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  1. whoa. i can't believe to how perfect those boobs are. These pictures are just simply a work of art. it didn't lift up my libido even one bit but only raised my admiration to how they present the woman's body during that era.
  2. handjob before sex ?? i even have a handjob while someone gives me a massage, hehehe.. MP WITH ES
  3. this is one sick massacre. they say that it's due to early signs of insanity and coupled with jealousy to have made this man snap.
  4. @cyberdragon, guessing with the way you answer, i think you just lost your virginity lately. Coz you sound like you don't have much experience in terms of sex at all.
  5. amen to that, being Cebuano, i can assure you guys that Cebu is super cheap. And you can get anything ( illegal ) you want in cebu as long as you know some people.
  6. japanese chicks turns me on, the yummy one's, it's rare to find them in cebu. But i'm lucky enough to have found and boinked one.
  7. they know, but they turn the other cheek. In Jeddah, where the Phils Consulate is located, you can see all around the premise you can see make shift tents of filipinos who escaped from the maltreatment of their employers, and yet the OWWA and POEA don't do shit to help them
  8. ok guys, here's the deal here in Saudi, as far as I know, there are 5 types of IQAMA ( residence permit ). the first one are the Consultant Levels, 2nd, the Specialists ( i belong here ), 3rd, the technicians, 4th, drivers and helpers and the 5th are the janitors.. the Saudi people will give you respect according to your Iqama, i'm lucky to belong to the 2nd group, but those of th3 3rd down to the 5th, they treat them like shit. I mean, shit to every word. most of the janitors here are from bangladesh, damn, this group of people don't get any form of respect at all. But let's focus on the pinay domestic helpers; they have problems both from the Man side and the Woman's side of their Boss. The Man-Boss rapes them, while the Woman-Boss treats them like slaves. But the real problem is, the philippine government doesnt do shit to help them.
  9. coz that's what's happening in the philippines today, NOBODY IS SCARED OF THE LAW. From minors to elders. We're seeing minors as snatchers and we're seeing elders as rapist and everything in between. WHY ??!! Coz the law is so fucking soft. If you've seen to how a prison looks like in the Phils, you'll aghast to how weak the law is when it comes to punishment. i mean, the equation is fairly easy, LIFE = LIFE .. if you kill someone, what more could you give in exchange but your life.
  10. you know what, this is all have to say to this Aquino Vs Arroyo crap, Aquino have nothing against Arroyo. Nothing at all. All they could present are ghost evidence, they are not concrete. No matter how good they present it in the media, fact of the matter is, Gloria has undergone 4 impeachment cases and she survived during her term. what that stupid AbNoy ( abnormal noynoy ) should do is to focus on the problems at hand and stop pointing fingers on who's fault is it.
  11. i had a handful and i can still remember their names and how everything worked out, coz all of them are so funny that i can't forget them :D
  12. dre, you hit the nail on the head there. that's the whole point to it, Virgin Girls will never allow penetration if the guy isn't willing to go the distance with her. but sorry if i confused the term, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, coz in my experience, that applies to all-the-way and i mean, sex without any commitment.
  13. yeah, there seem to have a group of airsoft players targeting gays, solution for this. let the gay population buy some airsoft guns and let hell break loose, hehehe
  14. i find this very unlikely. how can a Virgin Girl engage in such a relationship. Virgins are very conservative and they want their first time to be special, especially asian girls. I've had many "friends with benefits" before or should i say FUBU, Fuck Buddy, but they were all experienced.
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