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  1. https://www.theage.com.au/world/asia/the-next-macau-china-s-big-gamble-in-cambodia-20180615-p4zlqg.html
  2. no-one? nuttin? uncharted territory?
  3. http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/tourist-beaten-up-over-forehead-tattoo/news-story/18357a8d00b46a86af78314cb3f98e8f A MAN who got a giant tattoo on his head while drunk on holiday has been savagely beaten by a group of men after a row over it.
  4. Hi all I've been researching a bit about Kampot and reckon its worth a visit even if just briefly to suss out for next years destination I had a thought of hiring bikes and riding there, under 2 hours and I read the roads were decent any cops on this stretch? Last time we had such a hard time from the police riding around Victory Beach we wont do that again
  5. Hi All looking forward to my 4th trip later in the year we usually stay in Otres II and love it, spending time between I and II bit worried this year to see how our Chinese friends have screwed with it, planning to maybe scout for a future location, must have beach and bars in close proximity, any suggestions? We also need to seriously check our Victory Hill at night, we briefly went through it last year during the day and it looked pretty seedy, then we were chased by the cops all day Any recommendations for bars in VH?
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