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  1. I hear AC/DC when I hear em', I was never crazy enough about them to get an album or anything, but they are pretty good. I do love this Beastie Boys sample they use of one of their songs. "If you got static we'll take it outside"
  2. What will Cherry do?! Pleas Vote in the poll above to decide who will win!
  3. The Current Reigning Champion: Dana Hamm, (special ability: Toxic Kiss) Private Secretary to Paris Kennedy: Leanne Crow, (special ability: Acquiring, Maintaining, and Manipulating Intelligence) Kelly Divine aka "BUTTWOMAN" (Special Ability: Immovable and Unstoppable - acquired by increasing momentum) Former Champion & General Manager of the Fantasy Fight League: Paris Kennedy (Special Ability, Bubble Gum Telekinesis)
  4. Cherry noticed a blonde girl sitting at the bar as she walked into her favorite dance club. She kept giving the girl looks seeing if she'd get any in return. She did, but Cherry noticed that they weren't as often as the ones she was giving. She just had to make an impression on this beauty. "Hi I'm Cherry." "And I'm Christie. Nice to meet you." They began to chat when Cherry mentioned how often she gets requests by people to kiss her breasts... hinting that Christie might be interested. Christie checked Cherry's breasts out. "Well, I would have asked, but I figured you would be much more enthusiastic about kissing mine, since mine are much better." Cherry's jaw dropped, fuming, she immediately challenged her. If either girl can out perform the other in a bedroom setting the loser will be forced to get on their knees and worship the winner as commanded. Christie smiled... "You're no challenge, but I'll give you the chance to recognize how inferior you are." Christie proposed that the only way to win is to suffocate your opponent with a breast smother until they beg for mercy. Cherry encouraged the idea saying, "Then you'll be on your knees soon enough!" The two walked to Christie's hotel room from the bar, calling each other names the entire way there: "stupid blonde", "future slave", "slut", "wanna-be", "bitch"... and on and on. Between the insults Christie and Cherry would reach out to twist each other's nipples, and swat each other away. Upon arriving they took the elevator to the floor that Christie was staying on. While patiently putting up with elevator music and observing each other they would roll their eyes after each made sure the other saw their look of disgust ... the "All American Mean Girl", Christie Stevens, was completely fed up now. She grabbed Cherry by her hair and unexpectedly clobbered her pussy with an uppercut. Perfect timing as the elevator reached the floor of Christie's room. Cherry was in so much pain that Christie was able to drag her out of the elevator and into her room where she threw Cherry onto her bed before climbing in herself and wrapping her arms around Cherry's and squeezed her foe tightly to her body crushing Cherry's arms and torso. Cherry let out a scream. Christie smiled, "You like that Cherry?... It's only a matter of time before you're my slave!" Cherry didn't respond with much of anything but squirming a few phony grunts... phony because...she was actually a little turned on. Christie's little over bite, her cute cheeks, smooth skin, and pink lips all added up to a glowingly confident smile as she put the squeeze on her. Cherry couldn't decide whether or not to try and crush that confidence and dominate Christie's features...or if she should let Christie's sexy self-assured attitude take her over and dominate so that the delicious blonde american girl could rule her. Christie, still firmly in control, continued to squeeze Cherry who was beginning to glisten with cool little sweat beads on her body exposing her nipples through her now transparent white tank top. Christie could feel Cherry was holding back and being indecisive about something - so Christie leaned her head forward, slowly extended her tongue against Cherry's soft lips while she squeezed her body. Cherry moaned from either the pain or the pleasure or both. Christie continued by driving her tongue into Cherry's mouth. Cherry clenched her teeth to prevent her from pushing her tongue further, but Christie just squeezed Cherry harder until finally she cried out in pain giving Christie a glimpse of opportunity. She took the opportunity and ran her tongue right into the back of Cherry's mouth. Cherry tried pushing Christie's tongue out with her own... but as the two tangled their tongues together Cherry's defense turned into a make out session with Christie in complete control. They swapped spit and tied their tongues around each other in knots. Christie pulled her tongue out of Cherry's mouth and pecked her on the lips. Then she pecked her again, and again and again and again... smacking her lips against Cherry's and sucking them each time she pulled away. Cherry's hips shook and Christie felt them. "Are you trembling for me?", Christie bragged before squeezing Cherry in her bear hug as hard as she could for a full minute. Cherry began to look weaker and weaker, a point that Christie made to her, but she also was exhausted and becoming sexually frustrated. She might have waited too long to solve her dilemma, feeling she already has begun to enjoy a bit of Christie's torment and her own suffering. Christie grabbed two handfuls of Cherry's hair and laid down on her back. As she did Cherry's head followed. Christie spread her legs out and pulled her head in between them before snapping them closed over her skull. Cherry's head went numb, she became woozy, and she faded in and out of consciousness every time Christie tightened the squeeze and loosened it up. Christie's tight blue jeans appeared to be swallowing Cherry who was flailing her arms with all of her might, but to know use. Cherry began punching at Christie's body and Christie just grabbed her arms while squeezing even harder. Christie felt Cherry's resistance fall, she was becoming defenseless now. Christie's heart pounded, she was more confident now than at the bar. Her momentum was increasing, and Cherry was succumbing to her prowess. Cherry lay asleep for about 20 seconds before realizing Christie had released her from the scissor hold, and when she woke up her face had been resting on the crotch of Christie's blue jeans. Cherry got up from laying on her stomach and was up on her knees shaking the cobwebs off when she felt the sharpness of a slap across her face. She held her head in pain, and then received another... and another. Cherry covered her face and leaned forward to protect herself. Christie climbed up and sat on top of the back of Cherry's head. She hooked her legs underneath Cherry's arms and trapped her. Christie reached behind Cherry and started caressing her pussy through her white cut off jeans with one hand, while using the other to slap and fondle her ass. "I'm all over you now Cherry, I can feel it. You're as good as mine!" Cherry just whimpered at the pleasure of sex coupled with Christie's physical dominance. Cherry began to lower her expectations for herself as Christie was proving to be far smarter than she was prepared for. The sneak attack when they arrived, the way Christie trapped her arms in the bear hug, the torture and abuse, and worst of all... being sexually assimilated by the All American Big Tittied Blondie. Christie squeezed Cherry's ass cheeks and commented, "Wow! - You have an ass. You should be proud Cherry. My goodness what a decent ass!" Cherry just moaned and felt Christie squeezing her ass in her powerful grasp. She knew she couldn't take any more. It would be over soon if things kept up this way so Cherry, with a head of steam, pushed using all of her energy and flipped Christie over her! Christie screamed as she was hurled into the air, but landed gently against the bed. The shock changed the momentum, and Cherry quickly capitalized. She rolled Christie off of the bed and she thudded against the ground. Cherry climbed on top of her and began slapping her in the face. Christie grabbed Cherry by her hair and rolled over on top of her. Cherry continued to roll with the momentum and was back on top of Christie now! Cherry pulled her legs up over Christie's body and grabbing a handful of hair yanked her head so that it was leaning forward. Cherry wrapped her legs around Christie's head and squeezed her tight.
  5. KIM vs KELLY These two women carried their behemoth asses to the ring. Along with them they carried a ball of light that they each swallowed as they neared the ring. When the two balls were inside one person, they would transform the winner from an "average" being to one with Super Human abilities. Kim entered the arena followed by her also stunning sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Kim's sisters wished her luck and then stood at ringside to watch the match as her managers. Kelly entered the arena seeing the all three of the Kardashian sisters. She became even more delighted by the prospect of humiliating the most marketable of the Kardashians in front of the other two standing by. She entered the ring and the two girls faced off with each other. Kelly was wearing a pink g-string so that her ass could get maximum exposure for Kim's face. She snapped the thin pink fabric onto her body a few times taunting Kim, and then turned around and lifted the g-string up her ass and pussy to show off her enormous curve. KIMBERLY: Is that all you've got? Kelly smiled and then tugged hard at the fabric and ripped the g-string off of her body exposing her naked ass and pussy. The two sisters eyes lit up and Kim's lip quivered as she looked down at her opponents exposed body. Kelly smiled and then capitalized on the moment. She turned around and tackled Kim to the ground. Kim screamed as she attempted to push Kelly away, but it was no use and Kelly used the moment to take her g-string that she just ran up her ass and pussy and shoved in into Kim's mouth to shut her up. Kelly turned Kim over onto her stomach and grabbed the two ends of the string to tie it around the back of her head. Kim's screaming was muted as she tasted Kelly's undergarment. Kelly held Kim by her hair and pulled back on her head forcing Kim's back to arch as Kelly also sat on top of her back. Kelly pulled Kim's arms over her legs so that she was stuck in the camel clutch position. Kelly leaned forward and look at Kim's face. Kelly kissed Kim Kardashian on the cheek and then on her ear and then on her neck. Kim was feeling aroused despite her spine stretching to the figure of Kelly's ass. Khloe Kardashian, the youngest of the three sisters, tried to slide into the ring, but the other sister Kourtney grabbed her leg and shouted "No, you can't". Kelly looked up at them. KELLY: Ah ah ah. If you interfere, Kim automatically gets disqualified and can never compete here again! Kelly pulled by on Kim's hair as hard as she could, and then slammed her face forward onto the mat laying her out flat on her stomach. KELLY: Lets take that out of your mouth, shall we? TIme to taste the real thing. Kelly turned Kim over onto her back and plopped her ass on top of Kim's breasts. Kelly rubbed her ass cheeks in a circle allowing herself to massage Kim's tits. Kim grabbed at Kelly's ass to free herself but it was useless... she was just too much with her full weight bearing down on her chest. Kelly lifted her ass cheeks up and plopped them over Kim's breasts, slapping her right in the tits with her humungous ass. Kim breathed deeply as she was slapped over and over again, until finally Kelly lifted herself up onto her feet for a matter of a moment before dropping her ass right on top of Kim Kardashian's face! Kim quickly reached her arms out and grabbed ahold of Kelly's ass. She used all of her strength to keep Kelly's imposing ass from crashing onto her face and winning. With the slightest swing of her hip Kelly's ass jiggled up and down in an attempt to shake Kim's hold. KELLY: My ass is going to break your arms if you keep trying that sorry attempt to escape this face sit. Kim's arms were trembling as Kelly's ass just effortlessly pushed itself closer and closer towards her face. With Kelly's ass an inch away from nuzzling her opponents nose she pushed centimeters closer by the second... Kim couldn't see a way out for a moment until she heard from the sidelines KHLOE: USE YOUR CHOMPERS!! Kelly was just about to engulf Kim's head when Mrs. Kardashian sank her teeth into Kelly's ass... Kelly bounced up off of Kim and Kim got up on her feet again. Kelly was furious as that Kardashian sisters celebrated. Kim ran at Kelly and whipped her into the corner. She charged the corner and clubbed Kelly with a clothesline sending that powerhouse of an ass onto the floor. Kim backed up to the opposite corner and smiled as she turned around looking at Kelly. She charged at Kelly's corner and turned around at the last second smashing her ass against Kelly's head, punching it into the middle rope buckle. Kelly was completely dazed by the blow. Kim was on a roll. She stood Kelly back up on her feet by pulling her up by her hair. She slapped Kelly hard on the cheek. KIM: You are an ugly ass BITCH Kelly! Kim whipped Kelly towards the opposite ring ropes, Kim set up in the middle of the ring for her to bounce back towards her so she could turn around, bend over and cause Kelly to ram full force into her huge ass... but Kelly was perceptive and stopped just before she would hit Kim. Kim was looking down between her legs wondering what was happening when Kelly ducked down quickly and looked her in the eye. KELLY: Hi there. Kelly grabbed on of the Kardashian's butt cheeks, spread it out and punched Kim in the ass hole. While Kim was trying to recover she grabbed her other ass cheek and punched her again! She threw Kim towards the ropes and bent over to pick Kim up into the air on her shoulders and fall backwards. This slammed Kim onto her back and Kelly stood back up and ran towards the ropes she stopped right as her feet reached either side of Kim and she threw her legs up into the air! Kelly was airborne with her legs up and her ass pointed straight down right on top of Kim's chest! *CRUNCH* One of Kim's ribs cracked as she screamed in agony! Kelly's full body weight landed right on top of her and pulverized her into a state of being totally defenseless. The Kardhashian sisters at ringside shuttered in disbelief as their sister was laying in the ring... actually waiting and ready to be beaten. Kelly belly laughed a hysterical, jolly laugh to gloat over her opponent as she lifted herself up and turned around into a reverse position. She looked over her back at Kim. KELLY: Time for your new favorite meal... Kelly pulled her ass up by her cheeks. KELLY: Your famous lifestyle can't save you now. Kelly sat down on Kim's face with her buoyant ass as she dropped her humungous butt cheeks right over the sides of the celebrity's face. Kim Kardashian kicked and screamed underneath her powerful opponent. KELLY: I call this the Assquake. Kim's face was quivering under Kelly's tremulous butt shaking. Kim screamed from oxygen deprivation, pleading that her opponent free her. But it didn't matter as Kim lost oxygen a little glowing ball of light floated from her mouth to Kelly's pussy just as she shifted her weight further back and settled her pussy right over Kim's mouth. The light flew up inside of her vagina and connected to her own. Kim lifted her arms up to try to push Kelly off of her but the face sit was synched in, it was too late. Kim's arms dropped to the mat and Kelly continued shaking her ass all over her opponents face. Khloe and Kourtney were stunned and in shock... they looked at each other. KOURTNEY: Ok, we have to stop this... thats our sister in there. They jumped into the ring and ran at Kelly to pull her off of Kim as she continued to rub her pussy all over the tabloid celebrity superstars face. They each grabbed one of Kelly's arms and pulled her forward to remove her from Kim, but nothing happened. Kelly's arms didn't budge at all! Her eyes were closed and she didn't notice at all that the Kardashian sisters were attempting to interfere with what she was doing. She didn't notice until she opened her eyes after getting good and wet with cum dripping onto Kim's face. KHLOE: Get off of her you psycho! You could have killed her! Kelly stood up, a strand of wet drool and cum ran from Kim's mouth right to her pussy and like the slimy sticky substance it is, it split apart to form with the little puddles and splotches that it connected to on either Kelly's ass or Kim's face. Kelly grabbed Kourtney by her face with both of her hands. She squeezed her head with her grip and then threw her onto the ground next to Kim. She sat down right on top of Kourtney's face and began bouncing her ass up and down on her face. Her plopping ass engulfed her face every time. KELLY: Bouncy, bouncy bouncy!!! Khloe cried and tried to pull Kelly off of her sister, but Kelly shoved her off and then rested her ass right on top of Kourtney's face. KHLOE: Please get off of her.... She begged... saying "Please" over and over again as tears filled up her eyes. She pulled and pulled on Kelly to lift her off, but it was no use... Kelly Divine revealed... KELLY: My ass is the unstoppable force and an immovable object. She lifted her ass cheeks up with her hands and pushed them around all over Kourtney Kardashian's face... KELLY: If you want me off of your big sister, you have to slurp my cum off of your sister Kim's face... do you understand? Khloe looked pathetic... KHLOE: I'll do anything... She knelt down on top of her sister Kim and began to suck the drool and the cum right off of her face. KELLY: Use your tongue, and make sure you get everything of mine that you can out of her mouth. Khloe licked and slurped until her mouth was full, she turned to spit some out. KELLY: No, no spitting. Bring it over here. I want you to kiss me. Khloe Kardiashian did as she was told, approached Kelly and laid a big sloppy slimy frothy cum and spit kiss on her adversary's mouth. Kelly really laid her tongue into Khloe's mouth, catching all over the goods she could get that Khloe licked off of her beaten and smothered sister's face. Kelly grabbed Khloe's hand and forced her to hold her breast and massage it as the two of them kissed. Kourtney was barely squirming underneath Kelly's ass and she could hear what her sister was doing as she faded out and began to lose her strength. KELLY: Khloe, am I breaking your will? I bet can make you do anything I want even after I get off of your sister's face. Khloe trembled. Kim Kardashian began to regain her consciousness, but was still dizzy and her head was humming. Kelly stood up in front of Khloe would was on her knees with a chin dribbling with cum and drool on it. Kelly bent over and put her finger underneath Khloe's chin. She lifted her head up so that she was looking up into her eyes. KELLY: I want you to do the same thing for you sister Kourtney you did for your sister Kimberly. Ok? KHLOE: Ok... Kelly stepped aside and watched as the baby of the three sisters ashamedly licked pussy juice and drool off of her oldest sisters face who was out cold, k.o'd on the wrestling mat. Khloe slurped and slid her tongue around in Kourtney's mouth. She felt so helpless to resist the demands of someone with so much power. Kim started to wake up and Kelly noticed immediately and grabbed her by her hair. She forced Kim to watch as her vision became more clear she finally saw what had been happening for nearly the last 10 minutes while she was knocked out. Kim's jaw immediately dropped and she began to tear up... KELLY: When you're ready to Kim, you can tell your baby sister that the nightmare is all over. Kelly started to walk away... KIM KARDASHIAN: I'll do what ever it takes to make you pay for this... She shouted at her sister to get her attention... and then she dramatically pushed Khloe off of Kourtney... the two sisters embraced each other as they balled their eyes out. Kelly made her way to the exit and stopped. Before she left the arena she turned her head to look over her shoulder. She smooched her hand, as if blowing a kiss, and instead slapped her ass while she puckered her lips at the losers in the ring. Winner: "BUTTWOMAN" Kelly Divine.
  6. Thank you Candyman! I couldn't write this piece for quite some time... every time I tried to, the fantasizing about Cherry and Hitomi in a ring just became overwhelming.
  7. Here it is folks... the conclusion that you forgot you have been waiting for because I haven't been active in a long time.... Cherry Girl vs The Empress of the Arena, Hitomi Tanaka. Just to refresh your memory... this is a story of two women at the top of their game. Cherry Girl... 23 years old has beaten an impressive number of competitors in the fantasy fight league. Every competitor in the FFL is equipped with a special ability, Cherry has a way (an obvious way, as she has made clear that I express in several FFL interviews) of seducing her opponents into a trance-like state and can directly command their actions and behavior to her liking inducing a drooping slave like quality that she adores. Hitomi Tanaka... 27 is the Crown Champion of the Arena which is different to say than the FFL Champion. The Crown Champion is capable of deciding the stipulations for her matches, the terms and conditions if you will. Hitomi's special ability is that of a dream eater and she feels every day & night dream of her opponents internal expression. It gives her the ability to sometimes anticipate the future, and if she wraps her pillowy breasts around her opponents face can easily put her opponents to sleep and by way of her power haunt the fantasies of the sleeping beauties, or as she put it, "Poor unfortunate soul...." Lets get this match underway! -------------------------------------- Hitomi Tanaka arrived to the arena with cameras flashing all around her. She didn't care to smile for the photographers as she walked by, all of the boys and girls with their cameras... panting at her, wishing they were in Cherry's position having a chance to wrestle someone they fantasize about and only better... become their slave when she's through publicly humiliating them on live television. That would make Hitomi smile... but only Cherry could endure that pleasurable punishment. Hitomi Tanaka dressed in a very loose fitting, pink long sleeve wearing the most high quality fake nails (sharpened for effectiveness in a cat fight), white undergarment panties exposed so that she can waste no time seducing her competition. Her hair flowing like a goddess she stands in the ring waiting to pummel Cherry who was on her way to the ring next. Cherry Girl waved at the camera's, her nervous energy in the spotlight was obvious. Winning this match would bring her a little more fame and fortune. She would be put in a better position to fight other nemesis, or if she lost she would suffer the sexual torture of Hitomi Tanaka... who would most likely, in her mind, wrap her enormous breasts around her comparatively small head and smother her until she became a broken toy... neck loose and hanging until her face pops out of those big luscious globes Hitomi carries around with her on her chest. She gulps at the thought.... but even still a little enticed by the idea of Hitomi Tanaka playing with her. Cherry sees Hitomi as she steps onto the wrestling ring apron... Hitomi grins. Cherry is decked out in military camouflage, and ready for war with Hitomi. The two competitors square up and stand face to face. Cherry is standing two inches taller, but Hitomi is in no way intimidated by the difference and grabs the back of Cherry's head and pulls her face in close to her chest, not to smother her though... HITOMI: I could smother you right now and the bell hasn't even rung yet! Just look at my breasts Cherry... Cherry shoved Hitomi off of her. HITOMI: I know you want to... DING DING DING! The match is underway the two girl go right for each other, Cherry slaps Hitomi in the face, punches her in the breast, and pulls her head in for a headlock and applies the pressure. The Empress pushes Cherry towards the rope and uses the ropes to spring Cherry forward and off of her... but Cherry holds on, dips down and flips Hitomi by her head over her back and onto the wrestling mat. Cherry continues to apply pressure to Hitomi in the headlock. Hitomi wraps her arms around Cherry's waist and drags her over onto her back. She mounts Cherry with her legs, but her head is still pressed tightly in Cherry's arms. Hitomi reaches behind her and grabs Cherry by her pussy! CHERRY: uhhh... Cherry released the hold and Hitomi fully mounts her opponent by pulling Cherry's arms underneath her thighs and pressed against her calves. Cherry attempted to squirm free, but Hitomi slapped Cherry in the face. Cherry was stunned for a second and then again tried to squirm free, but Hitomi once again slapped Cherry in the face, this time she didn't stop. She continued slapping Cherry over and over again, in the same stop on her left cheek with her right hand. Cherry's cheek grew redder and redder. Hitomi wound up one last time, after slapping her over 20 times in the face, and as she released to slap her again... she halted and instead pinched Cherry's red cheek with her fingers and squished it around like a grandma would to her grandson. HITOMI: Oh, Cherry. Did you like it when I touched your pussy? Hitomi reached back behind her and began to rub her hand over Cherry's sex and her thigh. Cherry squirmed and tried to get free... and could have, if she wanted to. Cherry wanted to free herself, but enjoyed the her helplessness in this situation. Hitomi could sense Cherry's free will withering away. HITOMI: Nice outfit. Hitomi winked. HITOMI: "At your service, across the land", Cherry? You'll be at my service. Cherry's eyes suddenly shifted in pain, she threw weight to her right and lifted Hitomi off of her. Hitomi's legs flew up into the air and Cherry quickly leaned her body over Hitomi's. Hitomi's legs spread apart, and toes pointing towards her head... Cherry spread her legs out and thrust her thighs over and over again into Hitomi's as she looked right down at Hitomi. HITOMI: Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Thrusting, thrusting, thrusting thrusting, thrusting, thrusting! CHERRY: Don't pretend you aren't used to it you slut! Cherry let up and climbed over and loosely mounted Hitomi's breasts. Cherry grabbed Hitomi by her hair and began straddling her enormous boobs. HITOMI: Uh... uh... uh... uh ... you.,, mmm... you little bitch! Cherry's beautiful smile lit up at the sound of her opponent's frustration. After a few minutes of ravishing those size J-cup breasts, Cherry lifted herself off of Hitomi and dragged her opponent by her hair, forcing her to crawl on her hands and knees... into the corner of the wrestling ring. She lifted Hitomi up to her feet. Cherry grabbed the front collar of Hitomi's pink long sleeve and pulled it down underneath her boobs, fully exposing her nipples. Cherry gasped and gleamed at the enormity for a moment, then she licked the palm of her right hand and smacked Hitomi's tit, slapped her in the chest, the face, the tits, the chest the face, and then twisted her nipples. CHERRY: Had enough!!?? HITOMI: Fuuuuuuuuwk you! Cherry hit her with another tit, face, nipple squeeze combination. You could see the saliva glistening over the mark Cherry's hand left on Hitomi's breasts and face. CHERRY: Get down on your knees Hitomi, and call me your Queen! Worship me! Hitomi swung hard at Cherry and clocked her right on the side of the face she had softened up with slaps earlier. Cherry stumbled back and Hitomi smacked her again on the face with a closed fist. Cherry, her head rattled from side to side with each blow! Hitomi with a series of at least 10 punches has knocked Cherry all the way back up against the ropes on the far side of the ring. Hitomi socked her in the gut, uppercut slapped her chin, and Cherry received 4 punches to the ribs as that uppercut left her completely exposed to more brutality. Hitomi pushed Cherry backwards into the ropes causing her to spring forward in a state of stupor stumbling forward and her face planting right down towards Hitomi's bare chest. Hitomi snapped her breasts together with her hands on each side of those J-Cups and mercilessly trapped her opponents face. HITOMI: I thought I underestimated you... I didn't. Now you belong to me! Cherry faded quickly. She had no time to catch her breath, whether or not that would make a difference though has yet to be seen in any match up Hitomi has been in with other women in the past. Hitomi brought Cherry down on her knees, and she followed with her. Hitomi released the smother and let Cherry's head rest on her right breast. She pounded Cherry in the face with her left breast, slapping her over and over again. Cherry was completely knocked out now, and worse concussed... Hitomi let up and smiled... she combed back Cherry's hair. HITOMI: Lets go inside of that damaged little head. I want to know you Cherry. I want to know your fantasies. She dug her pointer finger into Cherry's sleepy head and began to enter her thoughts. Hitomi pushed through all of the ideas Cherry had of fame and glory. Sickened by the idea that Cherry actually thought she might live like that, she found the few thoughts... the doubts and the acceptance that she might not live like that... that instead she might live to be her slave. Cherry's Dream: Cherry, wrapped in cufflinks at her wrist and ankles... connected by a thin and strong chain link to the belt of her Empress Hitomi. Cherry dreams of only being a tug away from her ruler. Hitomi pulling on the chain Cherry falls towards her mistress. After retrieving a plate of assorted grapes, cherries, blueberries, and raspberries that was on a table in a room of luxury; Hitomi snacks on the berries while she sits on her slaves face. In this dream she would lift herself off of Cherry Girl, in front of her face she would dangle a small red cherry by its stem. Cherry opened her mouth to receive the offering. But Hitomi would slap her, and say to her, "No food or water for you today Cherry. You didn't wake up on time for my morning boxing training. I wanted you to be my punching bag!" She would say this to Cherry as if she were a little girl upset with her parents not getting a doll for her from the store. "Instead you get to feel the cherry in your mouth... absolutely no teething at it either! If you are good I'll let you swallow the stone on the inside!" She would say this knowing Cherry would teeth at it, and everytime she would play the same game with her... "You want cherry so badly? Then you'll find it." And not but a second later Cherry would be pushing her face through Hitomi's cleavage trying to find a cherry, but she never would, and before long she was losing power and smothered again in her Empresses breasts. Hitomi exited Cherry's dreams. HITOMI: I will do all of those things to you. Hitomi stood up tall and pulled Cherry's head back by her hair so that Cherry was on her knees looking up at her. HITOMI: Cherry, declare me your Empress. Cherry opened her eyes slowly, and in a complete daze her reflexes activated, as if hitting a volleyball she put her hands together and punched Hitomi right in the pussy. Hitomi curled up and held her crotch. Cherry mustered up her efforts, and threw another volleyball bunch into Hitomi's chin send her backwards. Cherry stood up, and stumbled around, she grabbed ahold of the ropes and held her head. Everything around her felt like it was slowing down. She got herself together as much as she could and walked towards Hitomi. Hitomi had now taken that moment to recover too and was more prepared this time... Cherry jabbed at Hitomi's breasts, but Hitomi pulled her breasts apart and splashed them back together and trapped Cherry's hand and wrist. She pulled Cherry forward and then used her breasts to grasp at her face again... it worked! Cherry was once again trapped in Hitomi's massive cleavage! This time she wasn't completely buried, but just near the end of that practically unlimited space between her breasts. Hitomi massaged Cherry's face, rubbing her breasts against her soft and beaten cheeks. Cherry struggled to get away, and for a moment almost did when she shoved Hitomi... but Hitomi grabbed Cherry's wrists with her hands and pulled them upwards and forward so Cherry's head would take a dive into her chest once again! Cherry tilted her head up and her nose escaped the punishment of suffocation... Hitomi smiled down at Cherry who could finally catch her breath... but not for long. Hitomi pulled Cherry's hands towards her chest and placed both of their hands on her breasts and pushed her boobs up so they completely covered Cherry's face. Cherry suffocated, but lifted her knee up to smash Hitomi in the crotch, Hitomi countered by blocking with her thigh... but quickly, Cherry threw up her other knee and connected with Hitomi right on the ass. She released her hold on Cherry and Cherry caught her breath right away to follow up! Cherry threw a haymaker at Hitomi, but Hitomi ducked and slapped Cherry in the face. She held her butt cheek in pain, and threw a punch of her own, but Cherry blocked it with her arm and then kicked Hitomi in the crotch! Hitomi collapsed, Cherry got behind Hitomi and grabbed her by the throat... she choked Hitomi with both of her hands until Hitomi's tongue stuck out of her mouth. Finally, Cherry reached at her top and pulled her army camo top underneath her breasts, exposing them for her opponent. Then Cherry grabbed Hitomi by her hair and pulled her backwards into a seated position. She positioned herself in front of Hitomi as she dropped down onto her lap, thudding her ass against Hitomi and quickly wrapping her legs around her opponents body. She pulled Hitomi's face in towards her breasts to smother her, but Hitomi pushed her own breasts up with her hands and blocked the attempt... now Cherry and Hitomi were looking each other in the eye, breast to breast, nipple to nipple. Cherry still was in a superior position and pushed her tits into Hitomi's attempting to drive her to giving in, but Hitomi was recovering faster than Cherry could dish out punishment... which was hardly punishment at all because Hitomi's enormous J-Cup breasts just jiggled and absorbed Cherry and her 34 DD's pathetic attempt at offense. Hitomi wrapped her arms around Cherry's and squeezed her tightly in a bear hug. She rolled Cherry over on the mat as she held her and then propped Cherry and herself onto their knees. She squeezed Cherry tightly once more, smooshing their boobs together, Hitomi's absolutely engulfing Cherry's and causing her a lot of pain in the process... Hitomi released the bosoms bear bug, and grabbed the groggy Cherry by the back of her head with her hands and pulled her forward in towards her breasts. She stopped just before should would have trapped Cherry... HITOMI: Do you admire them? CHERRY: ... I do... Hitomi released Cherry's head from her grasp. HITOMI: Put your face in them... become my slave... then I get to smother you Cherry. Cherry put her hands on Hitomi's breasts and leaned her face forward to smother herself in Hitomi's breasts... just as she was commanded. Then Cherry quickly pulled Hitomi's tits down as hard as she could!!! Hitomi grabbed them and SCREAMED! Cherry straightened up, and pulled Hitomi's face into her breasts and wrapped her arms tightly around Hitomi's head. HITOMI: MMMMMMMMMMM! MMM! HMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Those muffled and quieted screams did nothing but satisfy Cherry who assured herself this was the end! Hitomi tried to pry herself free, but it was useless... Cherry's arms were wrapped perfectly around Hitomi's head. CHERRY: Whats the matter? Can't stand up to a real pair of tits? Cherry freed her head from the smother... and laughed at her as Hitomi gasped for breaths of air, her eyes fluttering. Hitomi's chin rested on Cherry's breast for that moment while Cherry looked down at her opponent and mocked her... CHERRY: Was it getting harder for you to breath down their? Hitomi forced to look up at Cherry in the eye. She silently responded... her pale expression and gasps for breath were all the answers Cherry was looking for. She pulled Hitomi in again this time, Cherry could feel Hitomi's will breaking, this time Hitomi didn't fight back. Cherry only held the smother with one hand, a total display of cockiness. She grabbed her own breast and smashed it against Hitomi's face, she did this over and over again. Releasing an smooshing it up against Hitomi's face, until she released the smother again. CHERRY: You're getting weaker aren't you. Hitomi's mouth was wide open sucking in air...and her eyes very heavy. She looked like she might have passed if Cherry held her any longer. CHERRY: You're growing weaker... and weaker. Why don't you stare at my breasts for a minute Hitomi. Mm hmm. Thats it stare at them . Cherry held her head in her arms forcing her to stare at her big round nipples. CHERRY: Are you feeling tired? Keep staring... HITOMI: I am... wait... no stop... please.... CHERRY: You're under my spell. Give in to me Hitomi... Hitomi couldn't resist. Her eyes flickering she finally knelt there in front of Cherry's breasts in a complete hypnotic state. Cherry phyiscally released Hitomi from her clutches, and took control of her mind. Cherry knelt beside her opponent and whispered in Hitomi's ear. CHERRY: Hitomi Tanaka, when I snap my fingers... you will do anything I say. Do you understand? Hitomi: Yes, Cherry. CHERRY: Good I am going to snap my fingers now and you will return to your normal state... assuming that you are fine. You will forget every command I give you, but you will obey them. Understand? HITOMI: Yes, Cherry. Cherry stood up and snapped her fingers. Hitomi snapped out of her hypnosis. Hitomi stood up and took a step backwards unsure of what just happened. Cherry lifted her top back up over her breasts for support, then looked Hitomi in the eye. CHERRY: Come on, punch me Hitomi. Having no recollection of the hypnosis, and forgetting that she even heard Cherry tell her to punch her just now she attempted a big right hand. Cherry ducked... stepped behind Hitomi and began fondling her breasts. Cherry circled her hands over Hitomi's breasts and Hitomi stood there with her knees trembling and hips wobbling. She was standing in the middle of the ring getting wet. Cherry smashed Hitomi's breasts together, pushing them together as hard as she could, Hitomi's face was turning red in anguish as the torture continued for about 30 seconds! Cherry whispered to Hitomi her next command... Hitomi ran at the ropes... and charged at Cherry. Cherry simply stepped out of the way and tripped her opponent. Hitomi crashed to the mat, her breasts smashing against the canvas. Cherry climbing on top of HItomi and mounted her ass as Hitomi lay on her stomach wincing in pain for what was to come... Cherry pushed herself up against Hitomi's bottom and began dry humping her. Hitomi's ass was jiggling up and down. Cherry grabbed a handful of Hitomi's hair and began going faster and faster. Cherry slammed her fist into Hitomi's skull... CHERRY: Just lay here. I'll be right back... I need something more... She stepped out of the ring and looked underneath the apron. She dug around for a second until she found a bright red strap on and a pair of hand cuffs. Cherry crawled over to Hitomi, her mouth and pussy watering as she neared her foe. She slapped the handcuffs over her opponents wrists then grabbed Hitomi's head by her hair and shoved the dildo in and out of Hitomi's mouth. Spit showered onto the piece as Cherry forced Hitomi to choke up all of the spit she could. Cherry then attached the saliva covered strap on to Hitomi's ass, the huge dildo jutting upwards towards the ceiling. Cherry removed her wardrobe and climbed on top of her opponent. Cherry lowered herself over the big dildo and began thrusting herself into Hitomi's ass once more. Hitomi's ass bounced around as Cherry stared at it salivating and cumming over the strap on she was using to pleasure herself with. She rode Hitomi's juicy ass until she came. Hitomi was coming to her senses, and realized the predicament she was in... and that it was too late... CHERRY: Good work mind slave. Now get on your knees, I want you to take me from behind. Hitomi rose up to her knees and Cherry pulled the dildo around to her front side. Hitomi grabbed the dildo with her hands and felt the cherry juice... Cherry slapped her... CHERRY: Not a drop for you! Then Cherry climbed forward on her hands and knees sticking her ass up at Hitomi. Hitomi's wrists were linked together by the cuffs, but there was just enough slack for her to grab onto Cherry's ass and thrust herself forwards. Hitomi did just that and she pounded as hard as she could slapping her hips into Cherry's ass. Their bodies made a loud clapping sound, Hitomi had to force her grip, squeezing Cherry by her ass as hard as she could to get out ever last fuck she had in her while Cherry moaned uncontrollably! Cherry climaxed and came all over the strap on. CHERRY: I fucking OWN you!! Cherry crawled forward off of the strap on, her camouflage skirt dropping down over her backside. Cherry stood up, turned around and looked at Hitomi... The strap on was covered in her juices. Hitomi was on her knees in hand cuffs. Her breasts were swollen from the beating Cherry gave them, her face was red and her lips pouty. The juicy filipino held Hitomi's head in her hands. CHERRY: Time to join my club. She smiled down at Hitomi who was bowing her head in shame. Cherry grabbed Hitomi by her hair and tilted her head back to force her to look at her. CHERRY: Get up, on your feet! Hitomi was beaten and weak, far too tired and worn out... but she did as she was told. Cherry pulled Hitomi's head forward into her massive breasts. She rubbed them back and forth and all over Hitomi's face, especially letting her fully erect nipples brush over Hitomi's closed lips. Then she smothered her in them for about 20 seconds before pulled her face out. Hitomi opened her mouth over Cherry's nipple and began kissing Cherry's first nipple. The ring bell rang three times, signaling Cherry's dominance over Hitomi... Cherry looked to see if Hitomi was upset that she lost... but Hitomi was so focused on obeying Cherry's order to kiss her breasts that it didn't phase her. Hitomi's mouth perfectly pressed itself to Cherry's nipples as she kissed and sucked at each of her breasts... back and forth. CHERRY: Thats right. Kiss them one at a time. Suck the ring of my nipple first, then kiss it. The match started with Hitomi only about an inch or two shorter than Cherry... but now Cherry looked to be about a foot and a half taller than Hitomi now that Hitomi was leaning over into Cherry's imposing breasts. CHERRY: Congratulations on joining the 'Kiss My Cherry Breasts Club', Hitomi Tanaka. I can tell by how hot you're getting that you're my proudest member yet. Originally a Crowing Ceremony was scheduled to take place after the match, but Cherry didn't feel like going through with a public ceremony or the pleasantries of standing at a podium to show off her crowning achievement... she wanted a steamy private session with her submissive opponent. Cherry grabbed the loser by her hair and dragged her towards the changing room and showers. CHERRY: I want you to eat my hot sticky pussy over and over again until your throat is so coated with my cum that you can hardly even say the words, "Queen Cherry Girl". HITOMI: Yes, Queen Cherry Girl... Cherry bounced Hitomi's tongue in and out of her pussy and ass for hours. Hitomi's big bare breasts were forced to lay on the cold hard floor of the locker room while her mouth was inside of Cherry's warm sticky pussy. Cherry orgasmed over and over again, losing track of how many times she orgasmed. Cherry forced her tongue until Hitomi's tongue was completely limp and loose. Then just before leaving her opponent senselessly beaten on the locker room floor, Cherry leaned in and gave her a kiss shoving her tongue around inside of Hitomi's mouth. Cherry slid her tongue over Hitomi's and pushed it around. CHERRY: I love that I can taste myself on your tongue. Cherry pushed Hitomi onto the floor for the J-Cuped Japanese fantasy fighter to lay cold and quivering in defeat. Winner: Cherry Girl
  8. Yup thats her! The part where I'm at she's backed into a corner and forced to unload everything she's got on Cherry. You'll know soon if Cherry can take it. Here is the link to the topic for voting! http://www.cherrygirl69forum.com/topic/13878-cherrygirl69-vs-hitomi-tanaka/
  9. I didn't know that! Maybe she'll be able to physically augment her butt at her own will if she beats Kim! haha I'll try to get to this fantasy fight in a bit... but coming out soon is going to be: Hitomi Tanaka vs Cherry Girl! Stay tuned!
  10. Get your votes in! I want to write some more stories soon!
  11. Kim vs Kelly: Fantasy Cat Fight Who will win? Who hass the better butt?! Winner of the match will win herself a special ability for future cat fights. The ONLY way for a competitor to win is to face sit an opponent until either a submission is forced or a knock out occurs. Kim Kardashian - Kim is a successful businesswoman, television personality, and a socialite. Kelly Divine - Kelly has built her career as a butt model and fetish star. Considering the high profile celebrity status of Kim, each girl was asked to comment on their opponent by the press, "Kim Kardashian has never stepped foot in a ring. She's never sat on anyone's face. And she's never had anyone sit on hers, at least not anyone who has a thick juicy ass like me. She'll be begging for me take the oxygen out of her lungs while she's staring up into my heavenly tush" - Kelly "Kelly said I've never been in a ring? True. She said, I've never had anyone sit on my face? True. She also said I never sat on anyone's face, well, she's wrong. I have, just not for money. Ok, I'm sorry I shouldn't be mean - but there's a reason why people call my butt the 8th and 9th Wonders of the World. Anyway, I just can't wait to get into the ring and compete. It's exciting!" - Kim
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