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  1. Any of you guys booked there soon, get ready to rebook. It’s currently on fire. Since about 9 am local time. I can see the smoke from my bedroom in BGC.
  2. This week the Philippines are hosting the ASEAN Summit, and as it is with all such Summits, they are too dumb to do so without bringing the whole town do a halt. ASEAN related meetings will be between April 26th and April 29th. Some limitations this week as of now: 1. Friday is declared a public holiday in entire Metro Manila 2. Flight cancellations during the time can be found here: http://www.rappler.com/nation/167501-cancelled-flights-asean-april-2017 3. Some Traffic re-routing: http://www.portcalls.com/ph-metro-roads-undergo-rerouting-due-asean-summit/ Aside form
  3. Also good to check if the one you are thinking to chose offers direct settlements with Hospitals, not all do, or some do have some limitations. Ideally, a good one should offer direct settlement without you being required to shell out a load of money first and claim it back later.
  4. Been very satisfied with Bluecross for many years now, almost 17, 10 in Thailand and 7 here (BUPA Bluecross in Thailand before) for my family and myself, even thouhh i am also covered by my employers HMO (previously Maxicare, now Intellicare). Can not stress it out enough, get a decent and good health coverage, a serious accident or health problem can ruin you financially faster then you think.
  5. I have been living in Metro Manila for 7 years, it would never cross my mind to buy, having seen the shitty quality of construction (even the so called high end condos) and the poor property management of almost all developments. There are a few exceptions here and there, but overall, i would never buy something, and calling a shitty bird cage in an SMDC Condo an "investment" should be made a criminal offense punishable by 15 years in New Bilibid.
  6. I am from Europe, been living and working in the IT Industry for global players in Metro Manila since 2010. Before that, spent even longer in Bangkok. Just found this forum today.
  7. After 7 years living and working here, I have seen my share of stupid foreigners, but, nothing compares to the average stupidity of filipinos. And almost all of them think of themselves as very smart so they will always try to screw you over, no matter how many times they have been taught a lesson.
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