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  1. Are there any gifts that the girls would appreciate that one could bring along? I'm not talking diamond rings here. I.e. makeup, shampoos, candles, toiletries? Day to day stuff they do not buy for themselves.
  2. my wife and i already have property in panglao island. it is in her name. we now have 3 million peso save for the house. would it be possible to build a 4 bedroom two story house with 3 million or should we save more. we just want a simple house nothing fancy but we want it roomy. are property is 2000 sqm. so pls give me your advise. we will be moving in a couple of yrs
  3. Anyone know much about the jewish community in the philippines? I believe there is a small but reasonably sized community there...even a temple
  4. Do other members on Facebook keep getting pics of young Filipina girls in a state of partial undress popping up on their 'People You May Know' box? Unless they are connected to a mutual friend, that usually means they've been checking out your profile. I wonder if some of the BGs pass your name around after they have been barfined by you. So far I've had three friend requests from girls in AC that I didn't recognize, but when I enquired as to whether we'd met before, the reply is usually something along the lines of "No, but I saw you in BodyShop". So that's what got me thinking that our names
  5. will be in AC in Feb. gonna find some activity in day time besides bar hopping. dose anyone have the experience about the "Navion Air Service "? like Aerial Sightseeing Tours http://www.navionair.com/ how do they charge or anything else. the website just said : Services: The charges for our flights are based solely on recovering our operating expenses per flight hour. We are not in business for the money, but for the love of our flying... and, it shows! i need more information to control my budget. THANKSï¼
  6. http://www.margaritastation.com/readfull.php?m=1052
  7. Beauty Queen Janine competes during the Swimsuit Competition of the 2012 Miss Universe Presentation Show. This is how a really beautiful filipina Miss Philippines looks in a bikini....enjoy :)/>/> Those legs are sooo long...not sure how tall she is or whether it is just a photographic illusion? Attached Images
  8. Occasionally, I'll need to prime the pump with the aid of an ED med. Sometimes, I take it just for recreational purpose. Viagra makes me have a horrible headache and messes with my vision - it's like there's a baby blue neon light in the room. Weird. It also makes my dick uncontrollably harder than chinese calculus without provoking it. I usually take Cialis because it generally only comes on "when I need it", but it's not without it's side effects on me. I am generally "flushed' with a red face. Am a bit anxious (jittery), and I feel like I'm a little bit drunk (even without alcohol intake
  9. Any new laws that might affect mongering? Heard about a new contraceptive law to be voted on. Will it affect the bar scene?
  10. I'm out of town for work this month and kind of bored so I thought I would share some on my experiences with the online dating sites Date in Asia and FilipinoCupid. I have been active on both these sites for almost 3 months now in preparation for my trip to the Phils and I thought it might be worthwhile to share some experiences with the BM's here since I see the topic come up a lot. I've learned a lot these last few months and even though I am not new to online dating (I've actually had a few serious relationships from them in the past, including one wife) I still learned about many issues
  11. We are better than this... Attached Images
  12. Just talking to a few guys here last night that have informed me that the price of smokes and booze is about to start rising dramatically here in the philippines as of january 1st 2013.. Can anyone shed more light on this subject??? MANILA – Taxpayers in the Philippines will soon feel a sting in their wallet as the government narrowly approves the long debated and strongly contested hikes to the taxes levied on alcohol and tobacco. At a meeting of the Senate of the Philippines on December 11th a vote was held on the future of the hotly debated “sin taxes†on cigarettes and alcohol, pa
  13. Open this thread for discussion on which girls genuinely party harder, i believe the PI girls are more fun in the bars and in bed than the Thai girls.
  14. I was living in a trailer when I was forty and studing music I had this gf for about 4 days, she was the bastard daughter of a famous rock star, still living I might add. The only way she could cum was to cluck like a chicken as I did her doggystyle, She had a killer body, but I had to bite my lip from not laughing when she starting clucking and moaning at the same time. There was a house about 100 feet away that had these roosters, one morning doing the deed on her a few of them roosters starting crowing Needless to say I could not take it and starting laughing. . On the last day after
  15. A Red 4 door Ford Ranger is parked at station 4 with 11 bullet holes in it right now. The police said a Filipino Home Contractor with 2 million peso's cash in the truck in Friendship area. He was going to the bank to deposit, didn't make it. Money gone of course as well as the Filipino's life. Attached Images
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