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  1. I would'nt live in any city let alone a capitol city for exactly the pollution reasons you state.
  2. Welcome aboard G, i trust you're enjoying life to the full, hope to bump into you again in the not too distant future.
  3. Over exploitation pure and simple, the only thing that ever matters in Thailand is "Money No 1", i fear it will be "too little too late"
  4. Looks very nice Barsie, great result mate, ya can't beat a private pool imo
  5. We bought two plots mate, one for the house and one for the garden. Ya know the Thai way when buying property is to buy a plot just big enough for the house as they traditionally don't appear to want a garden (think maintenance) lol. All our neighbours bar one only have the one plot just for the house and he WAS a farang now long gone, met him once, he's now working in China as a GM for a multinational company, shacked up with a young Korean girl there and if you knew/saw his Thai wifey you'd understand why, she's a fxxking monster lol.
  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh you are alright mate lol, i was confused as the staircase comment i presume was in reference to Yessongs post and the rest was in relation to my post. In answer to my part of your post the outbuilding is our "white elephant" lol, it has a storeroom which you can't see as the door is round the side, a toilet and a small kitchen. We do use the general area when we have a party/BBQ as we lay up the food tables on it. The chairs and table out the front is for us to sit and eat when we're on our own, its a great place to sit and drink/eat/smoke in the evenings.
  7. Got the trash can in Makro lol and we use it to collect the plastic bottles for recycling. I already said to wifey i ain't going anywhere, how about you (her) ? needless to say she expressed her love for me in true Thai style, with a sniff kiss lol The painting team have already picked up new work from a couple of our Thai neighbours, good for them.
  8. Here ya go guys, wifey and i are both very pleased with the completed job, now the next job is the sandwash and i really don't know what is best to do. One thing for certain is i ain't gonna put glazed tiles down lol. Had the gardening team in as well, 2K per month and they always do a great job.
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