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  1. The grass is always greener on the other side...
  2. As of Nov 2011 I am no longer a cherry boy for the PI, specifically A.C. I had my first pleasure vacation in Aug/Sep 2011 when I went Pattaya with seasoned vet. After 5 days there I knew I was hooked. I just returned from my second pleasure vacation to A.C. and it raised the bar even higher. I am already planning on return in Jan 2012. Chat me up and say hello. -JB

  3. Looking to share my experiences in PI and TL with other like-minded folks.

  4. Hi everyone. I want to say hi to all the fellow connoisseurs of beautiful Asian women. I just returned from my cherry trip to Pattaya in August 2011 and Angeles City in November 2011. In two words. I'm hooked! I absolutely love it and I'm headed back to AC in January. I will post my trip reports and post some pics here soon. Take care...Jay
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