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  1. What is the idea of these" whites forbidden" redlight areas in some portions of Asia? Is it a racial thing or purely do they as a society feel ashamed by it all ?
  2. I know much more bout the Thai scene where the vast majority of girls families know about there "work" . Catholicism would change things for the families of Philly girls wouldn't it ??? I imagine the BG's would always hide their money maker away from home :
  3. All I can say is that most of the times I've gotten "hit on" by ladies, is actually the times when I've been in a relationship (and yes.... the ladies who "hit on" me when I've been in a relationship, have surely KNOWN the fact that I've been in a relationship). Complicated world, isn't it? And this is actually the whole point of chicks hitting on guys that they know are taken.............. Mainly they are safe and they can play with your mind then!!
  4. This is the old story as to why women are meant to be serviced by a variety of males. It's just that our egos get in the way!
  5. FFS human beings and their great minds! Don't you have to laugh.......
  6. though the tears may pass there are only so many ways that we can derive nutrition from this planet. 5K years are really a blink in the history of the world. Love these reports!
  7. But aren't women just beautiful creatures !!!!
  8. My X wife was a monster of a multi orgasmic girl BUT she couldn't cum unless she was held by force n thought that I was just about about to cum as well. Happy days controlling that girl in bed..........
  9. I have always found looking through the keyhole to be my best friend in these circumstances.......
  10. That sounds great........so I'll take it slooooooooooowwwwww
  11. But Cherry that's only for the ladyboys when I really expect some sweety tasty.............
  12. I've done that with a girl in OZ and it was no big deal to me but, I guess that many would find it a prob. I could say many things here but I don't want to get banned.
  13. As long as I wasn't stirring someones porridge...... NO problems. BUT i am a sick bastard anyway.
  14. Although the ladyboys do get better looking later in the evening, I've never had one of those shocking experiences when you enjoy the touch of sweet wet pussy and................
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