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  1. Yes mate, we have full control over this site and dont need google play store or apple
  2. No problem mate, I want uncensored but Google playstore dont.
  3. GoGoHop is continuing to evolve. We are adding lots of useful information for the traveler or expat in Asia. There will be listings for Bars, Hotels and Restaurants together with essential information like hospitals and embassies. You will be able to keep records of individual trips with multiple Timelines. There will also be current news items. Create Groups and share stuff with your friends. Create Events See all the info for hopping around Asia Android App available now iOS available now Just Go Go Hop!
  4. Welcome mate. there is also a sister site with Android and iOS Apps available called GoGoHop. It is very similar to facebook but you can have as many separate Timelines as you want to keep each trip easy to find and navigate to. There is also bar, hotel and other useful info with more coming soon. It is still very new. Unlike facebook there are no ads and we do not sell your data, you do not even need to use your real identity!!!!
  5. I came up with hushAsia.com and liked it better really I still have AsiaAddicts.com but just unused atm
  6. Basically my computer is a Surface Pro 6, I have the keyboard and mouse to go with it, I find this very portable and fulfills all my needs editing photos and maintaining my websites. My cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, I am waiting for the Note 20 Ultra to come out and will probably buy one of those rather than the S20 Plus. I also have an iPad mini 5 which I bought because GoGoHop is available as an App in the Play store and the Apple Store. I need both platforms to test my App and also I need an Apple ID to upload it to the Apple Store. I have just bought an iPad Pro 1
  7. I have just bought an iPad Pro 11 inch, I had an iPad Mini before but it was getting too difficult to read so it was either a bigger iPad or glasses!!!! I am having a little trouble with the file management system on the iPad as it does not work the the same as Android or PC. Anybody know any good apps?
  8. I have restarted the social network GoGoHop once again and the apps are downloadable at the apple and play store. Please join the growing safe network
  9. Thanks for feed \back mate, I have put the red logo on the IPS standard theme and left the blue one on the dark theme
  10. The logo in blue fits better with the forum colours but the red one looks more hot.
  11. I have decided to rename the forum from SEASelect.com to;- Not sure which colour to go for, I like the blue but the red looks more hot!!!
  12. This came into my head this morning whist drinking my morning brew. My Nan got alzheimer's disease and lived with it for about 5 years. Most people understand the disease and its effects, basically what happens is your short term memory goes and you cannot remember what you did an hour ago but your long term memory is often uneffected. My nan used to talk about what she did years ago, over and over again without realizing what she was talking about. My point is that, as a monger it may be quite frightening to get this as in out old age we may divulge all the secrets and naughtiness we
  13. I am thinking about renaming the forum from SEASelect.com to AsiaAddicts.com I have already placed a tempary logo at the top to see how it looks. Any thoughts?
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