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  1. Will we ever see a New Mr Storms girl? Or More from The X .. Miss Cherry hope so
  2. Memories are good in here but members post pics of girls thats never seen the inside of a bar in AC or Patts

    1. gingernuts


      Ops sorry if offended anyone

  3. Found any Yet Mate you Tasted lol Or Wasted

  4. Yes Gingernuts is here lol Famous for not much but, also a Fan Of Pi Secrets, PI NIght but they banned me lol to many sooks lol and also Love Pattaya Secrets... Always been a Fan of Cherrys for a long time lol Love to post silly cheeky things, teasing for fun sharing laughs, and beers and admire beautiful Fillipino And Thai ladies and of coourse Busty beauties. Love AFL go Magpies.. always up for a Beer and chat Sadly Do not get To Asia much.... hope in time will change As need it lol Lastly I need a JOb lol Help
  5. Welcome you old Fart Look forward Sharing some Laughs indeed > - <
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