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  1. https://www.phnompenhpost.com/post-depth-business/big-trouble-little-china-0 Big trouble in little China he coastal city of Sihanoukville is undergoing a massive transformation. Once perceived as a seedy haunt for lethargic backpackers and expats, a flood of Chinese tourists and investors has begun to alter the landscape by setting up everything from gaudy casinos to towering luxury resorts as well as restaurants, street stalls and shops on the once-sleepy city streets. But as the beach town changes and the government welcomes the surge in development spending, it is becoming cl
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/this-cambodian-city-is-turning-into-a-chinese-enclave-and-not-everyone-is-happy/2018/03/28/6c8963b0-2d8e-11e8-911f-ca7f68bff0fc_story.html This Cambodian city is turning into a Chinese enclave, and not everyone is happy By Anna Fifield SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia — It was a hot, clear day. The kind of day when, a few months ago, the beach here would have been crowded with tourists deciding whether to drink a $1 beer or a $1 fresh coconut juice. Instead, the beach was almost deserted. Women wandered with trays o
  3. If your on a retirement visa or over the age of 60 you can get into Ramayana Water Park for only 5 or 6 hundred baht....Or at least you could for much of the last year......That's a nice savings over regular price.... Ramayana Water park is quite nice I have been there before.....
  4. Well if the Yuga diagram is correct it shows civilization was much more advanced 14,000 years go than it is now...And in about 10,000 more years we will be super advanced again..
  5. Thanks Sa-teef.......I thought I would check out this forum sense progress on the Secrets forum is moving at a glacial speed.....Peter has made a really nice/clean web site here...
  6. Hi...I do not see general chat Thailand when I am logged in?
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