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  1. wish someone was on to chat with....:(

  2. what do they do when u cum in them........moan in delight?
  3. um, the true question is? who does NOT like ebig titties? lol
  4. oh Cherry, dear I do NOT like snakes is it poisionus?
  5. Sarah and Cherry need to hook up and do a nude cooking show.
  6. hahaha, I like when my penis is stuck, but not in the printer. Lol
  7. hey, I will share a secret. Post over 10 posts to get to see some sexy pics.
  8. why does it not log in every time, even if I check the box?
  9. Hi Sam Please send me some snow I would love to see it Love Cherry x x x how much u want? you would have to learn to put on a few more clothes, but then again, cold would make ur tits look good. -<" title="LOL" /> -<" title="LOL" />
  10. for real you did that? lol and they banned you? hehehe
  11. I am from Canada as well. And it is Snowing , again. And I am not impressed. lol
  12. yikes, I would break if I tried those stunts. hahaha
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