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  1. what's one place would you have sex at where you never tried?
  2. What's your sexual fanstany?
  3. which is better: a 3sum with 2 girls and a guy or 2 guys and a girl?
  4. do you remember the first time someone gave you oral sex?
  5. have anyone from the opposite sex went between your legs and grabbed your private parts? tell your story.
  6. would you let someone you're having sex with give you a hand job?
  7. Do guys tend to masturbate less when he has a girlfriend, yes or no?
  8. With the exception of one question, I don't have a story to the question I ask
  9. did you ever run into one of your ex's someplace and you had sex with them? tell your story
  10. have you ever had a sex dream about a female celebrity? tell your story
  11. which do you like better blow job or hand job and why?
  12. I would yes because that i was kinda implying that you had to sneak off someplace to have sex when you was at the party
  13. have you had sex with someone you weren't attracted to?
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