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  1. Never say Never We and I can get you so pissed might go home with a bloke lol GAME on..... If Dream lover wins lotto
  2. i Wished had some Bit coins when was worth a few cents and sold them now for $2000 lol So wish had 10 000 of them FUCK
  3. 1990 it was 26 baht to a Aus $ So 25 now kinda done well compared to others
  4. My Brithday is Thursday 49 my life is over so old BUt when i Win Lotto that night Me and you will go Be like this RHino Flys to Grey Ray(BrisVegas) Then flys to Singapore with Grey Ray 3 days there then Taxi to Indonesia and Batan for 4 days fuck like Rattle snakes, then Back to Singapor for 1 night. Then Fly to Manila Taxi To Angeles Yes Grey Ray Snores all the way.. stay 10 days Wild Orchid so Grey Ray can recroupriate- then Head to LOS LOS Taxi to Pattaya Yes Grey Ray sleeps all the way(not un usual) Check into The HIlton 1 month stay
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