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  1. I would love to. It will be a while as I am not home right now and won't be for another month and a half or so. But I will work on something like that for you. SexyRegularGuy
  2. Pics are posted. Hope you like. Will post more is you do. After shaving my balls and my cock I really enjoy masturbating. especially after I have waxed. the best is usually 3 or 4 days after waxing when the imflamation goes down. Though I have not ben able to wax much lately because of my work situation and where I am at. But soon I will be able to do so on a regular basis reducing the amount of skin irritation and really cutting the amount of grown that comes back over time. I think I am going to use an inhibitor after each waxing and during the time between. SexyRegularGuy
  3. No need for that stuff here. I can go pretty much all night without any performance enhancing drugs. If my dick quits on me it is usually because the rest of my body quits on me. Most occasions she quits on me before I am remotely near finishing. It ie very hard for me to find a woman that can keep up with me. SexyRegularGuy
  4. Vibrators aren't all that expensive but then again you are in the Philippines. You should move to the United States. I could help you with your website and a lot more. My wife has a huge selection of toys I am sure that she wouldn't mind sharing them with you especially is she got to play with you as well lol. Than again we could help you build up a nice collection of your favorite toys as well. SexyRegularGuy
  5. I seriously can not recommend it enough. It can be one very pleasurable experience. Experimentation is a good thing. No need to be ashamed of what you find that pleasures you as long as it is safe and legal. I have been known to use different toys from time to time. You would be surprised at what kind of pleasure can be derived from ass play. The intensity and desire it produces can be amazing. SexyRegularGuy
  6. Makes me feel good to know that my words bring you pleasure. Tickle away there is much more to cum. SexyRegularGuy
  7. this is very true. Some of our best friends are swingers. With these people we can always be our sexual selves. NO worries or hangups about sex and sexuality. Open expression and exploration is usually accepted. SexyRegularGuy
  8. There are so many different positions. Each with their particular benefits. The eye and body contact and variations that Missionary provides for slow building sex that reaches a crescendo of pure eroticism and special energy that only two bodies connected can provide in that position. Looking into your sexual partners eyes as you pump in and out of her. Her hips meeting your thrusts. Your sweat dripping off of your body and on th hers mixing together two bodies sliding against each other. The heat coming off each others bodies gets intense her pussy walls start contracting as she reached
  9. Not a problem. I enjoy it. Swinging is one of the many pleasures in life that many deprive themselves of. We call it consensual Adultery. We take the opportunity whenever we can. SexyRegularGuy
  10. My wife and I were swinging with a couple whom we were very good friends with and had a strong sexual relationship with. The other woman was doing a very good job of sucking my cock and asked if she would let me try something. Trusting her and knowing that we have very good sex together and being open minded about sex and sexuality I said sure. Boy was I in for a surprise. She grabbed some lube and lubed up my cock. She then started stroking my cock with both hands doing a very good job I might add then grabbed some more lube and lubed up my ass. She slowly inserted a finger into my ass
  11. I think it is extremely sexy when a woman takes charge of the mans orgasm that way. It is also sexy as hell when she does what she chooses with the cum as a result. Seeing a woman take my load in her mouth and savor every drop. That would be sexy. Seeing a woman rub the cum into her skin like lotion and asking for more would be sexy as well. Damn now I need to masturbate and I can't lol. SexyRegularGuy
  12. I am glad you like it. There are many more pictures that I have but not sure everyone wants to see them ;-). Though there are other women on here. I love showing off for the ladies. You can almost see my bald waxed cock and shaved balls there. SexyRegularGuy
  13. looks like I just might have to consider becoming a member. Though my private time right now is quite limited. Nothing is better than a sexy little bald smooth wet hot pussy. And I have been known to pluck at times as well. SexyRegularGuy
  14. It is proven that the more you Pluck or wax the less hair will grow back over time and the hair that does grow back is finer and less course. I can imagine how soft and smooth your pussy must feel those that are lucky enough are surely special. SexyRegularGuy
  15. We would absolutely love to have you join us sometime. I love seeing my wife pleasure another woman. It is one of the most beautiful sexual things I have ever witnessed. Then when I leave the two of you alone to play without the distraction of Me being there the knowing that you are enjoying each other playing with each other and pleasuring each other in ways that I can not is very erotic. SexyRegularGuy
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