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  1. So, in case anyone is interested, will write a bit about myself I'm 35 years old, live in Cheshire in the UK. I run my own business, I work in IT providing solutions for clients and selling services such as support contracts, and so forth. I'm 5'8" tall, short brown hair, blue eyes, slim body build. I like watching movies, reading, walking, swimming and photography. Oh and sex too
  2. I don't normally smoke, only sometimes. But if the girl smokes, then I do also. A bit similar to if you eat garlic, then better that the other person does to so that when it comes to kissing, nobody cares about the garlic smell and you don't even notice it I heard that women who smoke give better blowjobs ii
  3. I love taking a woman from behind, either doggie style, or with her lying completely on her front, or with her lying on her side with me behind her. Or with me on top, and her legs over my shoulders.
  4. The strangest place I had sex was in a married womans house, wondering if her hubby was going to turn up. Luckily he didn't ii
  5. I hope it was switched off when the dog ate it Would be a strange feeling for the dog ii
  6. I think to start with I'd love to kiss, caress and suck those lovely breasts that Cherry has ii
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