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  1. The time is Finally approaching...........the day after tomorrow, I'll be on my way > - < .......To the Phils.... >>K <> I am soooooo excited. Thanks everyone for all of your input and advice, I appreciate it.
  2. Then we could move this to the Threesome Topic. ~!! ROTFL!
  3. Thanks Jay, I intend too, especially if Sarah and Cherry are game.
  4. Hey everyone, I have another question for you. Getting around > - < .....I keep seeing different options for getting around the islands,Plane, boat, bus, ect. >> Now to see as much as possible, one has to move around. Now for someone coming over on vacation, I imagine boats and buses take away a fair amount of your play time >>K ==> , leaving flying as the transportation of choice. How expensive is it to fly around to the different islands? Like from Manilla to Cebu? Just trying to get an idea. Tha
  5. That's pretty much what I thought. Really not much different than here I guess, I was just curious. I know things are different there, thus my asking, but I pretty much already knew the answer.(Common Sense I Guess) Thanks though.
  6. Now that's something I'd rather not think about. I am so ready to get there, the last thing I want to think about is leaving. But I imagine you're right, I have a couple of friends that spend any and all of their free time there. One is married to a Filapina, the other just loves it over there and can't get enough of it.
  7. Cherry, somehow and for some reason, I think you are quite correct. I can see this being the first of many trips to the Phils.
  8. Would that also hold true for a non-bargirl? I have been talking to a couple of Filapinas from FilapinaCupid.com and plan to meet a couple of them while I'm there. If I were with them, let's say I took one of them out to a club, do you think they would be as open-minded? I do realize that everyone is different and that you can't say for sure, again I'm talking in general.
  9. Speaking of Threesomes, Is that a pretty common thing in the Phils? Are most women there open minded enough to try it? So far, it seems to me that most girls there will do just about anything to make their mate or partner happy. I'm sure there are limits to that, but even in other topics, I have seen where they'll go out of their way, do whatever it takes, many with no regard to their own pleasure, comfort, or values, to take care of their family. Many girls there make such huge sacrifices, that is admirable, but such a shame. I would hope that most do what they love, what makes them happy.
  10. Thank you everyone. Once again, I appreciate all of your input, and I anxiously await 6/20 as I want nothing more than to come over there and make some new friends. I'd like to pleasure and be pleasured by a few as well. Coming over to the Philappines will definately be an experience, one that I want to make the most of, But in the end, hopefully I'll find someone special........
  11. Purchased Tickets today and am soooo excited, I can't wait. That's the good news, bad news is that I had to push my departure a week. The count down to 6/20 is on........
  12. Actually I do have a question. From everything that I've read so far, it appears that one could meet a Filapina girl very easily there, and that they are pretty open and eager when it comes to sex, unless they are a virgin,(CherryGirl) . So it could possibly take a little more patience than hooking up with a bargirl, but it appears relatively simple nonetheless. Now my question is, or what I would like to know is this: Is it safer to hook up with a bargirl or someone you meet out and about? As far as STD's, is it a big problem there? I realize safe sex is always the way to go, my prob
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