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An afternoon at Koh Dach near PP

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Went with the GF and a bunch of her friends and family a few weeks ago - they cooked up all the food and we whizzed out on motos - took about 30 mins from Riverside in PP. 

Other BM;s have rented tuktuks for about $20 for the round trip so go with a mate and some girls. 

Follow the road to the Japanese Bridge, cross and head for Siem Reap on Nat H'way 6 for about 12km and look for the ferry sign


From PP

kd overview.jpg


kd map.jpg


kd aerial.jpg




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Very nice roads mainly and the ferry is very safe - even has lifejackets !!!!!!!!!

The gf got a flat tyre with 3 of them on board - 200m ppush and repaired for about a $

kodach 002.jpg

Big car and bike park area - the view towards the beach

kodach 004.jpg


kodach 005.jpg



kodach 003.jpg



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You can bring your own food and drink but as always in SEA there are a myriad of options on offer delivered as well

kodach 015.jpg


kodach 018.jpg



kodach 017.jpg



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Went on a Sunday which is pretty busy but lots of hotties around - tho hard to snap them with GF about

kodach 029.jpg


kodach 030.jpg


kodach 031.jpg



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