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  1. Well the BG might not want $ up front on a friends with benefit date, but it might be that she would want to sleep in a nice room, hot shower, a good supper and good breakfast, and she likes being told how wonderful she is... that could be payment in it self. Also, girls just want to have fun.... so I think that other guy might be supplying other needs to the BG besides cold hard cash...
  2. Well just to update... anyone who is in the Cebu City area::: The Party at the Mooon Cafe in Ayala Mall - is TODAY should start between 2 to 4 pm... have a table reserved outside for smokers... this is a family friendly event but the bar and grill will be open -- the Mooon Cafe does have a reputation of serving very good food... ate there last year and it was great...hopefully it will be again... Anyway, hope to see some smiling faces there today.... tim from Memphis PS if U cannot make it today we have a swim party schedule This (July 16) Saturday starting at about noon at the Sand Trap
  3. Just to update real quick.... Anyone in Cebu... We will meet up at the Mooon Cafe, The Terraces, Ayala Mall on THURSDAY. I talked to the mger Benjie, and have a table outside, for the smokers, that should hold about 15 people... we start between 2 - 4 pm and Happy Hours there is between 2 - 5 pm... Also, if you cannot make it then we have a pool party plan at the Sand Trap on Saturday beginning about Noon.... hope everyone can visit.... tim from Memphis
  4. Hello everyone... I am in cebu city currently enjoying the good life.... I am trying to get a group for a few drinks and food ' dutch of course ' this week at either the Mooon @ Ayala mall or our place downtown... will post more on this by tomorrow... BUT anyone who would like to join us feel free (have posted notices on other forums as well, so U might see this on them too..) I am going to the mooon restaurant today to see if they can accommodate a small to large group on either of those days mentioned.... after that will post final announcement.. tim from Memphis.... ps... cherry girl i
  5. Happy 4th to all fellow Americans...have a safe and fun Holiday... in case anyone is in Cebu there is a party there for anyone who wants to go... With Cherry permission go to this forum and check out the link for 4 of July Party on Social Events ( I think) it will be starting in about 9 hours Cebu Time... It is Paul's web site... under social topics- 4 of July party... I think this link will get U there for information. As I said if this is not ok would the mods please delete this information....thanks http://www.livingincebuforums.com/ipb/topic/31624-4th-july-party/ Anyway my fourth will
  6. Well I am retired now and that is the best job for me... but I did work in the Post Office and for years I was a letter carrier. I walked about 10 miles a day with a bag on my shoulder. I loved it. It was time by myself. I especially love when the weather was extreme. The colder it was, or the hotter it was the more U were challenge. I would joke and tell my friends that when it was cold and snowing that even the dogs would leave us alone as we walked the streets. Too bad that it is a job for the young and strong. Old men like me can only go so far, then we loose our zip..codes..lol... But
  7. I know I am not suppose to reply to this thread... but really your comments is what makes us old guy fall in love with U Cherry...lol...
  8. I love watching my wife drink coffee in the mornings in her little t-shirts and panties. We will sip and talk and she will get up and go get refills.
  9. Just put my vote in for U too... good luck... and keep punching...
  10. reminds me of that old joke: Why was the Bride smiling while she was walking down the aisle ? Because she knew she had given her last blowjob... ROTFL!
  11. This is the major problem ... "De Lima had said the deportation to China was done in accordance with the one-China policy. In line with this, Manila only recognizes Beijing as the legitimate Chinese government. China recognizes Taiwan as a province. " That the Philippines refuses to recognizes Taiwan as a legitmate government, can only cause more problems in the future. I am guessing China's demands on the Philippines has cause this gov't policy. If I was Taiwan I would not allow any of my people to step foot in the Philippines as long as this policy is active. jmho
  12. Well I guess I never will qualified for being a slave to u mistress Cherry...because U always make me horny.... <>
  13. Sent u a email of a pic of my wife to post... could not get it to post on your forum, so with your help... of course it will cost me when my wife see it...lol... if u are in cebu in July - El Gecko - u can meet us both in person... would love to meet u then... from memphis tim
  14. Now I got to make sure that my wife does not see it..lol... ROTFL! thanks and happy Easter to all...
  15. Well it looks like my drunk ass is in my Avatar now...can anyone else see it too... if not please let me know... thanks cherry....
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