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  1. Are there any gifts that the girls would appreciate that one could bring along? I'm not talking diamond rings here. I.e. makeup, shampoos, candles, toiletries? Day to day stuff they do not buy for themselves.
  2. my wife and i already have property in panglao island. it is in her name. we now have 3 million peso save for the house. would it be possible to build a 4 bedroom two story house with 3 million or should we save more. we just want a simple house nothing fancy but we want it roomy. are property is 2000 sqm. so pls give me your advise. we will be moving in a couple of yrs
  3. Anyone know much about the jewish community in the philippines? I believe there is a small but reasonably sized community there...even a temple
  4. Do other members on Facebook keep getting pics of young Filipina girls in a state of partial undress popping up on their 'People You May Know' box? Unless they are connected to a mutual friend, that usually means they've been checking out your profile. I wonder if some of the BGs pass your name around after they have been barfined by you. So far I've had three friend requests from girls in AC that I didn't recognize, but when I enquired as to whether we'd met before, the reply is usually something along the lines of "No, but I saw you in BodyShop". So that's what got me thinking that our names get passed around. The other thing I've noticed recently is that some of these girls really push the Facebook "no nudity" rule to the limit. See examples below. None of these are nude, but when a girl uses profile pics like these, you can only assume she's looking for something more than a Facebook friendship! Attached Images
  5. will be in AC in Feb. gonna find some activity in day time besides bar hopping. dose anyone have the experience about the "Navion Air Service "? like Aerial Sightseeing Tours http://www.navionair.com/ how do they charge or anything else. the website just said : Services: The charges for our flights are based solely on recovering our operating expenses per flight hour. We are not in business for the money, but for the love of our flying... and, it shows! i need more information to control my budget. THANKSï¼
  6. http://www.margaritastation.com/readfull.php?m=1052
  7. Beauty Queen Janine competes during the Swimsuit Competition of the 2012 Miss Universe Presentation Show. This is how a really beautiful filipina Miss Philippines looks in a bikini....enjoy :)/>/> Those legs are sooo long...not sure how tall she is or whether it is just a photographic illusion? Attached Images
  8. Occasionally, I'll need to prime the pump with the aid of an ED med. Sometimes, I take it just for recreational purpose. Viagra makes me have a horrible headache and messes with my vision - it's like there's a baby blue neon light in the room. Weird. It also makes my dick uncontrollably harder than chinese calculus without provoking it. I usually take Cialis because it generally only comes on "when I need it", but it's not without it's side effects on me. I am generally "flushed' with a red face. Am a bit anxious (jittery), and I feel like I'm a little bit drunk (even without alcohol intake). I also will get a headache. The next morning, I feel like I have a hang-over. I have reduced the dosage considerably (to only 25%) on both but I still get the same side effects - just not as severe. How about you? What do you take and what are the side effects, if any?
  9. Any new laws that might affect mongering? Heard about a new contraceptive law to be voted on. Will it affect the bar scene?
  10. I'm out of town for work this month and kind of bored so I thought I would share some on my experiences with the online dating sites Date in Asia and FilipinoCupid. I have been active on both these sites for almost 3 months now in preparation for my trip to the Phils and I thought it might be worthwhile to share some experiences with the BM's here since I see the topic come up a lot. I've learned a lot these last few months and even though I am not new to online dating (I've actually had a few serious relationships from them in the past, including one wife) I still learned about many issues unique to these sites and with Pinays. First the Pro's and the Con's as I see them.. Date in Asia: Pro's: Totally free with one photo and unlimited messaging allowed definitely the most active of the sites to meet girls in the Philippines Looks to be a good tool for relatively “quick†hook-ups – IE: when you are in country Higher concentration of real “working†girls on this site Cons: Way higher ratio of Ladyboys on this site – buyer beware! High ratio of scammers and gold diggers limited amount of tools to use. (ex: no IM's, limited search function, can't message while you're profile is hidden, etc) FilipinoCupid: Pros: Very nice interface and functionality Lots of compatibility sections and surveys if you want to use them Up to 5 photos and 1 video allowed for every profile a lot higher concentration of “real†girls looking for true relationships Ladyboys and scammers get their accounts deleted fast by the mods Premium features like Instant Messaging with Video, mail filters, multiple folders to store contacts emails, etc. You can hide your profile but still search and message other users Cons: To contact any user you need a paid subscription. Tiered subscription, for all premium features it's about $100 for 6 months Not as high of a turnover of new girls as the free sites. What you get from these sites is directly dependant on what effort you put into using them and what purpose you want them for. For many mongers, it's just a tool to find girls willing to meet and fuck. For others, they may be looking for a real relationship of some sort, even if it's just a vacation companion. In my case, I am really doing both. I have time set aside for pure mongering and I have used these sites to make contact with and get a list of possible “dates†for when I am in country. But i am also actively seeking a long term relationship and I am going to use this trip and my experiences there to help me find and get to know some Filipinas and hopefully I will find one I can love. May sound crazy to many of you on here, but I am perfectly willing to settle for one women if the right one can be found. I only monger once or twice a year anyhow and when i was married before, I was perfectly happy being monogamous. One thing everyone should know before trying to use online dating sites for mongering purposes is that it's a LOT of work... seriously, unless you enjoy being disappointed and stood up, it takes a lot of effort to screen profiles, make contact with them, build some trust and vet them if you want to have any chance at a decent encounter with them. If you just log on and message the first hot looking profile you see and arrange a meet that night, chances are you will have one of the following happen... You will be stood up, no show; The girl shows up with a relative or friend(s) and you end up paying for food and drinks and then find out shes on the rag or a cherry girl or just doesn't want to fuck you; The girl shows up and is really 29, 5'2†and 165 lbs with bad teeth. Oh didn't she tell you that wasn't her real picture on DIA because she was “shyâ€? The girl is a GUY ! Now a lot of mongers say “What's the point? I can get a girl in 10 mins at the bar.†That's a valid question and it's true – not everyone thinks the online dating sites are worth the effort. Personally, I have a lot of free time on my hands lately at work and access to the computer so it's something to keep me occupied. I also enjoy the “game†of it all. It's kind of exciting meeting these girls and getting to know them and then see how far they will go or how “real†they are. And once in a while you really do find a true diamond in the rough. When I fly over in a couple of weeks, I probably won't even log on to these sites anymore and when I get back home I'll forget I was even even on them until a few months before my next trip. Tips & Tricks: 1. How to spot the real freelancers willing to do anything (for $$ of course) Most of these dating sites don't allow profiles that are blatant ads for prostitutes. Plus a lot of freelancers actually hold out hope that one day, one of the men they meet for sex will actually be their prince in shining armor (AKA “the sponsorâ€) So it's not always clear cut just which girls are willing to come to your hotel and shag you. After three months and probably 600 contacts, I have noticed a lot of similarities in the ads of those girls who are really just freelancers. Either their profiles are non existent or brief (If I see “Simple or Honest†one more time, I think I will go postal!) or their profile is filled with an encyclopedia of information that was probably stolen from a woman's magazine. They have a picture in swim wear or lingerie. On FC, they sometimes have a conservative pic as their main profile pic but the next 4 might be of them lying on a bed half naked. Normal “good†pinays don't act like this in public You can get a lot more clues from their pics as well... like it's easy to spot pics made in a monger's hotel room. Kinda funny thinking some monger just fucked that girl and is having a shower while she's taking pics of herself in the mirror to put online to find some other date :)/>/> Keywords like “I'm a poor filipina beauty†or “Someone to help me with my studies†are good indicators that girl is willing to fuck you as long as you compensate her somehow. The key here though is that many of these younger girls don't see themselves as prostitutes so you can't just message them and ask how much for a LT in your room. A lot of times, it just takes a dinner and maybe a few small gifts and/or treating her nice all night and she'll fuck your brains out. But how you treat her in the morning is equally important. Tossing 500 pesos on the bed for her will probably insult her. Slipping some money in her purse or at least giving it to her while saying it's just to pay for the trike ride home or help her with her studies... that goes over a lot better. I've found generally that the older woman, especially ones who have some kids, are MUCH more accommodating to anything you desire. The younger girls are often times too full of themselves and very unreliable while the 25-30 year olds who have kids to raise, yet still have their looks, tend to know how hard it is to get by and they will go to great lengths to please a man and get his support, even for a night only. Try to log onto the dating sites at different times and just watch the patterns of who's online. Remember that the Philippines is opposite North America in time. Generally speaking, I have seen the greatest concentration of older freelancers on late in the evening (when good girls are in bed) and the most student and young freelancers online early in the mornings before school and on the weekends. 2. How to avoid getting scammed and how to vet the girls: Honestly, it all depends on what level of trust do you really need to have with this girl? If you're just looking for a ST in your hotel room, do you really care about her boyfriend at home or that she lies about practically everything? Or do you want to spend a week with her in Boracay and you would really like to meet someone nice and who you might enjoy the company of? Here's a few tips on spotting liars and scammers and to avoid getting burned. NEVER give someone you just met online money.. for anything! Don't believe anything anyone says if they ask you for something right away. Seriously, it seems like a no brainer but these girls still manage to get some new guy by the short hairs all the time. Here's some of the more popular lies I have seen ... “I need to pay for my load (internet tab) or I won't be able to cam with you tomorrow†- “We haven't paid our electricity bill and they are going to cut us off tomorrow†- “Sure I can come to your hotel, but I am in the province right now and I'll need 500 pesos for the bus†The list is endless. Probably the first thing you should do when you find out the girls real name, and/or email address is to google it and search it in facebook. It's amazing how many of these girls fail to even understand that the email account they use on DIA is the same one they opened their facebook accounts with and how they didn't properly configure their privacy settings in facebook. Tips on finding their “hidden†facebook accounts.... search first by their yahoo email. If that fails and their name is part of the email address, just search with that and erase the “@yahoo.com†part. If you get multiple hits, then try adding the city - ex: “Jane Doe Davaoâ€. Finally, when you do find their facebook accounts, try looking through their timelines, especially old content as a lot of that gets posted with no privacy restrictions when the timeline feature was introduced. It's kind of fun calling out a lying bitch who is telling you that she's single and never had kids when you are looking at her wedding photos or the birth photos from 6 months before, lol. Use a new separate free email account for your interactions on these dating sites. You want to be able to delete them if you end up getting some psycho bitch on your case. Same with your phone. I have an unlocked phone I use just for mongering and never give out my real mobile number except to trusted friends. I had the unpleasant experience of meeting a psycho Filipina on DIA who worked in Singapore. She was very beautiful, had a really good job and was open to meet me in the Phils, I thought I was very lucky but then I started to see some strange behaviour from her and I noticed some shit on facebook that didn't look right and so i called it off and told her I wasn't going to meet her. Well she went bi-polar on me. Started texting all hours of the night, emailing, evening lying and trying to make me think she tried to commit suicide. I found out about her bizarre mental episodes from one of her co-workers in Singapore and from an old friend of hers who actually lives close to me (she's an overseas nanny). I ended up having to delete that email account and get a new SIM card for my phone. On the positive side, meeting her friend in Montreal turned out to be a fun sex filled weekend :)/>/> Finally, cam with the girl if you can. Almost everyone in the Phils now has access to a computer with a cam. Heck, I chat with one girl on a farm out in the middle of nowhere who can cam with me through her phone and her house doesn't even have a real landline phone. It's a lot harder to lie to you when the girl is on cam. Also, you can read her facial expressions when you ask her stuff and gauge her honesty from that as well. And it's nice to gauge the home situation. Cam Girls: On the subject of cam'ing with a girl. I had my first real cam girl experiences over the last couple of months and it was quite a new experience for me. I've been in long distance relationships where I would sext and cyber with my girlfriends but I really never had any interest in doing any real cam shows with the “pros†before. On DIA, you will get constant messages out of the blue from girls willing to cam for money and I finally decided to see what the fuss was about. I had a rather fun couple of sessions with a 22 year old who lives in Mindanao. She would do anything I asked her too for only $10 a session. I only pulled the trigger twice and probably won't ever again, but it was still kinda fun for being something new :)/>/> One thing I learned though is that some of these girls will do absolutely anything you want them too! I tested this girl.. for example, I told her I wanted to see her giving head to a guy while being fucked in the ass. She said no problem! Out she ran and 5 mins later had two guys giving it to her on camera for me, lol. They could have been her brothers for all I know! Final Results: Well, it's hard to say yet as I am still two weeks away from getting to the Phils. Also, I think it's silly saying you have such and such a girl that you met on DIA until you have actually bagged her. But overall, I have the following to say about using these sites, from my own personal perspective.... I'm disappointed at the shear number of liars and scammers on these sites. I'm also a bit discouraged by the Filipino woman's seemingly universal ability to lie to your face and then say they were being honest and that we just don't believe them. It's a cultural thing, I am sure, but it's hard as hell to take sometimes, especially when I am someone who believes in being open and honest about everything. Out of about 600 contacts made on both sites, I have a short list of apx. 25 'strong' contacts. These are girls i have chatted with and/or cam'd with and vetted. They are also fine with what I want. I did strike gold on DIA and met someone who is completely non-pro and real. She's a teacher living in the provinces and I am meeting her later in my trip and spending almost two weeks with her. I am (fingers crossed) hoping this works out and it seems to be so far. We had a few misunderstandings earlier but worked them out and i have spent a lot of time meeting her parents in online video chats and getting to know her family and I love everything about them. Very down to earth and nice people and she's gorgeous and a perfect match for me. So this trip to Cebu in a couple of weeks might be the last mongering I do for a while (or forever possibly). In the two weeks I have in Cebu I plan on trying all sorts of things i have learned on the forum here. I have my short list from DIA and FC to try. I will, of course, be hitting some of the bars and seeing what the action is like. I want to pull a freelancer or two from the streets and I am going to try the mall routine as well. Knowing myself, I will probably find one I really like and do a few repeats. I'll try and make a good TR up from my visit next month!
  11. We are better than this... Attached Images
  12. Just talking to a few guys here last night that have informed me that the price of smokes and booze is about to start rising dramatically here in the philippines as of january 1st 2013.. Can anyone shed more light on this subject??? MANILA – Taxpayers in the Philippines will soon feel a sting in their wallet as the government narrowly approves the long debated and strongly contested hikes to the taxes levied on alcohol and tobacco. At a meeting of the Senate of the Philippines on December 11th a vote was held on the future of the hotly debated “sin taxes†on cigarettes and alcohol, passing the long discussed measure and approving several rounds of hikes to the excises taxes on both types of products. From January 1st 2013 excise duties on all alcoholic beverages and tobacco products will be increased, with further rises scheduled at the start of each year until 2017. The raised tax rates will be broken down by product types, with higher strength liquors and more luxurious drinks having higher taxes than cheap low-strength alcohols, while high-priced and pre-rolled tobacco products will be levied at a higher rate than loose leaf tobaccos or low cost products. The government aims to raise an additional PHP 24 billion of tax revenues from the excise hikes on cigarettes and tobacco products, while a further PHP 16 billion will be collected from the hike to alcohol duties. The tax hikes were passed by the Senate with 10 votes in favour and 9 votes against, with 4 Senators not present on the day of the vote. The main points of opposition raised by Senators voting against the measure were that the measure may harm the national tobacco industry and may not serve to increase the health of taxpayers. Read more: http://www.taxationinfonews.com/2012/12/philippines-approves-hike-to-sin-tax/#ixzz2F3RaBfoQ
  13. Open this thread for discussion on which girls genuinely party harder, i believe the PI girls are more fun in the bars and in bed than the Thai girls.
  14. I was living in a trailer when I was forty and studing music I had this gf for about 4 days, she was the bastard daughter of a famous rock star, still living I might add. The only way she could cum was to cluck like a chicken as I did her doggystyle, She had a killer body, but I had to bite my lip from not laughing when she starting clucking and moaning at the same time. There was a house about 100 feet away that had these roosters, one morning doing the deed on her a few of them roosters starting crowing Needless to say I could not take it and starting laughing. . On the last day after one of our chicken fucks, she got hungry and wanted some Kentucky fried chicken, again I started busting up laughing I might add she really did sound like a chicken , I've never fantazied in later years of her, just a few chuckles.
  15. A Red 4 door Ford Ranger is parked at station 4 with 11 bullet holes in it right now. The police said a Filipino Home Contractor with 2 million peso's cash in the truck in Friendship area. He was going to the bank to deposit, didn't make it. Money gone of course as well as the Filipino's life. Attached Images
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