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  1. Another great tread candyman, plus some great pictures. its amazing what you can get plants to do when you put them in the right enviroment
  2. Very talented and a great post. Seen the fish photo before but they are all stunning photos, he has a very good eye for how he wants to portray the pictures he is shoting
  3. Thats amazing, how could someone do all that work and nobody know who has do this out standing work and for the tree to carry on living too
  4. should of gone to specsavers first
  5. That is scarey as i drive for a living and it just shows how the brain plays tricks on you
  6. Another good and funny post candyman
  7. Hi yossarain, some good photos and the 1 in the 3 photo is a real cutie
  8. Seen this pictures before and find them amazing everytime i see them, thanks for the post candyman
  9. Great story cherry, have read it twice now and enjoyed reading both times
  10. Yet again another great post by you candyman, wish i could draw like that and gave me a laugh watching it
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