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  1. That was a great post mate, with excellent photos and information ! Thankyou for sharing !
  2. This is just a total waste of money, and i am sure some smart arse is getting a whopping backhander out of this ! The corruption and idiotic ideas out here, is simply appalling, and if you didn't live here, you would simply not believe it !
  3. Looks like an interesting festival ! Thanks for sharing !
  4. There are some truly spectacular women here mate ! Thanks for posting !
  5. It looks very very complicated to me ! My poor remaining brain cell is doing back flips just thinking about it ! LOL !
  6. Very good information there mate ! Thankyou for sharing !
  7. Welcome Wombat ! Have a look around mate ! I am sure you will find lots of interesting stuff !
  8. Welcome to the Forum ! I am sure you will find lots of interesting topics here !
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