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Peter Pan

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  1. I started a Club but now I cant find out how to use it LoL

  2. Looks as she spends alot of time in the streets. I wouldnt mind to try
  3. I found an E-mail abt. new Name and virtue. Tagging along to se what happs. Hopefully I will start fresh in Phnom Penh. I dont like the asking prices in BKK and Patts.
  4. I've been taking anti-oxydant pills for about a month. Said by popular terms, they prevent and remove "rust" in your body. I feel like another person. 20 years younger by moving around. I can bend down and pick up things fallen to the floor so easy now. Mybe one day my balls will wake up again LoL

  5. There have been alot of folks trying to access GoGoHop lately and couldnt manage to join. First of all, you need to use your primary E.mail, not any fake E-mail as it was before. Then you need to look for a verification message in your SPAM FOLDER. Most E-mails from registered adult sites doesnt make it to your INBOX. You also need a profile photo on hand. Its a social site with mandatory shearing of pics. People without photoes on their profile wont last a week on Facebook. So is GoGoHop. Just like in this Forum. If you dont have anything to say. You se only entry level. GoGoHop
  6. My GF is running a small store in Parañaque. She hardly sell any 20 packs of cig. Its always one by one. Before she sold 5 sicks for 4p. Now she charge 1.5p pr stick Red/Green Fortune. Thers nobody buying Marlboro in her neightbourhood so she doesnt bother keeping stock. 1 Litro Redhorse is gone up 8p. Price increase of cheap beer and local alcohol got only a small fraction of increase. Not enought to add 1p to a Rum/Coke drink. Far less to add 1p to a LD. Bar owners who tell they have to increase EWR because of the new sin-tax should have got a hard slap to their face. Their profit is already over the mountain. I laugh when they get raided. Scumbags they are.
  7. Also remember that you dont need to go the full lenght of permissions and registration if you make a house with (that look like) nipa materials. Its a national law that give poor people right to make cheap houses of nipa to be granted permission to install electricity. Thats what I did to have power for all electric tools I needed. There is also a preliminary house they call bank-house. Ask your wife. You dont need construction plans for this one. Its more like a smaller house for you to live in while the main house is made (sometimes next 20 years)
  8. This is right. If you find some bottles with lotion that says "skinwhitening" its the best gift.
  9. With a big property like this I would concider not to make a 2 story house cuz it's very costly to make the upper floor. You will need so much strenghtening to keep it safe to live upstairs and you need 3" hollow blocks for foundation and walls of 1st floor. This you only need to do in a big city where lot prices are over the limit. I advice you to build your inner bed and restroom with double wall and 2" of styro in between. If its very noisy around you, also add a layer of sand in between. Be smart man. And ofcourse you make a cemented ceiling in all rooms to keep the noise and heath out. I didnt make cemented ceiling over my kitchen so all the noise from the road came intoo the bedroom anyway. Lesson learned.
  10. They are around.. I've seen the breakedown from BI of number of visitors from each country where Korea, Auz/NZ and US rank on top. EU as a whole equals US but there is variations. This doesnt say anything about the mongering population but I belive there is more bizniz related visits from US than other countries. After the 2008 market crash there have been a significan reduction of US mongers in Angeles. I miss many of my old friends
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