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  1. I have still got a few more days here but having been in Barretto for nearly 2 weeks I can give my impressions as to what’s changed from my previous visits. The National Highway It’s way busier than a few years ago and really difficult to cross at certain times of the day. You really need your wits about you even when just walking alongside the road. Motorcyclists and trikes regularly cut inside and use the shoulder if there are queues and often travelling against the traffic. I am amazed there are not regular serious accidents (maybe we just don’t hear about them if foreigners are not involved). Baloy Beach Road I have never seen it as busy. A few years ago there was little traffic apart from the trikes and the occasional tourist van. Now there are loads of cars (often big 4x4s), many vans, even the occasional jeepney and full size bus. One Saturday when I had lunch at Treasure Island the beach was packed and almost all Filipino tourists. Some of the resorts aimed more at the local market really seem to be upping their game, are less ramshackle than they used to be and seem very busy. Food I was trying to have a fairly healthy diet this visit so limited my outings to Sitt-n-Bull but when I did it was still huge good value fare, although I did have one fairly ropey Chicken Enchilada. I had a thai meal from Khao San which was large and good value although not really spicy enough for my taste. Probably the best pizza I has was from Mangos – nice crispy thin job. I also had a couple from Dryden’s which are still great value and can feed half the girls in one of the Maze bars. Tried one lunch at Playa Papagayo which was nothing to write home about but OK. Other than that my usual haunt was Angel’s Bakery for a sandwich, coffee, and sometimes a cake – it was quite difficult to find anywhere else for just a small meal/snack. They do have a bit of an issue there with beggars though (two women with babies who seem to split their time between there and Ricos). The Bars I do understand why some are pretty negative about the bars, particularly as they are not the bargain they were a couple of years ago with a pretty much across the board take out fee of 1,500. However, there are still plenty of good looking women about and as someone who enjoys a ‘girl next door’ type I had no shortage of options. The Maze bars are pretty much the same as they have always been. Loads of waitresses, many who have been around for years. Although a few are pushy for drinks, most will leave you alone if that’s what you want but are happy to have a bit of fun too. The line ups seem to change from night to night and with 5 bars to choose from it’s difficult to spend a few hours in there without enjoying yourself. I spent way too much money on lady drinks, in Rum Jungle and Rapscallion in particular, but had a great time. I can understand the negativity towards some of the smaller bars. They often only have a line up of 10-15 dancers. If a few are already at tables with customers sometimes there can be none on stage and it is not unusual to walk straight out. However, if your timing is good, you might be the only customer, and if in the right mood can have lot of fun. The girls really appreciate the drinks and later in the evening can be particularly frisky! It’s worth thinking the next time you walk into a bar with no dancers but a few groups of girls getting cosy with customers that it could have been you in their place with better luck/timing. That really is often what it’s down to as well as your mood. Honourable mentions in this section to Rolling Stone, Landlocked and Crazy Horse. I am not sure why but this visit it didn’t really happen for me in the mid-sized bars such as Winking Pussy Cat, Coco Lips (the only place I walked out of due the ridiculously loud music), The Office and Alaska. Probably just bad timing. Anyway, a mixed bag for sure but I had a blast. Spent way too much money but had some memorable nights and met a lot of great women. A couple more days before I head back to Angeles. I’ll be back again for sure.
  2. I have been to a few SOBs over the years and enjoyed the one at Lollipop. The home team won with a great number. There was one short, chubby, and busty dancer from Lollipop who had a great personality and attitude, and a smile as big as Manila Bay which lit up their performance! After SOB and the Aftermath hit Rapscallion again and this time only took the one dancer. She told me she had to leave around 6.30am so I set an alarm for 6. I tried to wake her but she just rolled over and refused to get up. She finally departed around 11.30 lol. Sunday was another quiet day and spent some time in the new sports bar near Mangos. Spent a pleasant couple of hours watching the Grand Prix. I really liked the bar and there were some cute waitresses for sure. I think on an earlier thread it was stated that the bar closes at 7pm. Not so any more – place stays open to 12 midnight. One of the bonuses from SOB was I won a free night at Kokomo’s Resort and decided to use it for the Monday as the pool party was taking place at Treasure Island. It proved ideal as a spot to leave my stuff and have a post pool party tryst! Another enjoyable event. It took a while to warm up but once a few sherbets had been consumed became a lot of fun! I am not planning on a detailed day by day report (Thank f*ck for that I am sure one or two of you might say) but should mention the two days and nights which I booked for my friend and her kids from Angeles. The family suite at Treasure Island is great for a family and it saves so much hassle being able to charge food and drinks to the room. Most of the food we had was pretty decent although not all the Filipino food met with their approval. It’s great for the kids to enjoy the seaside and also the pool. They live in a reasonable place by Filipino standards in Angeles but it’s still noisy, dirty and polluted and a couple of days away is a great break for them. I suspended my other activities whilst they were in town although I still slept at The Pub and met up with them each morning.
  3. I was getting quoted 2,500P most of the time although most would accept 2k. Some of the top girls are supposedly asking 3k or more but I never came across that anywhere. A tip is not usually expected although I did give some extra occasionally for good service.
  4. This is a continuation of the trip report I did for Angeles City. Subic Bay (Barrio Barretto) Took a Southern Cross Express to Subic on Tuesday morning. Only a few punters so they used the van. Usual speedy and efficient trip. I know it’s a bit pricy at 500P but it’s way less hassle than trike/bus/UV Van/Jeepney/Trike options especially with luggage. Arrived at The Pub by 10.30 or so. As expected the room was not available yet but checked in and left my luggage. The Pub has become my go to place in BB these days – I really like their Superior Room and get a good price on Agoda particularly if booked a couple of weeks in advance. Unfortunately, they do seem to have acquired a new neighbour complete with rooster which is a bit of a bummer! I am staying for 2 weeks so decline to pay a 500P deposit for the minibar and ask for it to be cleared. I take a walk up and down the highway to reacquaint myself with the area and spot the changes, then make enquiries about 2 week rates at the gyms in Del Pilar Street. I later decide to join the Man and Machine Gym at the Belle Monte Hotel for 300P. After that I head down to Treasure Island for some lunch. Receive a text from The Pub that my room is ready. I pay for my lunch and then book a family suite for my ‘friend’ from Angeles, her two kids and one of her friends and a daughter. I like to treat her and her kids to couple of days by the seaside when I am visiting Subic and Treasure Island is ideal with a big family suite and supervised swimming pool and the booking is not until about 10 days time (I have 2 weeks in Subic). Back to The Pub to sort out my stuff and relax before hitting the bars in the evening. Tuesday night did a jaunt around a few bars, including Club 50:50, Coco Lips (where another old flame holds court these days and spent some time playing pool with her), Crazy Horse (a small friendly bar with some nice girls – bought a few lady drinks there), and drink pressure central aka Voodoo Bar (always seems to be the worst drinks pressure in BB), and Hot Zone, before hitting the bars in The Maze. After a quick drink in Lollipop and Wetspot went into Rum Jungle. I have known one of the waitresses in there for years and I always like to catch up with her. She usually has loads of up to date info on previous waitresses and dancers I met on previous trips. It turns out two previous acquaintances manage a couple of the smaller bars in town now. I wasn’t sure I was going to have company for the night but went into Rolling Stone on my way back to the hotel, pretty much on impulse and was immediately molested by one of the better looking girls in the bar. Ended up taking her back. She was fine in the sack but almost as soon as I was done she was in the shower, dressed and eager to leave. No tip for sure. I remember quite enjoying Landlocked as a place for a sundowner on a previous trip so went up for a quiet drink late afternoon on Wednesday. I stayed outside despite the efforts of a couple of waitresses to drag me inside. Then decided to head for one of the other bars that open early, the infamous T-Rose. I have had some fun in there before and this was no different. Yes they are mostly MILFs and won’t win many beauty contests but I have always found a couple of decent enough women in there. They are usually keen to tickle your fancy for the price of a couple of lady drinks. It was a bit early for me so resisted the temptation for a double header. Headed back to my hotel for a couple of hours before hitting a few bars I had not visited on Tuesday – started with The Office, Winking Pussycat, and Alaska. All ok but not enough to tempt me for more than one beer. Back to Rum Jungle for a while before checking out the Man Cave and Rapscallion. I was pleasantly surprised by Rapscallion. I always liked that bar when it was Rum Jungle and the décor in there is a good change from the other bars. The line up in there was impressive too even on a Wednesday night. I ended up with two of the dancers buying drinks for some time. After a while they wanted to go next door to Wet Spot which we did and they ended up joining the dancers on stage in there. By this stage all 3 of us were getting a bit drunk and it was late. Decided to barfine both and of course they needed food. Went back to the room, gave them some pesos to buy some chicken and settled in for the night. Had a fun night when they arrived back and one in particular took my fancy – definitely lined up for a repeat. After spending way too much on Tuesday and Wednesday, had a lazy day on Thursday and stayed off the beer in anticipation of drinking too much again at Friday’s SOB.
  5. A few thoughts on the current AC Walking Street - my god after all the money spent on this street how has it ended up in this state? Walking down there is like getting through an obstacle course. How many twisted ankles, cut legs, stubbed toes etc have been caused due the terrible surface? Chuck in some heavy downpours as occurred last week and it really is appalling. Beggars/vendors – possibly slightly fewer than on my previous visits. Certainly there seemed like less ladyboys hanging around Phillies and the massage girls have moved from the corner outside Kokomos to down by Bunny Burger. Food was the usual fare. Kokomos average but really paying for the location – service as poor as ever. Margarita Station average too but a bit better value than Kokomos. The place outside Grand Central – pleasant set up and decent food, good though expensive coffee, although service pretty patchy. I actually enjoyed sitting at the Gyros/pizza place outside Centauro and the staff are friendly. As noted above I had a good meal at Tequila Reef. As for the bars I must have visited around 15/20 different bars over the 5 nights I was in AC. I can’t remember all of them but they included: After Dark, Night Moves, Candy Bar, Monsoon, The Bunker, Club XS, Vikings (now Baikings!!! Wtf), Genesis, DollHouse, Brown Sugar, Centauro, Lollipop, La Bamba and probably a couple of others I have forgotten. I surprised myself and really enjoyed Club XS – there was one of the ‘models’ there who was just my type and I would have pursued straight away if I was barfining and happy to stump up the no doubt ludicrous barfine. There were plenty of other great looking girls there too including the ‘ordinary’ dancers. This place reminded me of Atlantis a few years ago when they had a huge number of great looking girls (and stage fillers too). However, there is little of the DHG bullshit – both times I visited a had a few beers but beyond a couple of polite enquiries as to whether I wanted a girl I was left alone – no annoying massage attempts, tequila girls bs, sushi sales or whatever else DHG try on. Yes loads of point and shoot Koreans there but waitresses were friendly and efficient and plenty of girls on stage looking my way. As I said earlier there were a few lookers in virtually all the bars I visited and other decent line ups included Night Moves, After Dark and Genesis. Worst line ups I saw were Monsoon (on the first night – I visited again another evening and it was better) and the Bunker which was truly awful apart from a couple of tequila girls. I did take a look in Shipwrecked but one stage was empty and all the seats were taken in front of the other one - 'no I don't want to sit looking at an empty stage, thank you very much'! Most bars had at least a few punters although very few were particularly full. For all its faults AC is still a fun place to visit. Yes it certainly had a major decline several years ago, sadly at the same time as prices rose pretty dramatically. However, I would say things have stabilised and it was little better or worse than my previous few visits. I know my lack of barfining there may make my experience a little different to many other short-term visitors but that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.
  6. I got some good info on here regarding my trip to Cambodia a short while ago so time to give something back . This was also posted on a PI board so if you read those too it may seem familiar! I have had a long time ‘friend’ in Angeles – ex bargirl now 34 years old but currently working at a call centre on Clark. She would like us to be more serious but I am not keen and still enjoy my trips to the Philippines and elsewhere for some good times with plenty of other women (those that met me in PP will know this . The one thing I have told her is that I won’t take girls from the bars in AC as it’s her home town and she still knows plenty of people in the bars there, including numerous cousins and a couple of sisters. I usually split my time visiting the bars alone and also several times with her but I am not looking to barfine so my perspective is probably a bit different to others. These days when I visit the Philippines I spend more time in Subic, sometimes a few days in Manila or take trips out to various provinces. I usually only visit AC for a couple of days but this trip I was there for 5 nights. I stayed at the Boomerang Hotel which is a good budget option and a decent 20-minute walk to Walking Street (I am happy walking as it’s a good way to stay fit and gets rid of the beer calories!). Anyway, I was surprised how quiet the streets were on my first night (Thursday) even at 10pm. However, I visited a few bars and there were reasonable numbers of customers inside. I wouldn’t say there were loads of great looking girls but there were enough I would have been happy to take if I was planning to barfine. After rather a few too many beers I thought I would just check out High Society as I had never been before. Discos/Night Clubs are not really my thing but I have been to a few in Bangkok and Pattaya before so know the score. Hi So was pretty busy with plenty of obviously available freelancers. I wasn’t planning on taking anyone but got chatting to a good looking girl up on the hunt from Subic. Ended up taking her back to my room for some horizontal folk dancing and had an enjoyable time. So much for not taking a girl in Angeles but at least she was not from a bar and not from AC itself! Rinse and repeat the following evening although I didn’t enjoy Hi So as much nor take anyone from there. On the Friday night there were far more blokes in there so fewer available women. There also seemed to be far more people smoking in there and it was actually pretty unpleasant. Saturday I met up with my ‘friend’ and after dinner and a quick visit to some of her old colleagues in Monsoon we headed back to my hotel to get properly reacquainted. On Sunday I went to the Silly Sunday party which was in After Dark. Enjoyable and some nice eye candy to be seen. I was supposed to meet my ‘friend’ later in the evening but she had some crisis in her place after the heavy rain and a roof leak. I carried on my bar hopping for another hour or so before heading back for an early night. Monday was something of a repeat of Saturday with a pleasant meal at Tequila Reef where we were stuck for a while after the heavens opened. A couple of drinks in Genesis (or whatever it is now) with a few other former colleagues and back to my hotel again. Tuesday morning off to Subic on the Southern Cross Express.
  7. Footix

    Back in PP

    For sure - will drop you a pm on Monday. Cheers
  8. Footix

    Back in PP

    Hi Chaps, Making a short visit to PP for 6 days arriving Monday. I realise now this is still part of the New Year holiday but trust this won't cause a major problem. Much as I enjoy the hostess bars I plan on varying things a bit this time - is it worth a visit to the Koh Pich restaurants etc or is that not worthwhile for a non-Khmer? How about the brew pub at the Himawari? I am partial to a decent ale even if it's pricy by local standards. Any other recommendations for an evening out without travelling too far from the riverside? Of course I will be visiting Peter Storm on his work nights to see how things are going etc. Hope to meet up again with a few of the local expats. Cheers
  9. This trend started a long time before Mayor Khan! Police numbers cut dramatically over the last few years at least partly to blame.
  10. No-one obvious but I wasn't looking at the time.
  11. A Sunday afternoon - I don't think it was any special holiday.
  12. It's been a while now since my earlier visits to Phnom Penh. My travels took me onto Battambang and Siem Reap (where I met up with another friend), onto Vietnam, Australia (for the cricket - the less said about that the better!), Philippines and then home. I have had some time now to sort out my pictures. Here are some pictures I took during a Sunday evening by the riverside and this is my description used on a couple of other websites: "Sunday at dusk really is an assault on the senses. The whole city seems to be down by the riverside from the lowliest beggars to the well-heeled families arriving in fancy new 4x4s. There are numerous vendors selling unidentifiable types of seafood and fruits, cheap plastic toys and soft drinks. There are families having a full picnic on spread out blankets, young lads surreptitiously swigging from cans of beer, groups of young saffron robed monks, drunks lying on benches, impromptu games of football and badminton, dog walkers, cyclists, skateboarders and joggers (both local and expats/tourists) and officious policemen. The road alongside the riverside is clogged with cars, buses, motorbikes, tuk tuks and pedestrians taking their life in their hands trying to cross. As well as the sights and sounds there are malodorous wafts coming up from the Mekong, cooking food and diesel fumes. There are low-flying swiftlets and bats swooping overhead. Marvellous
  13. I was in Vietnam a couple of weeks ago and found I could take out 5 million from ANZ Bank ATMs with a standard charge of 40,000. Luckily I have a couple of cards which don't incur fees for overseas ATM withdrawals so less than 1% in fees.
  14. Had a great time in Kampot - really liked the place although the weather wasn't kind. Back in PP but gutted to find my Helicopter Bar MILF is 'back in province baby sick'. Not sure if that is bargirl for 'someone barfine her many days' or if it's really the case. Sad for her if it's true and sad for me either way. Oh well back to the chase ☺.
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