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  1. How Far Would An Asian Girl Go, Just To Leave Her Own Country? Would She Agree To Some Sort Of Contract Or Deal Of Some Kind? Once Married, Would She Try To Look For Love In A Different Country, Even Though Her Husband Has Agreed To Help Her? Not All People Get Married Out Of Love You Know! Some For Wealth & Power, And Some For Survival Or Arranged By There Parents! Love And Sex Are 2 Different Thing's, But I Read That In Some Asian Country's, They Think That, It Is The Same! I Also Heard That, If You Cum In A Woman's Pussy, It Will Invoke Feelings Of Love Towards The Male, Is This T
  2. Is It Sex Or Love? Or Can It Be Both Or Either?
  3. Well If You Want Mindless Sex, Try Meeting People At Sex Dating Sites, Like Swingers! From There, All Of You Can Go Out And Meet 1 Another! Or Why Not Form A Love Relationship With The Group Of People! There Are Love Relationships Where A Group People Do Love Each Other, And Raise A Family, Too! It's Called Polyamory! If You Sign Up To Ployamory Dating Sites, You Can Meet Many People Who Are Looking For There Soul Mates, And Not Just Soul Mate! Love Or Sex, Either Way You Can Still Get Into "Group" Activities!
  4. Can Love Be Involved With The 3 People, Or Is It A 1 Time Fuck Kind Of Thing?
  5. I Don't See Why Not! Depending On What Men And Women Eat, Can Alter The Tase In Semen In Men And The Tase In A Female's Pussy! I've Heard That A Woman's Pussy Has A Lemony Tase To It! As For Female Cum, I'm Not Sure? I'm A Meat And Dairy Kind Of Guy, So My Semen Would Tase Salty, But If I Eat Fruits And Maybe Veggies, Sweet! Fruit Punch Any 1?
  6. I Think All Forms Of Love Should Be Respected And Understood! People Are People, No Matter Who They Are Or What They Do! As Long As They Don't Take Anything Away From Others, Or Hurt Them!
  7. Besides Cherry, Are There Any Other Asian Girls On Here?

  8. okay, so with a girl's 1st time, you have to get her wet as much as you can get her and it's best to have her on top! is there any thing more to do here? oh and talk to her and play with her boobs, nips, and clit! any thing elas? By The Way, Dose Ass Play Help Out At All Here?
  9. Lol! I Am Happy That You Stand Up For Your Self Cherry! And Cherry Your Not Stupid, You Only Prove To Everyone That You Are Strong Willed! I Think It's Just Plain Dumb, To Buy A Person, For What Ever Reason! Cherry, Has This Happen To You Offten? If So, I'm Sure There Are Times When, These Things Got You Feeling Down! It's Easy For Me Or Anyone To Say " Keep Your Chin Up, Something Good Will Happen! ", But Still, I Feel Your Pain! What Color Or Race Was Your Sister's Ex Boyfriend? As For The Penis Thing, I Was Just Stating Examples, But I Also Said Treatment As Well! So I Guess, Some
  10. didn't you turn down a man, from the united states, some time ago? i have a feeling, that he was white? hey cherry, how do you feel about men from your own country or other asian countriy's? i heard that much/most asian girls don't like asian men! i have to wonder if it's treatment/dick size and staying power? something?
  11. well i know that, but when i posting what i said, i was simply expressing how jealous i am! and besides, i hate the fact that i'll be looked down upon, by the very thingi love the most, asian girls! i feel bad that america fucked up the philipines, long ago, by the very same race that they admire so much! although i have to wonder how pina people, feel towards the japanese? japan pretty much fucked with every asian country around! like i said before, i love asians!
  12. Dam It!!!! That Still Pisses Me Off!! What The Hell Is So Good About Skin Color? Just As Long No 1's Fat Or Ugly, Should Be Reason Eough! I Have Brown Skin, Not Burn't To A Crip, But My Body And Face Are Both Powerful And Cool To Look At, As Well As Touching It!!! Watch, Word Will Spread On What I Can Do To Them, And They Will Swarm Towards Me Like Horny Monkey Ants!! I'll Give Brith To A New Empire, 1 In Which Die-ing Feels So Right! I Will Mark Terrortoies And Posess Souls, Then They Will See, That Skin Color Don't Mean Shit!! Just Looks And Not Being Fat Is What Counts, If It Comes
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