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  1. It's been a couple of years , but around 800 Baht , trip about 40 mins
  2. Make sure your hotel is guest friendly , send them an email to confirm RMar and Summerbreeze get recommended avoid any Gogos that touts are trying to get you into , in fact I'd avoid the GoGos completely, not a patch on Pattaya Loads and loads of beer bars in Bangla Road and up by Bar Funk 3 , top end of Bangla they are some great girls doing shows on some very large poles ... i haven't been been for a few years, but I always had fun there , loads to see and do during the daytime , some great beaches to relax on
  3. 1990 for me , was idyllic... went back in 93 but Phi Phi was already getting overbuilt , so never returned - after the Tsunami they had the opportunity to start again , but looks even worse now
  4. Read this also , anyone know which restaurant spat the dummy ?
  5. Must admit I leave my expensive watch at home and only wear a swatch when on holiday
  6. Maybe , but he said if you want sex tourism go to Thailand ..... probably not welcome news story for the Thai authorities
  7. I like NATO straps and being able to change them for another easily
  8. Next tine you fly back to the UK , what about a stopover in Dubai , almost every brand will be available and I believe they are duty free ( I've never been myself )
  9. Very nice , you won't lose any money on that , I recently sold on my Rolex Sea Dweller for more than double what I paid for it 10 years ago
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