fun
  13. damn i see that there is some riffraff here already!! hehehehe. good to see familar faces and names
  14. yes a pleasure to join and hopefully add to the fun and frivolity that is here to be had !! Got my virgin post out of the way with the fighting thai girls so that is off my chest now. Thx muchly for the invitation PS
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