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  1. until
    Myself and 2 mates will be in Pattaya from July 187-24, lets have some fun all.
  2. I just came from Sabai Dee Massage and my first soapy massage. It was a great experience to say the least. Walked in around 2pm on a Sunday and there were around 40 girls to chose from. About 15 high tear (2400) and 25 low tear (2000). I picked a cute skinny low tear girl and she escorted me upstairs to our private room. The attendant started the bath and left the room. We undressed and entered a large Jacuzzi type bath that was large enough for both of us and as some may know im not a small man. She bathed me from head to toe, scrubbed every inch of me, even washed my hair. We then went to the rubber air bed. All soaped up she slithered up and down my back, sliding in and out of my legs, was amazing. I then flipped over and once again she slid up and down my body and I don't know if on purpose or accident she actually slide on my cock and up her pussy only for a brief second or three. We then rinsed and off to the bed we went. Nice short rub down and then we were down to business. She wrapped my willy and jumped on and road till the deed was done. I have to say if was awesome and if you are even in Pattaya you have to check it out. Wish they had them in PI
  3. I received a message on Facebook this morning from my EX again. Seems a member of AC2 has been sending her messages about me. I really don't give a shit but Come on guys, WHY always want to be the guy that saved the Filipina from the bad western man, always want to be the hero. I guess I will truly never understand guys on these message boards. :no Here is his Facebook account and the messages he sent. http://www.facebook....frank.bonner.75 Sent 10 hours ago Frank Bonner Hey did u know ur mahal Larry is posting on ANGELES 2 Website about all the filipina putas he is fucking in Angeles? He do very much short time and sneak out. Sent 2 hours ago Frank Bonner Hey your mahal LArry find younger filipina diba?? He tell me he like filipina who have tight puki NOT sloppy puki like you!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Larry is now in Angeles fucking many young filipina!!!!!! My ex's reply a few minutes ago and who the hell r u? that i dont have puki tight,,,and i know that my mahal is fucking arround in ac,,,and its not my fucking bisnis,,,and so who care???and who told u?that i have sloppy puki,,,?my mahal,,,is my the second man to fuck me,,,my puki not used much,,,not like a younger bargirl everynight barfine,,, so who which puki tight????????
  4. I just came from Robinson Mall and was in search for a new cell phone charger for my Blackberry. The first cell phone shop I stopped at had a original Blackberry charger ( That is what the Filipino tried to tell me)for 750 peso. I said no thanks and while walking away he said how much you pay? I walked right next door to the next shop and bought the exact same charger for 200 peso. Will they never learn?
  5. My next door neighbor is moving out and his apartment will be available June 1. Its in Plaridel 1 and its in a great apartment complex. Has 24 hour guard and great water pressure. I have internet and am sharing at a low cost with the neighbors and so far it works out great. All foreigners and foreigner owned. Here is website and contact info. No pets, I repeat NO pets. If you text John tell him Larry sent you. I have more pics if you want to see. http://greenstreetplace.com/ The unit is unit F rpt_Prop_Area.pdf rpt_Prop_Price_List .pdf
  6. Cheeseburger #2 for Lunch, just as good as my first.
  7. I have to give a A+ to the Cardell Laundry Shop. They are located just past R&B on Perimeter in The Therapist Bar and Grill plaza (Stargate) down by the motor bike repair shop. Not 7 day laundry, the other one. There contact numbers are 045-625-6598, 0918-281-1393, 0923-708-4280. They pickup and deliver free of charge and charge p30 per kilo for all. The do a great job, pick up today in am and they deliver back next day around noon. Wash, dried and folded perfect, no clue how they fold the clothes so perfect. They smell great also.
  8. So if this it true NO guys that visit or live in Pi should ever get Prostate cancer. Many people keep asking whether sex can really help to prevent prostate cancer. This article looks into it and examines how and why sex can help in the prevention of prostate cancer or not. But of course - before you take any advice in this article, ensure that you consult with your doctor. Your doctor holds the final advice because they are the experts and they ought to know more about you to give you the right health advice. It's somewhat true that sex can help in the prevention of this condition. It's really simple, if you look at it closely. The fact is that the prostate has to be in good health to prevent prostate cancer. The enlargement and unhealthiness of the prostate is what usually contributes to this disease. It goes without saying, therefore, that keeping the prostate healthy and clean as much as possible will help prevent prostate and even other types of cancer. If you are wondering what has sex got to do with keeping the prostate healthy and clean - keep reading. You see, the more you engage in sex, you kind of "clean out" your prostate. By having sex and ejaculating, you are "cleaning out" your prostate and this can help, somewhat, in preventing this disease. Even though all of the health and prostate cancer experts haven't accepted that sex can really help prevent prostate cancer, but lots of them opine that it can. But whether or not it can prevent prostate cancer, it really doesn't hurt you to engage in healthy sex as often as you can. Note that I said - healthy sex - and that is sex with one partner or safe sex. Find out very interesting tips and guides on Masturbation and Prostate Cancer as well as other helpful articles and hints on Sex and Prostate Cancer from these links. You will also learn how ordinary folks like you survived prostate cancer and become Prostate Cancer Survivors.
  9. I just had my first and for sure not last Cheeseburger at WOBBLY BOOT. I vote it so far the best burger I have had in Angeles City. http://www.angelesci...obbyboot&type=1
  10. I love the avatar! Haha

  11. 01. Cover your stump before you hump. 02. Don‘t be a fool cover your tool. 03. If you think she‘s spunky cover your monkey. 04. Wrap your bait before you mate. 05. Don‘t be a loner cover your boner. 06. Plug your funnel then enter the tunnel. 07. Package your meat for a real nice treat. 08. Wrap your wanger before you bang her. 09. If your nude then tube your dude. 10. Cover your diddle then fiddle her middle.
  12. http://mykagutierrez.weebly.com/#/ WANTED FOR MURDER Age: 19 year old Last seen: Sarrial Street, Dacena, Pasay City Please give time to read this website. We want justice for the murder of our dear cousin Mizzielle Jamyka Cruz Gutierrez last February 2, 2011 12 midnight. She was stabbed multiple times through her heart by the known suspect. Reports say the quarrel was over jealousy. As the fight heated up, it put this guy over the edge and he stabbed our cousin 10 times. She died at the Pasay City General Hospital. To anyone who have seen or heard from this guy and family. Please notify us immediately all over the Philippines
  13. Yesterday at the Clark Balloon fiesta they had a Garmin display tent set up. I stopped and chatted with the rep there. For 1500peso you can get the most updated program for Pi. The closes place is in Pasig City. Navco 3/F Millenium Place, Meralco Ave. Cor. Julia Vargas Ave. Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines 1605 N 14 35.120 E 121 03.824 Land 0632381898 Mobile 0639176998555 Email sales@navco.com.ph
  14. I guess last night a customer in Roadhouse dropped dead around 6:30pm of a apparent heart attach. The management and others loaded him into a tryke and they took him to AUF. They worked on him for 30 minutes and then declared him dead. I guess they actually brought him back once but only lasted about 3 minutes then he coded again. He was 53, a Canadian and was married to a girl in Davao. He had a girl from triple x with him. I guess the staff at roadhouse did all they could for the guy, they even road to AUF with him and after he passed away contacted his wife in Davao. I guess she was very pissed at him because he was here. They had huge fight so he come here to visit a friend and have some fun.
  15. I was out on Saturday with a bunch of guys on a barhop when I spotted a little cutie from a perimeter bar. I called her down and offered her a lady drink, she of course accepted. She of course asked all the regular questions so I then asked her a few. She is 20 from Pampanga, first bar she ever work and has been there 8 months. She has a 2yo at home with her mom. I asked her she like BJ, she said NO I don't do that. I asked her she like BoomBoom and same answer NO she not like. I asked her she ever barfine, she said YES but barhop only. She said she prefer just LD's and just tips in the bar. Why would a bar even bother hiring such a girl? Do bars have a barfine quota per girl? Anyone else ever had this conversation with a bargirl?
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