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  1. Wish I knew the £ would not be worth 73 as on my first trip but 43 now ......... could have mad a fortune on the money markets ......
  2. I think I'm having a great day. West Ham score a winner in the 90th minute and we are given new emoticons by Mr Storm .....life can be good sometimes.
  3. Nice one for the upgrade. Loving all the new Emoticons .... Safe travels and that dog in your Avatar looks thirsty, got its tongue hanging out wanting to lick something ....
  4. Hi ya old Aussie dingo catcher. Fancy seeing you over here This must be where all the action is. No TPC is what is known in the trade and in technical IT speak as: Fucked ... some server crap or somebody not paying the electricity bill. How's it hanging Down Under mate ??
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