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  1. Hi Jay,

    I inadvertently created an identical topic
    Can you delete one.

    See you Sunday if you are about.


  2. I'll be arriving Sunday arvo. Will most likely head down St 136 some time in the evening. Maybe check out the dodgy manager that works along that street ha-ha. Happy to share a beer or two if anyone else is about.
  3. I'll be in PP on Sunday 9th Dec for about a week before heading down to Kampot. Anyone up for a beer or two before I harass Mr Storm at several locales.
  4. Here is a photo (panoramic) of the carriage I was in when I went down to Kampot last January. ... and the interminable wait at Takeo for the back-up engine.
  5. I get into PP around 1pm so I might check it out. I've only got carry-on as well so a train isn't a hassle.
  6. Great shots capturing the vibe of Patts...as usual Steve. I'll be getting some dental work in PP before heading over to Patts around the 9th/10th Aug. Maybe catch up for another refreshment on Buakhao.
  7. Thanks for the rundown Saloth Sar. I'm lobbing in on the 1st Aug and a train ride rather than a taxi into PP would be more relaxing. it sounds like the same engine that took me from PP to Kampot back in January this year. It broke down half-way at Takeo and we had to wait a couple of hours for the bigger engine to arrive and hook-up and take us to Kampot while it continued on to Snooky.
  8. It will probably take 30 minutes to get from the Riverside to the PP train station with everyone heading there to catch the Airport train
  9. Fuck. Dogs must live a real long time in Thailand if he expects it to be alive if/when he gets out.
  10. Typical. Now that I am finally about to board the big bird today the $AUD drops below ฿25 I will try and find some distraction to take my mind off this outrage.
  11. I'd like an inactive post on full pay! I imagine their extra-curricular income will be reduced to zero.
  12. Hi Cambo BMs, I will be arriving in Phnom Penh around the 10th Dec. I will also be venturing down to Kampot, Kep and Snooky for a few days before returning to PP then leaving a few days after the 25th. Are there any Christmas related events occurring that would be worth attending? Should I be aware of any close-downs during the festive season? Does Santa get passed visa control?
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