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  1. Always nice to get up to date info on a place, thanks for taking the time to do a TR
  2. I nearly got caught with a fair lump of Philippine notes last year, but fortunately the banks extended the time period an extra month so I managed to exchange them for new.
  3. I hope the old notes stay valid for a fair while as I have a good few and don't plan a trip in the near future! I guess I could always cash them in at my local bank if it came down to it.
  4. Click into the search box top rightish, change the selection from ''this topic'' to ''members'' then click search. That will bring up all of the current members.
  5. Welcome Forest, good to see you over here. Yes , Peter has done a great job setting this up and all the guys are friendly too!
  6. Me too, I particularly like the smaller ones in the skimpy denim shorts!
  7. No wonder there are so many bike accidents at junctions. A special skill to ride with closed eyes me thinks!
  8. Welcome, this sounds interesting, it would be nice to hear a little more about your blog when you get time.
  9. Hi Pauly, hope you and Stax had a great trip last month.
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