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  1. just saw the nick cage movie drive angry in 3D,my first 3D movie and it was bad ass! now i here 3D porn is coming out soon from Penthouse! WW
  2. i really dig that song and the video too! WW
  3. just saw NO STRINGS ATTACHED movie on wed. and liked it! its kinda chick flick but i have to admit i enjoyed it very much,had some very funny parts!
  4. join twiends to get tons of new followers i got over 1,000 that way!
  5. i like all kinds of music,except for rap and hip hop!
  6. just saw the green hornet and it was a good movie,but not a great movie!
  7. i think the guy might be gay,but loves hanging out with you!
  8. just saw the movie;the tourist and it was great lots of action and a great story with a few twists! i say this movie is a must see! )'>
  9. well i'm sure you one of many guys here that do that! but then again Cherry is so hot who can blame you! WW
  10. Now that's a good question, a pornstar would know exactly what to do in bed and give you a really good time wouldn't they? Love Cherry x x x no, she's a pro,an actress;so she is probably faking it!
  11. i agree 100% droids are the best mobile/cell phones. <<>" title="Clapping" />
  12. i like your avatar too,i love big bouncy boobies!
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