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  1. I hear AC/DC when I hear em', I was never crazy enough about them to get an album or anything, but they are pretty good. I do love this Beastie Boys sample they use of one of their songs. "If you got static we'll take it outside"
  2. What will Cherry do?! Pleas Vote in the poll above to decide who will win!
  3. The Current Reigning Champion: Dana Hamm, (special ability: Toxic Kiss) Private Secretary to Paris Kennedy: Leanne Crow, (special ability: Acquiring, Maintaining, and Manipulating Intelligence) Kelly Divine aka "BUTTWOMAN" (Special Ability: Immovable and Unstoppable - acquired by increasing momentum) Former Champion & General Manager of the Fantasy Fight League: Paris Kennedy (Special Ability, Bubble Gum Telekinesis)
  4. Cherry noticed a blonde girl sitting at the bar as she walked into her favorite dance club. She kept giving the girl looks seeing if she'd get any in return. She did, but Cherry noticed that they weren't as often as the ones she was giving. She just had to make an impression on this beauty. "Hi I'm Cherry." "And I'm Christie. Nice to meet you." They began to chat when Cherry mentioned how often she gets requests by people to kiss her breasts... hinting that Christie might be interested. Christie checked Cherry's breasts out. "Well, I would have asked, but I figured you would be much more enthu
  5. KIM vs KELLY These two women carried their behemoth asses to the ring. Along with them they carried a ball of light that they each swallowed as they neared the ring. When the two balls were inside one person, they would transform the winner from an "average" being to one with Super Human abilities. Kim entered the arena followed by her also stunning sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Kim's sisters wished her luck and then stood at ringside to watch the match as her managers. Kelly entered the arena seeing the all three of the Kardashian sisters. She became even more delighted by t
  6. Thank you Candyman! I couldn't write this piece for quite some time... every time I tried to, the fantasizing about Cherry and Hitomi in a ring just became overwhelming.
  7. Here it is folks... the conclusion that you forgot you have been waiting for because I haven't been active in a long time.... Cherry Girl vs The Empress of the Arena, Hitomi Tanaka. Just to refresh your memory... this is a story of two women at the top of their game. Cherry Girl... 23 years old has beaten an impressive number of competitors in the fantasy fight league. Every competitor in the FFL is equipped with a special ability, Cherry has a way (an obvious way, as she has made clear that I express in several FFL interviews) of seducing her opponents into a trance-like
  8. Yup thats her! The part where I'm at she's backed into a corner and forced to unload everything she's got on Cherry. You'll know soon if Cherry can take it. Here is the link to the topic for voting! http://www.cherrygirl69forum.com/topic/13878-cherrygirl69-vs-hitomi-tanaka/
  9. I didn't know that! Maybe she'll be able to physically augment her butt at her own will if she beats Kim! haha I'll try to get to this fantasy fight in a bit... but coming out soon is going to be: Hitomi Tanaka vs Cherry Girl! Stay tuned!
  10. Get your votes in! I want to write some more stories soon!
  11. Kim vs Kelly: Fantasy Cat Fight Who will win? Who hass the better butt?! Winner of the match will win herself a special ability for future cat fights. The ONLY way for a competitor to win is to face sit an opponent until either a submission is forced or a knock out occurs. Kim Kardashian - Kim is a successful businesswoman, television personality, and a socialite. Kelly Divine - Kelly has built her career as a butt model and fetish star. Considering the high profile celebrity status of Kim, each girl was asked to comment on their opponent by the press, "Kim Kardashian has never ste
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