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  1. Bangkok pollution has gotten seriously bad in the past 5-7 years. There is apparently no planning, so they just keep building. I would have bought a condo there 7 years ago if the planets would have aligned... now, no way. Better places to go.
  2. Oh yea, forgot about that ... another aspect of the beating
  3. Re the cab fare ... it’s pretty much a rip off ... I pay 800 Bt to go from my house in Kalasin to Khon Kaen airport ... 110 km. The first time I went to Phuket in 2008 I paid 350. But, it’s now well controlled by the taxi mafia ... it is literally impossible to get a cheaper fare. I’ve tried a couple of times asking some apparently "freelance drivers" ... they all quote the same prices. PS ... you CAN get to Patong cheaper by taking a group van ... I wouldn’t recommend that ... they will wait until they get enough takers to fill the van ... I waited nearly an hour once ... then th
  4. Went to a Cavs game last week ... the cheerleaders looked great from the 2'nd section up... but when they showed them on the jumbo screen .... not so much
  5. Well, he worked for public radio ... probably the pinnacle of PC in the entire world. His career died by the PC sword.
  6. I agree, but let’s not forget they also have huge lobbying power in DC, so don’t expect change anytime soon.
  7. Pretty elaborate scheme ... seems like a lot of work just to get $92k
  8. I’m sure I don’t understand the Thai way of calculating unemployment, but I’d guess Thai employment of able bodied workers is actually something like 50-70%. And a lot of the ones "working" probably put in a solid 2-3 hours of work a day.
  9. How is their score not 3? clearly the scorers have never been to Thailand.
  10. Who is it that is keen to do business in Thailand?
  11. Of all the things you could protest in Thailand ....
  12. Personally, I think the days of wonder over how big the Chinese (potential) market is are over ... a major pullback from China is coming, IMO ... why do business with them on those terms? Doing business with China has brought the rest of the world down in the past 20 years. Time to stop.
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