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  1. Well I would love to join you ann. and i think every guy is or would love seeing two hot girls eatting and licking each other pussies and suck on their breast. but yet again all guys would love to join in who wouldn't <> <>
  2. Ann i would love to give you 8 or more if you are willing for us to do that. >>K ==>
  3. Cherry I say you can practice this on me ok what do you say ;)????
  4. MMM.... Well a Little bit of Jealousy could be a good thing because you know that the girl that your dating cares about you and the same thing can be said if your a girl and a guy you are dating is a little jealous. But too much is never good for a relationship because you are going to drive the other person away because your going to be doing things that will make you seem as if you don't trust him or he doesn't trust you.
  5. MMMMMM....... Cherry I love that you like anal I Would love to do that with you.
  6. Yeah you should have reworded it because I have post facts as to why men can't have Multiple Male Orgasms and with how you have it worded for this topic you are only talking about Multiple Male Orgasms and for guys that is impossible to do. and then you say it's bullshit when i have up facts as to why it is. Unless your a women that is the only type of Human that can only have multiple Orgasms. So to you I say GOOD DAY, I said Good Day!!!!!!!1
  7. I see Cherry well I can cum 4 to 5 times in one night with breaks in between each time fucking,but as far as a guy cumming over and over again in one time from having sex just time time that is Impossible. here is why men can't You have a refractory period -- the reloading phase during which men are unlikely to become erect or ejaculate again. It appears to be influenced by hormones, neurotransmitters, and nerve excitability, and is seemingly absent among most women. It's unclear how many women can have multiple orgasms -- research suggests that between 14 percent and 40 percent have experienced them. (And some women don't want to be pressured to be the next Energizer Bunny.) The closest thing to multiple orgasms for men is tantric sex, which often means learning to experience the sensation of orgasm repeatedly without ejaculating. Check out tantra.com. First we should define what is meant exactly by ‘having multiple orgasms’. If we are talking about staying on a high plateau and experiencing a quick succession of climaxes, this can only be achieved by women. The extent to which men and women are different sexually is often greatly exaggerated but in this case there is a substantial difference. After ejaculation a man experiences a so-called refractory period in which it is hard for him to get an erection or reach an orgasm. Stimulation of the penis during this period can be experienced as uncomfortable or even painful. How long this refractory period lasts depends on several factors. For some young men under twenty it’s only a couple of minutes, so technically they are capable of having sex multiple times in quick succession without interval. As men grow older the refractory period increases and can extend to several hours. In any case the second erection is most of the times less rigid than the first one. For women it’s a totally different story. Their level of excitement can stay up after an orgasm as they don’t need a refractory period. This means they can reach an intense orgasm again more quickly and easily. Some women claim to arrive at a state of experiencing an ongoing orgasm in different waves. Mind yourself though, this doesn’t happen every time or with every woman. It’s a possibility, not something you can or should experience all the time. Besides some women who are able to have multiple orgasms have to wait a while because their clitoris is too sensitive after climax. And it’s not because someone can come multiple times that he or she also wants to. People can feel perfectly satisfied after one orgasm. For the sake of completeness, there are books on the market today claiming that men too can experience a prolonged orgasm if they use the right techniques. These techniques are based on the difference between the sensation of orgasm on one side and the actual ejaculation on the other. Men are told to exert pressure on the perineum (the region between anus and scrotum) when they feel their orgasm approach until the impulse to ejaculate disappears. By doing this they should be able to reach a wave of multiple orgasms. This technique comes with a warning though. It has never been proven to work and the risks have never been examined. The perineum is a delicate, sensitive spot and there is also the possibility of urethral irritation. Some men could lose their erection when trying the above method and that’s not really the intention, is it? In any case, stop when it starts hurting! In conclusion: there’s not much you can do to overcome this problem because it’s not a problem in the first place. It’s very normal for a man to have a refractory period before being able to come again. If you experience this as a problem, it’s probably because you’re not satisfied after he has reached an orgasm. This means it’s a better idea to work on a more satisfying way of making love. It’s not because he has climaxed you have to stop your love making session. There are many other ways to satisfy a woman orally or manually.
  8. I love nice long puffy nipples on a girl like cherry's their sexy and i would love to suck on them
  9. The person above me is from the land downunder Where women glow and men plunder?
  10. Tequila so i can get fuck'd up faster hehehehehehe. Pancit or lumpia?????
  11. I am saving My money so i can Get an Apple 64GB Itouch Mp3 player as well as Trip to the Philippines for my first time so I can Met Cherry and I am hoping it won't be my last that i would be going to the Philippines ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I am From USA to be more specifically Killafornia (a.k.a California) 510 UC.
  13. I think so because you and the girl that is your girlfriend do things that are sexual. like she is more likely to give her bf a bj or a handjob as well she could give him sex. so if she does a guy tens to not masturbate as much.
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