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  1. In other words be more discreet when collecting their Christmas gift when stopping you for traffic violations or fake set ups and charges.. I get it now...
  2. I love any and everything from the Bee Gee's. I remember trying to sing falsetto behind my locker in high school trying to get girls..lol Funny everybody thinks it's the Bee Gee who sings the song Emotions recently remade by Destiny child but it was actually Samantha Sang who sounded like the Bee Gee's but they did sing background. Who can forget the Barry Gibb & Barbara Streisand duets of Guilty & What kind of Fool! On a side note so sorry to that their younger brother Andy Gibb most known for the song Shadow Dancing committed suicide due to a broken heart from Actress Victoria Principal AKA Pamela Ewing..
  3. Well I guess you are not talking about Biggie Smalls huh?? Anyways Happy Birthday to the other Biggie..hehe
  4. Dre


    If you said you hate Spam in Hawaii they would Roast you at a Luau..
  5. It depends on how long is your few hours.. If you can give me some ideas I may be able to recommend a few places.. BTW: How long will you be in Cebu? Will you be bringing the Revolution with you?? LOL I just could not resist a Prince joke..
  6. I actually took this from another forum with permission because I thought you could enjoy the humor. I woke up at about 4:30ish and went to the toilet (CR - means comfort room <- Funny story about CR, on the second night with Cherry, she kept saying to me "I am just going to CR' About 6 times she went and said this to me everytime. At this stage I didn't know thats what they called the toilet... She said it too me one last time and I said, 'Excuse me but who the fuck is R?' Then it clicked she was going to the CR not to see R.. LOL)
  7. I understand because I just had 2 pops while reading this..lol
  8. Cherry with that dark complexion you can pass for a black american sistah in the states...As a matter of fact I am trying to make something that looks like you right now..lol
  9. I found the link to the original article.. http://mb.com.ph/articles/292284/de-lima-philippines-not-ready-jury-system
  10. Thanks and great link.. Well maybe things will change since they now have Face to Face on Tv 5 a Jerry Springer type show where they have a panel to judge you.. They are really talking about their own when I read this article..
  11. Thanks but to further my point. I have had many virgin girls seek me out just to take their cherry and they did not want any commitments or any money just the experience. This is an interesting place. I have turned down so many cause honestly I just do not get any kicks in taking virginities. It is rather boring and to traumatic for me.
  12. There is a song by the World Class Wrecking Crew called Turn off the lights and in the song which is sung by Dr Dre then girlfriend Michelle say: Before you turn off the lights Let's get one thing understood If you plan to make love to me You've got to do it good Cuz I'm a hell of a woman And for me it takes a hell of man So don't you dare turn off the lights Unless this you understand Well if these girls start and they are curious as hell then you better be ready because do not try to say no because it won't work..LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BCAneSh1nQ
  13. Well let me tell you my experience and I will let everyone tell me if it is yes or no. When I first came to Cebu I meet a girl and I meet the parents and ask permission to court her. After getting permission from the mom, the Ba rangy Captain, sister, The Mayor, The Jeepny drivers and the wowwowwee girls I was able to court her alone. The first time we were supposed to meet she was over an hour late so I went home. She texted me later apologizing and said she would come to my place. I had planned a day of going to the movies etc.. She arrived at my condo and we sit and talk and watched TV. She looked sleepy or bored so I asked her if she wanted to sleep in my room alone. She told me she would rest but also wanted me to rest with her. As we were resting in a cuddle position she started asking me curious sexual questions such as how many times I had sex, how big am I etc etc. She then told me she is curious and wanted to touch and see me.She told me she was a virgin. So we kissed she wanted more and I let her grab my "masterpiece" and we got completely naked with her setting all the rules and calling the shots. She told me we could do"Semi Sex" which she told me we could do everything except penetration. This was a wild first for me so what the hell. We did everything and I mean everything except Anal to each other and she remained a virgin. We both cum on each other and we were both completely satisfied. We did this for the next 2 meetings with her initiating everything. We finally had a few words and we lost contact. She located me on another dating site a few years later and then I found out she had got married to a White man but was in love with a black man. The black man took her virginity after she was with me with Semi-sex. We again a few years later hooked up with each other and were friends only as she is married and her family is very strict and her husband is in Florida and he cant afford to see her. We never had real sex only a few feels and things like that. So I think it is very possible that you can have friends with benefits with an Asian girl...
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