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  1. My favourite is always Pussy, or Pussie. Soft, smooth and sleek.
  2. Clicked on the link and pleasantly surprised on the Scottish contribution, when you put it with England?? Jeez, why are we not still pioneers?? Or are we all offshore living in Thailand
  3. If you have paid NI for the 30+ years (UK) required for all your benefits, then you have already, de facto paid for your spouse, who rarely has made 100% contributions. Since most men only live a few years past their retirement date, then, it were always accepted the wife would receive a widows pension + her OAP. I have paid class 1 NI since starting an apprenticeship in 1971, paid full income tax on an offshore salary until 2005 when I came to Asia to work and live in Thailand during my leave. The government are trying to cut benefits where they can and it is unfair for any future Thai wife of mine, to, be denied a benefit from my contributions.
  4. I need to be careful what I say on a Thai website. But Suthep standing up and declaring he wants this (elected) government replaced with a "dream team" of appointed ministers and leaders, not those elected by the majority of the voters?? Is a departure from democracy. Most visitors to the country can see how it could slide in dictatorship, or, worse. Therefore you do not need to be a rocket scientist to work out why numbers of visitors are dropping. Even in peaceful times there are to many people losing their lives under strange circumstances
  5. Since there are no debates in schools of "Higher learning" or classes selecting a "Devils Advocate" for garnering different views/opinions. Then you will always get the 'informed', 'educated' or 'respected elder' view, which is not allowed to be challenged, let alone that person to be questioned. Those views are taken as correct, yet a few polite questions would show them up as based on a weird form of reasoning. Sad to say, but until a country can question and debate without worry about loss of face. Then it will always remain behind others who question the direction of economic, social and political direction those in power take.
  6. Hello Cherry, I am over the 50 post mark, hope to meet you some afternoon or evening, where you are appearing?? At the moment in Norway doing training, return home (Thailand) 17th October. But sadly head back to the shipyard in Korea 28th October. So unless you are doing an appearance, a quick lunch and coffee will have to wait until December
  7. You missed one topic that can come before a parents remarriage. That is a death of a parent?? I lost my Father at 11 years, mother who were 38 at the time married again at 46. Her new husband had no time for me, made it known and told me to leave 3 years later. Yes, it had an effect on me, which still it still does to this day 38 years later.
  8. Being in the British Merchant Navy and then offshore in the oil&gas industry for the past 36 years worldwide operation. I have been to many red-light and dockside bars around the world so have been with many ethnic groups. Asian ladies are the best for their physical appearance, personalities, smile and above all their smell and taste. The GFE is so nice, Thai are first, joint 2'nd is Indonesian and Filipino ladies.
  9. There were an article about an UK woman who brought a guy from Kenya, she had met on holiday and become intimate with, to the UK. He took all her money to build a home for his parents back home. When the money ran out and he had permission to stay in the UK he were gone. Her story appeared in a Sunday paper, she got loads of sympathy on how an older lady fell in love with a younger man and got conned out of her life savings. She were treated badly, she should get her money back, he should be deported, she did nothing wrong except fall in love said all the paper comments. Now swap it around and it is an older guy, who were conned out of his money by a younger girl. Now he has got what he deserved, should know better. Double standards Eh??
  10. Cannot speak on Phillipino girls and their personal hygiene. But living here in Thailand for 9 years and worked all around Asia for 18 years, have top say that Thai girls hygiene is fastidous. Compared to UK females who have atrocious hygiene, one woman said to me that the vagina were self cleaning and did not require washing ??? Only wipe the outside with a damp cloth since soap could upset the balance inside and make it smell. Well I have eaten my way through boxes of cod, haddock and 1 week old prawns. Then, did not know any different. Asian ladies now........ Sweet, clean and tasty
  11. Here in Korea, it is heating up now?? Glad winter is over, icy roads were scary
  12. I work offshore doing 4 weeks on/off rota. When I get on that plane heading back home Thailand I still get a pleasant buzz, tingle. So at ease and relaxed in this country, the GFE you have, ............... incredible. May the tingle, buzz and exitement last
  13. These matters need to be addressed, but our politicians tend to leave it for others. While for the ordinary people on the street suffers more and more. Not a fan of the EDL, but can now understand why ordinary "Joe Public" gets involved with them
  14. I stopped breathing.............. Now I have a lump on my head.................. There must be a God, for natural selection could not produce such beauty........ There has to be divine intervention to make such beautiful, female forms.
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