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peter storm

Renewed Security SSL Cert

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I have just paid the annual fee to renew the SSL security certificate for this website.

I do take security very seriously and always try to make SEASelect.com as safe and secure for members as possible.

You will notice the little padlock on the URL and the fact that is says https:// and not the unsecured http://

Thank you all for your support.

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Somebody is just asking if secrets is HTTPS, it isn't and neither is addicts but I thought it was important so I paid to install it here a few years ago.

it's only about $60 a year!!

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There seems to be a problem with the security certificate.
Yes mate I am trying to get it fixed. I paid the renewal on 1st march and they turned it off today cause they thougbt I had not paid.

I received an email on 1st march confirming i had paid.

I am talking to support now and bollocking them!!!

They are now going to reinstall it but will take time.

Sorry about this but not my fault.

Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk

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Just been onto Support again and the previous chat log has been deleted!!!

They are trying to cover their mistake which does not help me.

They now say it will take about 48 hours to reinstall another SSL Certificate!!!

I told them it was fucking outrageous!!!!!

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Give 'em hell mate. 555.

I just added you to my exception list (you're the only guy on the list, 555) and it let me log on. 

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27 minutes ago, Sa-teef said:

Give 'em hell mate. 555.

I just added you to my exception list (you're the only guy on the list, 555) and it let me log on. 


Really annoyed about it, you can see the op on this thread that I had paid it. I cannot believe they just turned it off today!!! 

I first chatted with support at about 10am this morning, she told me it would be back on in less than 4 hours. 

It wasn't so I contacted support again and referred them to my previous conversation and it had been deleted from their records. 

I then spent another hour with the second support guy who told me it takes up to 48hours to install a new SSL cert. 

I did tell them how pissed off I was and have had my support ticket escalated to higher authority and when it has been sorted and they see it is 100% their error I will be telling them to credit me for all the upset caused.

Thank you Sa-teef and everyone for your confidence in me and thank you all for your support.

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Well the SSL Cert is back!!!!

I am so pissed off by this and how Hostgator treated me,

Here is the last ticket conversation;-

I paid the automated invoice for the renewal of my SSL cert on 1st march.

Invoice ID(s)                         Product Amount

62343362 PA-1743946        $47.99

My SSL was turned off today. I contacted support and told them, I was told it would take 2 to 4 hours to put it back. That was well over 4 hours ago and nothing has been done!!!!

I am very annoyed by this, 

I have worked hard to try to get members confident in my forum and you are destroying it though no fault of my own, I paid your automated invoice.

I need this back to how it was immediately so I can start damage limitation.

Thank you




Thank you for your continued patience as we have processed your request.

Congratulations! Your SSL is now installed on seaselect.com.

The SSL site seal logos for your website can be found at the following: http://www.positivessl.com/siteseals.html Accept Credit Cards in your online store with TransFirst. Secure, PCI Compliant and Next-day funding available.

Request more information here: http://www.transfirst.com/lp/hostgator/ssl/ Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Sincerely, Priscilla T.

Billing Administrator


Hello Priscilla

I am sorry but that is just not good enough.

I had installed the SSL cert a year ago, I was sent an invoice to renew it which I paid on the 1st march.

My SSL Cert was turned off yesterday for almost 24 hours causing me many problems and you have the audacity to congratulate me on it being installed!!!!!!!!!!

Surely that is a joke and a very poor one at that

I am very annoyed by the way I have been treated in this matter and want some kind of explanation.

It has taken 24 hours to rectify a problem that is nothing to do with me and 100% your fault!!

I have worked hard to get members to trust my forum and post, this will have set me back as when people tried to login yesterday their web browsers will have been telling them my website is unsafe and their data could be stolen!!!!!

Also I spent several hours of my time chatting to your support and writing emails to you and trying to reassure my members. My time is valuable and I have had to waste it trying to sort out your mistakes.

What went wrong?


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Here is the response from my host;-

Good Morning,

My name is Michael with the Customer Service Management Team. On behalf of Hostgator I would like to apologize for any frustration that this has caused you.

In reviewing the account we do see that the SSL failed which is usually due to the SSL provider not being able to validate domain ownership as they require before the SSL will be issued.

Unfortunately we are not notified when this happens. It is always going to be important to check renewals of services such as SSL's and domains to ensure that they were successfully processed and to contact our live support team if any concerns were found.

We do appreciate that you have been a client since 2011 and as a courtesy we have placed a credit for the SSL to the account. If you have any additional questions or concerns that we can assist with please let us know.

Best regards,

Michael L

Customer Service Manager


I responded;-

 Hello Michael

Nothing has changed from last year in regard to the domain ownership so I find that explanation pretty weak.

I do have another website with a different host who provide SSL certs free so there has never been this trouble with them.

A credit for the service is a nice gesture and does go some way to rectify the situation.

How do I know where this credit is? Has is been credited back to my CC?

I do feel that the way your support dealt with this matter was not up to the mark I had come to expect for Hostgator. The first support person clearly lied about the situation saying it would be back on within 4 hours and promptly deleted the chat according to the second support tech I spoke to some 4 hours later who could find no history.

I notice that it is not an option for customers to download chat history like before and find it worrying that staff can manipulate or delete chat.


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