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Everything posted by grayray

  1. PS, you're the gaffer mate,iam happy either way regards grayray
  2. footix, I was last in AC way back in 94 and it had gone downhill from first visit in 84,been there maybe 25+ times from 3 nights to 20 nights,now it sounds like alls well stay the same,just up the prices. thanks for your TR hope to read more regards grayray
  3. should that read, been hard for last ten days?you have a new girl in? regards grayray
  4. Sa-teef thanks for that video,it shows why I still love white women,some very healthy ladies on show. regards grayray
  5. J. I would join up,but don't have a clue what the fuck iam doing regards grayray
  6. Barsie, you must be guffed to pull that off,great looking room,where is the place in Cambodia? regards grayray
  7. J, with all the fucking you do why!exercise?fucking should be enough for one day regards grayray
  8. J. you could go and check on the mongering sites in Nth Korea shit! I've gotta give the rum away, 50th coming up shit I have got pimples older than that in case I forget, the date happy early birthday mate regards grayray
  9. Mike,& aadmin I fucked up---again it is still there on secrets board,shit I gotta give the Rum away ]regards grayray
  10. has the Secrets censor struck here,where is the rest off this thread? regards grayray
  11. Mike, while I enjoyed the Beatles I was more Rolling Stones and The Animals,some Status Quo and Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky ,Mick and Tich "oh! those where the days my friend" regards grayray
  12. code, it is not secrets,mate some good blokes here, they must be, they let me play here regards grayray
  13. barsie, I only notice them on the way home,going to Asia,iam too happy to be getting away from home, regards grayray
  14. MrC,don't leave the front light on you could end up with the oldie but goodie "saw the light on thought we would just drop in to say hullo" 3 week later you finally get rid of them. lovely home mate regards grayray
  15. Sa-teef, I wish I could take good photos,i enjoy your ability to get great pics,love looking at those old B/W photos from the early 1900s and 1920/30s landscapes that was in Magazines we had a school in the 1950s,funny how they allowed naked black/brown women pics,but white ones was deemed porno regards grayray
  16. MrC, being rude and offensive is offering 50Peso "tip" when it should be 100P regards grayray
  17. PSm truth be known,i liked to stand to the cops,fuck them they are not gods,just in some cases, cunts in uniform,fuck em now iam too bloody old, shit I can't tie me bloody shoelaces up. regards grayray
  18. Peter S, I have never stood bye when I see some adult belting a kid, uniform or not,more than once in my younger days I took the filth on,got a few slaps but had a rep in my home town of never backing down,much to my pain regards grayray
  19. peter storm, I've posted somewhere before I was walking down Taft Ave in Manila back in 84,this young kid tried to pick my pocket,i held his hand and just wagged my finger at him laughing,the kid was laughing also,next minute this copper come out of no were and dragged the kid up the alley and started to bash him hard,i went in and stopped the copper and he pulled his pistol on me,fucking prick. I backed off quick,my brother just told me we saw the kid a couple days later and he was laughing and just gave us the L sign with his finger and thumb,which was the oppersition Laban party against Marcos peoples sign. funny place Asia regards grayray
  20. Barsie, years ago he OZ there was a story in the papers that aprox 67% of the money raised for charity went in costs. regards grayray
  21. Mike "smoothie"as in smooth talker,to get the ladies to pose,or from the old Gillette razor ad on Australian tv back in the 70s "smooth suave and sophisticate" all those legs would look better if they was thrown over my shoulders and the ankles locked around my neck regards grayray
  22. M. you really are a old smoothie.lucky bastard,i ask the good sorts to have a pic with em. and I get can't write in thai but sounds it could be "fuck off ya old perv" its worse when iam holding a 500Bt note in my hand.think it could be because iam a cheap Charlie or they think, I think they are workers bit of aussie humour regards grayray
  23. PS thanks mate,he has a heap of vids on youtube about food all over asia/middle east.he has a massive following I enjoy his blogs regards grayray
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