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  1. There seems to be a problem with the security certificate.
  2. A few shots of the new Wat going up on the Wat Samakkhi Pracharam grounds located on the NE end of Huai Chak Nok lake. Shots of the existing buildings on the Wat grounds. And Huai Chak Nok has more water in it than I've seen in the last four or five years.
  3. This fire could have been one of them, but it was fortunate it was an open air beer bar with plenty of escape routes. Pattaya also dodged a bullet when the transformer blew in front of Blue Sky Rock last year. That fire engulfed the entire front entrance of Blue Sky, but fortunately no one was injured or killed as it happened at 8 am. One place that deserves mention and kudos for being proactive about fire escapes is SweetHearts Agogo. They posted on PA they cut into the rear wall and installed a fire exit last year.
  4. Here's the local news article on the fire. Massive fire on Walking Street destroys bars and sends tourists screaming in panic A massive fire ripped through bars on Walking Street last night sending tourists and Thais running screaming into the road. Hundreds of people had been drinking in plaza around Ann Ann bar when there was a ”large explosion” just after 10pm. Flames engulfed dozens of bars – sending girls in high heels screaming into the street as tourists fled in panic. One woman was heard saying ”oh my god, what’s happening” as sparks flew into the street and fl
  5. Officer punished for accepting Premchai cruelty case Wildlife officials measure the pelt of the rare Indochinese black leopard found near the illegal camp of construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta after his arrest in the World Heritage Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi province on Feb 4. (Photo by Piyarach Chongcharoen) A police captain in Kanchanaburi province has been put on probation for accepting a complaint of cruelty to animals, later withdrawn, against construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta, who is accused of illegally hunting endangered animals in a
  6. Tell the wife if you can't use a different sealant you'll have one of these installed.
  7. Laughed out loud when I read that. How they can spout nonsense like that with a straight face is beyond me.
  8. Nice digs. Do you find the decorative tile squares in the driveway and walkway get very slippery when wet? I've got them at my place and I've cursed them many a time when I lose my footing on them. Thinking of rolling glue on them and throwing sand on top to make them a bit safer.
  9. No matter what country you visit or live in, you're always going to encounter the petty and vindictive personality type that, given a badge, they're going to use it to bully others.
  10. Just had a look at that one. Blue text on a white background. Prefer the higher contrast of black on a white background. Since using Chrome's High Contrast extension (increase contrast setting) even the default IP theme seems kind of bland. Downside to High Contrast is it effects the clarity of some of the photos, but disabling it is easy enough in those cases. I also use EyePro software, a blue light filter to further reduce eyestrain. Sought that out when I bought a new monitor a few years back that came with the option built in. Found it very effective when working on computer code. In
  11. Working now. I, and my tired old eyes thank you.
  12. I think something got lost in the translation of my previous post. "Theme" with the little triangle isn't available, at least for me on this board. The first screen shot I provided was an example from Secrets' forum to demonstrate that I knew at least what I s/b looking for. The second screen shot, included below, is what I'm seeing in the same location on this board. No "Theme" with the triangle icon which I expect s/b to the left of the Contact Us link. BTW, I'm using Chrome on a laptop. And I've tried a forced refresh of the page to make sure I wasn't using a cached copy of the pa
  13. Sorry, but I'm not seeing the option to select a Theme. Using Secrets as an example there's a drop down Theme list available. Here I don't see that drop down list, only this
  14. Corruption is a tough nut to crack when the majority of the population believes they somehow benefit from corruption. That from a survey conducted in Thailand several years back.
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