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  1. I think this means your now a homosexual
  2. No But I always slap my wifes bum Its an act of endearment
  3. I married to a japanese lady so I would have to say thats a big yes
  4. Hand job then when I coming to swallow it all
  5. My wife loves to go out all the time dressed sexy. one time a women commented on her in a bad way. I bailed the lady up and if she didnt so many fucken doughnuts then she to could make a short skirt look nice. she would need surgery about the face however. Her husband didn't know if to laugh or be angry he just looked on.
  6. I find fat women funny to look at. I would want to go out with one
  7. Catherine zeta jones , my wife and I
  8. Hard one for sure. The guy should be made to pay for her living expenses but then it just means he will make himself broke so he cant afford to. Blinding him will make anyone else think twice about it before they inflict the same thing to another women
  9. If you go to the blue oyster bar you will find a willing partner. Im just not sure if you will be in front or behind
  10. Didnt Camilla do a great job of towing the royal carriage
  11. I think surgery would the ideal thing and just cut it off. It will no longer cause any problems after that
  12. My wife allowed me to live one of my fantasy's last night. She hooked up with another lady while I was watching. I got to see the other lady bring my beautiful wife to an orgasm while I looked on. There is no one better looking in the world than my wife so i dont want to touch another women. But I loved watching her being touched by another women. It was a surreal moment and I love her even more than I ever did.
  13. I love having my balls played with.
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