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I posted yesterday, on some forums, some of you read, I asked "Will a Filipina BG fuck you for free?" because she likes you, you make her horny, whatever?

The generalized response was "Would you work for free?" which I took to mean that she'll want SOMETHING in return- never for free, just for fun.

But then I read so many posts on these forums about BG customer long-term relationships where she is seeing other guys on the side.

Doesn't match up, you get what I mean?

Any comment, anyone?

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Well the BG might not want $ up front on a friends with benefit date, but it might be that she would want to sleep in a nice room, hot shower, a good supper and good breakfast, and she likes being told how wonderful she is... that could be payment in it self. Also, girls just want to have fun.... so I think that other guy might be supplying other needs to the BG besides cold hard cash...

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