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in Cebu city ... meet up this week

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Hello everyone...

I am in cebu city currently enjoying the good life.... I am trying to get a group for a few drinks and food ' dutch of course ' this week at either the Mooon @ Ayala mall or our place downtown... will post more on this by tomorrow... BUT

anyone who would like to join us feel free (have posted notices on other forums as well, so U might see this on them too..) I am going to the mooon restaurant today to see if they can accommodate a small to large group on either of those days mentioned.... after that will post final announcement..

tim from Memphis....

ps... cherry girl i am sure we can pass the plate around to buy U a few drinks without any problems.... if U could make it... ~!!

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Just to update real quick....

Anyone in Cebu...

We will meet up at the Mooon Cafe, The Terraces, Ayala Mall on THURSDAY. I talked to the mger Benjie, and have a table outside, for the smokers, that should hold about 15 people... we start between 2 - 4 pm and Happy Hours there is between 2 - 5 pm...


if you cannot make it then we have a pool party plan at the Sand Trap on Saturday beginning about Noon....

hope everyone can visit....

tim from Memphis

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Thank you for the infomation Tim if I can come I will.

Love Cherry x x x

Well just to update... anyone who is in the Cebu City area:::

The Party at the Mooon Cafe in Ayala Mall - is TODAY should start between 2 to 4 pm... have a table reserved outside for smokers... this is a family friendly event but the bar and grill will be open -- the Mooon Cafe does have a reputation of serving very good food... ate there last year and it was great...hopefully it will be again...

Anyway, hope to see some smiling faces there today....

tim from Memphis


if U cannot make it today we have a swim party schedule This (July 16) Saturday starting at about noon at the Sand Trap in Cebu City... once again this is a family

friendly event with bar and grill open for individual selections.

All events are 'Dutch' or pay your own way....

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