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  1. Just a few more to get you ready.......I love Phuket and Patong. Always had a great time with the girls here and all were more then fun.So much more to do here on the Island during the day time. I went to the Bruno Mars concert here in Bangkok Tuesday evening right? There were a set of Identical Thai Triplets in the concourse area from Phuket they were telling their admiring male fanclub LOL! Stunners to say the least. If you see them in Patong, please let me know what club they are at. I will be there in June on Karon Beach area with wifey and my Daughter.........but just cause
  2. Spot on Barsie, I always liked Patong/Bangla and had a blast every time. Despite what others say on the "other" forum.
  3. Exactly, I was there Jan 2016, the fare and the time is spot on. You are going to like the girls there......oh the beach is nice too LOL! Do not miss Tai Pan nightclub, freelancers all over there. Have fun.
  4. Yeah, they all do it. Then the oil on top of it. You gotta do what you got to do right?
  5. Songkran last Friday at Silom Rd. was fun, wifey went shopping, I went here with a buddy. Silom Rd. was closed down in both directions to let all have some fun. Spiderman was there, and a few others. Some people hate this, I just go with the flow. No one was aggressive or acting foolish, BKK Police were all over making sure no one was acting foolish. The gal down Patpong dancing on the chair was enjoying the festivities, telling everyone she will stop at 4:00pm, but will be back at 9:00pm at Thigh Bar inside. The Japanese guys were digging her LOL! Second trip she stepped it up a bi
  6. Some recent pics from a Bodybuilding Show here. A friend of mine at the gym is a Master Trainer, he competes, has won a few competitions, he is #190, but did not finish in the top 10 here. The girls were all quite fit too, l always thought they spray the bronze on you, she was getting hers put on by hand. A job I could do well. She was very cool too. Couple of the guys I spoke to told me they are not even close to being top 10, they suggested I could work out with them at their gym. I have alot of work to do LOL!
  7. Some nice pictures here, would love to have an opportunity to visit some of these places....always wanted to do an African Safari. The Maasi Mara would bring some good photographic opportunities.
  8. Barsie is right, stayed here many times. Tiger Hotel has great rooms and is close to all the action on Bangla.....many choices and the girls are nice in that area too. A ton of things going on all around the Island all the time. Love Phuket. Will post some more pics when I have some time.
  9. Ok, so a buddy and I went to the Car show at Impact last Thursday. The Cars.....Well if you have "Funny Money" I would suggest the Purple Rolls Royce for an asking price of 100 Million Baht. The guy told us it is the only one in all of Thailand for sale. Oh Ok.....if you are a "Cheap Charlie" like me, then perhaps the Carbon Fiber, Black on Black BMW might be a better bet at a paltry 12 Million Baht asking price. I personally liked the BMW 430I Convertible, the color for me was outstanding. The Girls....As always some real attractive gals working this show. Check out the Honda
  10. Isn't this the way it always works, people are killed, the driver survives? Back home 5 years ago, DUI driver with of course 2 previous convictions, no valid DL, was driving drunk and ran a red light and killed a family of 4. Of course, he had minor injuries. Of course the local "Liberals" on Social Media were quick to point out, "Oh he has a very severe alcohol problem and we should as a Society try to help people like this" No mention of the family of course.........
  11. Nice pics buddy, most of the guys seem to hate Songkran ( on the other forum) I personally have only been to 2 myself, a few hours of fun I can handle. There will be plenty of time later in life to be old, grumpy and miserable about this the way I see it.The kids in the neighborhood are already asking me to come down a few houses to play. Soi Cowboy and Nana are checked off the list, looks like Silom/Patpong will be this years gig. Of course hopefully this week at Impact, these girls will be there with water too! LOL!
  12. Yeah, there are always nice looking girls at all of these events for sure. The car show is coming up March 28th, I cannot wait. Yeah I was surprised too at the technology of "high tech" printing methods these days, but I have to say the smell of " Chemicals" was very hard to take after a while inside there.
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