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  1. PS, you're the gaffer mate,iam happy either way regards grayray
  2. footix, I was last in AC way back in 94 and it had gone downhill from first visit in 84,been there maybe 25+ times from 3 nights to 20 nights,now it sounds like alls well stay the same,just up the prices. thanks for your TR hope to read more regards grayray
  3. should that read, been hard for last ten days?you have a new girl in? regards grayray
  4. Sa-teef thanks for that video,it shows why I still love white women,some very healthy ladies on show. regards grayray
  5. J. I would join up,but don't have a clue what the fuck iam doing regards grayray
  6. Barsie, you must be guffed to pull that off,great looking room,where is the place in Cambodia? regards grayray
  7. J, with all the fucking you do why!exercise?fucking should be enough for one day regards grayray
  8. J. you could go and check on the mongering sites in Nth Korea shit! I've gotta give the rum away, 50th coming up shit I have got pimples older than that in case I forget, the date happy early birthday mate regards grayray
  9. Mike,& aadmin I fucked up---again it is still there on secrets board,shit I gotta give the Rum away ]regards grayray
  10. has the Secrets censor struck here,where is the rest off this thread? regards grayray
  11. Mike, while I enjoyed the Beatles I was more Rolling Stones and The Animals,some Status Quo and Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky ,Mick and Tich "oh! those where the days my friend" regards grayray
  12. code, it is not secrets,mate some good blokes here, they must be, they let me play here regards grayray
  13. barsie, I only notice them on the way home,going to Asia,iam too happy to be getting away from home, regards grayray
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